Philips SHB9250/00 Bluetooth Headphones – Great

Great sound and has touch controls.

I have a pair of these and bought another for my son who was looking for a pair. The sound quality is superb for the price although there isn’t any noise cancelling but as i use them during a commute i don’t mind that. The only down side is that the touch sensitive controls are a bit fiddly to use. I’ve heard more expensive headphones that don;’t sound quite as good – of course its subjective but i recommend these.

Here are the specifications for the Philips SHB9250/00 Bluetooth Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wireless digital Sound for on the go with NFC (Version 4.0) with: SBC / ACC
  • ​Touch sensitive controls (swipe control on ear)
  • Multi-Connection Point for a seamless switch between up to 2 devices
  • ​Box contents: Philips SHB9250 / 00 Bluetooth Headphones, 1.2 m audio cable, quick start guide, USB cable
  • For devices with Bluetooth or 3.5 mm Jack

Great sound quality for pc/mp3 usage and they are quite comfortable , they get a bit warm though.

Sound quality/bass is great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality sound but fiddly controls

  • Perform as well as more expensive headphones

  • Very good sound, great bass and clarity

Pros:- decent sound- good battery life- touch interface responds well enoughcons:- head cushion disappointing (some would find the stitching irritating)- presses too hard on the ears- does not fold- does not handle well 2 connected devices (and does not remember more than 2 devices).

Be careful when closing them if you have enlarge the band,,,it might get your skin stuck in it.

So happy with these headphones. Got fed up of wires being broken on my commute and went for these. . Sound is good whether using wireless or the cable. Would recommend buying a case to look after them. In terms of comfort i travel on the trains and tube for 1 hour 20 mins each end of the day and comfy all the way.

I really wanted non-bulky headphones for gym and general leisure and these don’t disappoint whatsoever. Sound quality is great – the swipe features for volume and change song etc. Are pretty sensitive, but it rarely ever stops my music, so i’m not complaining.

I bought these to replace their predecessor the philips shb9100 and i primarily use them down the gymn. I really like the sound quality which is an improvement on the sh9100 and they have a nice build quality feel about them. The headphones sit on your ears rather than over them but i find that fine and prefer the fact as it makes them lighter and smaller for gym purposes. My husband doesn’t like that as it makes his ears feel pressured but i doesn’t effect mine. What i don’t like are the new controls. To pause the music you tap the right hand outside of the ear piece. However there are certain areas where it works and i’m finding it difficult to locate the correct spot when wearing them. Similarly to increase the volume you stroke upwards on the ear piece but frequently this pauses the music rather than increasing the sound. Similarly if you want to advance a song you slide your finger forwards across the ear piece or backwards for vice versa but this frequently results in pausing the music rather than advancing to the next song. However they are a stylish head set with good quality sound but the controls are temperamental and not easy to use.

I’ve been using this headset every day for over a month now and am really enjoying it. The headset is very comfortable and the ear cushion as super soft. The bluetooth is solid and the touch controls on the right ear truly wonderful. The touch pad controls are very intuitive and convenient. I have tried other more expensive touch headsets and that touch pads on those do not even compare to this one, love it. I will never go back to buttons after this headset. The sound is great, crisp and clean and i like the base boost button. Otherwise i can’t fault it, the only thing that is slightly annoying is the “battery low” tone that makes me jump every other day :pdefinitely recommend these headphones.

Very good sound, great bass and clarity. Comfortable, but can get a bit sweaty on the ears after a while. Via bluetooth, the sound pauses briefly every now and again, but i can’t be sure if it’s my galaxy s4 or the headphones. My previous sb9100’s also have the same issue but it’s less apparent than for the sb9250.

When they worked, they were great. The pairing was a little eccentric, fiddly, and unpredictable but once i got them going, i found them comfortable and offering good sound. So i was happy for about 3 months, but then the gold bit on one of the arms just snapped off, leaving that ear part just flapping around, rather uselessly. I’ve tried super-glueing it back and sticking it back with sellotape. Unfortunately i bought them in a shop in germany when i was driving back home, so i can’t return them. It was 100 euros down the toilet for me. I should add that i wasn’t abusing the product in any way.

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  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars Touch pad and Bluetooth disappointing Returned the headphone and happy that they accepted to says:

    This review is from : Philips SHB9250/00 Bluetooth Headphones with NFC, Multipoint Connection and Touch Sensitive Control – Black

    Touch pad and bluetooth disappointingreturned the headphone and happy that they accepted to refund.
  2. Colour: Black Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Philips SHB9250/00 Bluetooth Headphones with NFC, Multipoint Connection and Touch Sensitive Control – Black

    Touch pad and bluetooth disappointingreturned the headphone and happy that they accepted to refund.

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