Outdoor Tech Privates Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones – Army, Good quality and style without breaking the bank

I bought these a few weeks ago as i was looking for some inexpensive bluetooth headphones to pair up with my new phone, which didn’t have an audio jack. After spending ages trawling through amazon’s list of dodgy looking headphones with 1000’s of probably fake 5 star reviews i found these. Very happy with them so far. They connected to my phone very easily, not fiddly at all. I use them during my commute to work, so about an hour each day. I’ve not had to recharge them yet, so it seems the battery life is good. I’m no audiphile, but i think the sound quality is great. I mostly listen to edm and these headphones can keep up with heavy bass without any noticable distortion. All in all, very good product for the money, especially the look which is a sort of military style (i went with green colour). The only downside i would say is there is a fair amount of noise ‘leaking’ out the side when in use.

Ideal for planes or other travel times. I am happy with the sound quality and most of all with the comfort of the headphones. The touch pad is particularly handy, other headphones can be a bit fiddly when it comes to that.

These are great earphones for travel and looking great, they look about as cool as you can get and have some great features.

Key specs for Outdoor Tech Privates Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones – Army Green:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wirelessly delivers audio using its 40mm drivers for clear midst and solid bass through real, real comfortable ear pads.
  • Only ONE button (yes, really). The rest is touch control, pretty cool.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Foldable & flexible for easy storage during travel.
  • Included: USB charging cable, color-matching backup 3.5mm audio line-in cable, signature ODT carry pouch, and user manual.

Comments from buyers

Good quality and style without breaking the bank


Excellent quality for price


Great Cans!

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Monster Clarity HD On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones -, Great sound

The usb cover has detached during the item’s first charge. Not the quality i would expect given the price tag. Other than that, the earphones seem reasonably good.

Excellent service and product.

Fantastic sounds and long lasting.

Key specs for Monster Clarity HD On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2 Super Dynamic Sound: Natural and profiles 3 play modes: Wireless, wired, and USB Direct Hi Res Digital Audio
  • Superior wireless performance (apt-X)
  • The quality of working suppression echo – Ultra-soft pads – away ear cup
  • Avant-garde by sliding control – Monster voice through you in natural during the call Built-in Microphone, perfectly positioned for clear calls
  • What is voice of the battery status LED indicator

Comments from buyers

Good Sound when still


Great value for money?


Great sound

These earphones are nice and clear, good quality sound – when you are sitting down and not moving. However, when walking, i hear every footstep i make sounding through the earpieces – i can also hear the cable rustling behind my neck too to the point both these things are very distracting when tyring to listen to music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks. I’ve tried all three different sizes of ear cups, but all have the same effect. I’ve given three stars as the overall quality of the item is good – maybe i just have a faulty set.For now, i’ve gone back to my previous pair of anker bluetooth and they’re just fine.

After 13 months of constant use, one ear has died. Although i’m not sure that 13 months is long enough for such issues to be taking place i’m will be buying another pair so clearly i do like them.

Work amazing with the comply foam tips.

Great sound, light, fit perfectly, good battery life.

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Philips SHB8000BK/00 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, Three Stars

Cons: the battery and signal cable that runs through the bands will break after less then a year.

Lightweight and portable, good battery life, very convenient wireless headphones. Bluetooth sounds ok but nothing outstanding, hooked up with the included cable sounds horrendous however.

Great sound quality and supper comfortable. To be honest i don’t know what you people do to these headphones as i’ve had mine for a year now and i’ve used them every day and even taken them on holiday and they’ve never broken, they still look like new.

Key specs for Philips SHB8000BK/00 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Microphone:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 40mm premium neodymium drivers for uncompromised clarity
  • Bluetooth 3.0 for unwired music enjoyment and call switching
  • Closed acoustic design for greater bass and noise isolation
  • On-ear soft cushions for added comfort
  • Handcrafted headband inspired by urban bike handle bars

Comments from buyers

Great and nice, but bluetooth not so much


decent wireless portable headphones


Three Stars

Very good sound quality either wired or through bluetooth. Good bass, treble and mids though the sound does tend to lean on the warmer side of the spectrum (slightly pronounced bass). Usually get about 8 hours of use per charge. Extremely portable due to folding design. Good quality materials considering the price. Provides decent seal from outside noise due to ample ear cushions. Earphone adjustment a little bit too loose for my liking. Clamping force a little tight at first but will eventually loosen. Final thoughts: i am a music enthusiast and musician who appreciates good quality audio. I usually use higher end equipment at home (sennheiser hd600 and akg q701 through epiphany acoustics ehp-o2 headphone amplifier). While this pair of headphones obviously cannot match the sound quality of the equipment i have mentioned, they provide decent sound while i am out and about and the freedom of not having wires tethered to my music player is a very liberating experience. The cheaper price also means i do not have to worry too much about the unit getting damaged or being misplaced.

I love the design and the build quality, however the bluetooth seems to be an old chip as it keeps dropping and forgetting some devices (i’m aware it remembers only 2). It also connects quite slowly. We use it with an ipad for skype and some android phones so i can confirm it is cross platform compatible.

Great item, definitely worth the money (for the cheap price).

Great quality & fantastic sound, good wireless range. I had absolutely no trouble connecting them with my phone (htc one), they actually connect faster than my previous pair. The battery holds for as long as promised. Controls are intuitive and easy to use, i like the way they fold snugily into something you can put into a bag without much hassle – lightweight & compact, perfect for commuting. I must also say, they are a very good-looking pair – stylish in an understated way.

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Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Blue – Amazing headphones

If using ipod 5 the wifi must be switched off otherwise it takes about 5 minutes for a song to load before it is played. Otherwise faultless and fantastic.

Been wearing for 6 months now, wear at the gym, on the commute to and from work and just chilling.

Great headphones but perhaps overpriced.

After a lot of research and test driving other makes of wireless headphones including bose. These little bad boy’s came up trumps in my book. I travel round the world in my work spending a lot of time in airport lounges and obviously aircraft(long haul flights) and there is nothing worse if the in flight movies are crap,or even worse if there is a couple traveling with a baby who spends the whole flight showing everyone on the plane how powerful their little lung’s are. Connecting to your iphone is a doddle. The sound quality is amazing,superb. Even at full volume the sound is not distorted in any way. Also the person sitting next to you can not hear what you are listening to and even better you can’t hear those wains testing their lung’s for the whole duration of the flight.

Work perfectly in the excellent condition that was promised by the seller. All cables and instructions included, has great sound quality and battery life. Very happy with the purchase. Though price was a little steep but can’t complain at all about the product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good headphones

  • Xmas present purchased

  • Awesome – absolutely love them.

We are very happy of this product.

These were purchased for a present. They were a good price although not the cheapest. I was concerned that the cheapest price were not genuine article. When these arrived i checked them thourghly and they appear to be the genuine article. The bluetooth works well in a gym environment allowing the user to go onto various apparatus while still listening to music. The addition of the cable allows them to be used on a plane or other environment where bluetooth was not appropriate. The quality of the sound is a personal preference but the owner is more than happy with these.

My son loves these, says they are comfy and quality very good – they are just so expensive but suppose you are paying for the name and quality.

Looked at all different brands before deciding on these, perfect choice for my husband. He loves them, no sound leakage so i’m happy as well.

My son is extremely happy with them so cool.

Firstly, the sound quality is amazing. It’s also very easy to pair up with your mobile device or anything else that has bluetooth capabilities. I personally bought these for the gym, but i soon found out that these aren’t exactly comfortable when you are working out and getting a little sweaty. These ideally should be used for commuting and listening to music while relaxing or out with friends for e. Ggood build quality, as you’d expect for that price. (i’d argue they are a little overpriced.

Does exactly what it says and from a good distance away 😃.

Great deep sounding wireless headphones, comfortable and work well with ipod.

Bought these headphones for my daughter’s birthday and she loves them. Great sound and easy to charge and carry around.

I was bought some beats for christmas and love them -so i decided the wireless version was ideal for my gadget mad mate for his 70th birthday. He loves them, has used em already to listen to his playlist (mainly quo) and loves the fact that he can cut the grass and still be ‘rocking all over the world’. He’s a bit disappointed that beats have been taken over (?) by apple but i think this product is brilliant and hope he gets lots of use out of it.

Easy to pair to both my mac book pro and my ipad. In white they really turn heads. Take the dr’s medicine- you will not regret it.

Excellent set of headphones bought for my husband as a christmas present. They are expensive but well worth it.

The headphones stop working after a week. Managed to reboot them after researching on line.

Comfortable, great quality and amazing price.

Bluetooth works well and very comfortable. Only thing is to remember to charge them regularly.

Got these for my boyfriend for christmas. They are nice looking and great sound quality. It’s now 17th january (almost a month since i bought them) and he hasn’t even had to charge them.

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SKULLCANDY XTFree Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Sport Earbuds, Four Stars

Good product, like the wireless concept. Might be a bit uncomfortable at first.

The fit is really good, they don’t fall out when i’m on my bike.

Bought these for using in the gym, and not wanting to faff with cables. The ear buds are not as ‘noise cancelling’ as other in-ear skull candy headphones that i have previously used, but they are decent enough. They are very secure fit, and i can happily run and move around in the gym with no issues. Unfortunately the issue is the battery life. I can probably get about 3 hours comfortably from them. I can connect to my phone and get a notification saying 70% full, but within an hour’s use the device notifies you it needs charging (lady’s voice speaks over the music). This would be useful it it wasn’t provided with only 10 minutes of playtime left. I have never got 6 hours battery life out of these headphones. If this isn’t an issue for you, these are good headphones for the price (bought on offer for £30).

Comments from buyers

Good sound quality. Affected by line of sight


Good wireless headphones, battery not as good


Happy with my headphones

I love these earphones they are really good. Then my earphones started to malfunction and now they don’t work at all, i don’t know if i’m am still eligible for the 2 year garentee but i would like some feedback from the supplier on what i can do.

Love these headphones because they are really stylish and you can’t buy this one in nz. I have average sized ears for a lady and the conch fits really well with the smallest earbuds a bit uncomfortable the first time but either i got used to it or it molded to my ear. Stays in while whilst skipping, really lightweight and the buttons are good. The white is starting to get slightly dirty so probably needs to get cleaned after every time you sweat. I can still hear road noise when walking on the footpath so not totally noise cancelling. I have to charge it about twice a week and use it up to 3 hours a day. Comes with a handy zip up travel bag. The little plastic cover on the charging slot is a little delicate but hasn’t broken yet. Overall really cool and good for the price :-).

I have had them for around 2 years now and still work absolutly great the battery life if the same as when it was new bass is really good but sometimes to much and i have never had any experiance of them disconecting or the bluetooth messing up it has been perfect.

Excellent sound quality on these. Far better than i was expecting. I was sat in my garden with them in at half volume, pulled them out and hadn’t even noticed that my next door neighbour was moving their lawnthe tips / fins take a little getting used to, they kind of hurt at first but definutely get better / easier.

Earphones are good as long as you keep the earphones very close to the bluetooth device, otherwise the music is intermittent or cuts out completely. Battery lasts a maximum of 3 hours.

Losses connection sometimes.

Perfect fit, good sound though not that loud :0/.

Really solid product, good audio and bass and stays in whilst working out or running.

Great for sportsuse, stay in well but begin to get uncomfortable if worn for long hours.

The sound quality is fantastic. The bass response is deep and punchy which is perfect for me and the mid to high range is pretty clear. The fit is the best i have had from any in ear headphone and i can wear them comfortably for hours. The in line control buttons work really well and have a great feel to them. They are really easy to connect and they also automatically connect to the previous device when turned on. The sound can sometimes cut out for a second if i have my phone in my pocket which can be annoying but it is quite rare. I have been using these earphones for 7 months and i haven’t noticed any difference in battery life.

Sound is clearer but it keeps cutting out and doesn’t work with my phone unless it is right next to it. I also use it with my ipad and laptop and it still cuts out.

I’m not normally one to write reviews but there’s no time like now to start. I have owned these headphones for a couple of days now and have used them twice in the gym. Sound quality is absolutely great, there’s no doubt about that. I bought bluetooth headphones to save on cables dangling everywhere and getting in the way of mobility. What i will say though is compared to my last set of adidas adistar monster headphones, the range on the skullcandy’s is far less. The adidas ones i could leave my phone at one end of the gym and walk to the other with no interruptions. The skullcandy’s however seem to be restricted to a far less distance. They will disconnect if you walk further than say 10 metres. Ok, not a problem, it is bluetooth after all. What i also noticed was when my phone was near my feet and i was on the pull up bar, my left arm was covering the control unit which sits just off the left ear piece.

Having looked at various bluetooth headphones for running with, i went with these little beauties. Easy to set up & paired first time. I have my phone on an armband and get absolutely no audio drop out, have tested them by having my phone at arms length, still no drop out. Great quality sound, loud enough for me. Fit in the ear is good and in several runs so far they have stayed out. What more do you want from your headphones.

Sounds nice, but instead of the 6h battery life the most i could geg out was 3. 5-4h which is not why i ordered. The little hook makes it painful to properly wear for more than an hour. Wish the battery was better.

It’s a good earphone and very easy to use, but my ear hurt if i wear it for a long time.

When using these headphones i found them easy to use and of course they are relatively cheap. However they don’t have the best sound quality and are not the most comfortable.

Good bits:very good sound which is as expected, very loud if needed and lots of bass. I got the black ones which look very cool. The tangle free wire is a welcome addition. They don’t take long to charge at all. They’ll connect to anything. Bad bits:they stay in place unless i’m sweating a lot then they start to slip. The bits that are supposed to keep them in your ear get very uncomfortable when wearing for longer than half hour in my experience. The left ear bud cuts out intermittently now so durability doesn’t seem to be great. The additional buds that let in outside sound are terrible and are very uncomfortable.

I don’t normally write reviews but i thought i’d make an exception here. Read lots of different reviews about these online – some good, some bad. I’ve tried 3 different pairs of bluetooth headphones and these are without doubt the best, the balance of bass and treble for me is just right. They’re not cheap but the cheap ones are terrible, it’s like you’re listening to music inside a tin can. I should add that i do not use these whilst exercising only whilst communting etc and the bluetooth connectivity is fine with my iphone 6. My girlfriend has the smokin buds 2 and she loves them too. Skullcandy certainly seem to have the best balance for sound on bluetooth headphones. They are light and hold charge well, very happy.

Bit bulky looking but i have my hair down so that doesn’t bother me. Battery is in the actual ear piece so nothing heavy pulling them down.

These are alright if you just use them for going to the gym, as they don’t last more than 2 hours on a full charge. However, the sound quality is fairly good and they stay in your ears when exercising.

These are my first wireless earphones that i got for running, exercise and bicycling. I give 4/5 stars only because of the range of the bluetooth connection. Sometimes even when my phone is in my pocket it has to be in my left pocket because music skips, when i walk and listen to music again i have to place my phone in my left pocket and with the back facing outwards because of the short range, don’t have that issue so far while running but it depends on the clothes and where you put the device, sound quality, sound level, call quality/functionality are good, because of the size the battery is small so depending on the weather, ambient temperature and sound level of listening the performance varies but mostly i get about 4 hours of playback, so if you use it everyday while commuting not only for exercise you don’t have to forget to charge them regularly because it might let you down in the middle of your exercise or during your trip, it takes some time to get used to wearing them, you have to experiment with all the bud sizes in order to find the right one that is comfortable for your ears because they can be very uncomfortable.

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Luckydeer Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth Headphones – Sounds excellent!

Great wireless headphones which worked well once i had bought a cheap bluetooth usb adapter for my desktop pc.

Ridiculously light weight, sound great, easy to connect.

Very good product – clear sound and well worth the money 👍. Here are the specifications for the Luckydeer Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【 instant connection thanks to NFC technology 】 just touch mixcder HD601 Wireless Headphones gently with selected NFC-enabled devices for quick and seamless connection. Then start to transfer content over Bluetooth.
  • 【 longer playing thanks to 18 hours’ wireless music playback 】 enjoy your music all day long. The integrated lithium ion battery lasts for approximately 18 hours (depending on the setting) and can be recharged via microUSB.
  • 【 AptX-LL transfer 】 low delay gives the best sound quality. Uncompressed or partially compressed files can also be noticeably transmitted via Bluetooth.
  • 【 Wireless Streaming via Bluetooth 4.2 】 wirelessly transfer your music via Bluetooth 4.2. Pair your MixCder HD601 bass on-ear headphones, you can enjoy your favourite songs and you can control even the playlists and volume directly on your device.
  • 【 Thanks to the 40 mm driver unit – an all clear powerful listen 】 hear more details in all your favourite songs, thanks to the compact, lightweight 40 mm driver, which offers dynamic sound.

These earphones are absolutely fantastic. The sound quality is clear and the bass sounds really deep and powerful. Very easy to connect to my phone (iphone 6) and stylish looking. Very happy with my purshase.

I recommend this pair of headphones. Highly quality sound, easy to pair and the battery last at least one week.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Okay headphones for the price, great brand, spend more and get much better.

  • Great quality sound, stylish product.

  • Five Stars

Good headphones at a nice price. I use them for watching tv late at night and they work well.

I’m no expert on headphones, equalisers, treble, bass, etc. , but i know what i like and i love these cans. I link them via bluetooth to my pixel 2 xl and they sound great. I’ve listened to mozart, dylan and eddie grant and it was all good. I also love the fact that i can leave my phone and wander around the house – still getting a crystal clear sound signal. I have no hesitation in recommending these ‘phones – certainly for ‘normal’ music listeners and lovers.

Great headphones, so far so good.

The headphones lack sufficient padding on the headband so wearing for long periods of time can cause slight discomfort. The sound quality is good but i had a slight problem connecting them to my computer, i would need to delete the headphones from my bluetooth settings and reinstall before each use.

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 Over – Ear Wireless Headphones – – had these for 3 weeks now they look great very comfortable to wear I love the finger control

Excellent build and sound quality.

Really slick looking and good sound.

An amazing cordless set of cans that deliver amazing sound. Enough said, just buy the nd experience them for yourself,.

The quality is very good and the shipping is fast. When i double tap,it always go to the same telephone number,but not the last number. I tried many times but still can’t change the redial number. So i’m only using it to listen to the music now.

Solid overall craftsmanship & sound but crap bluetooth connection and internal technology sold my pair and upgraded to sony 1000xm and it’s the best brand of headphones i had in my opinion and was awarded hifi of the year.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great quality and sound, the best Bluetooth over ear headphones.

  • Worth trying first

  • Not cheap, but you do get what you pay for.

I’ve had the headphones only a few hours and i can only say one thing: outstanding. Sound, look, materials, functions, android app, everything is simply outstanding.

I am no audiophile but i have heard numerous headphones. Its overy expensive for what it is. I liked it but then i sold it becuase much cheaper headphones are brilliant.

These h7 headphones are certainly well constructed and give an engaging, very well balanced performance with an almost 3d spacial quality to good music sources. They are, accordingly, not kind to low quality sources where they can sound somewhat lifeless, cold & clinical and i think this is where they will fall short with some listeners, with sony and bose offering a warmer, more forgiving sound. While the h7s are hardly audiophile standard, even a brief audition showed them to offer a more detailed and convincing soundstage. There is a little bluetooth noise, but overall i found little of concern for their main intended use of private tv viewing. Initially they had significant delay (latency) which was all too obvious with dialogue, but the available 4. 2 software update sorted this out. I do however, find the fit a little odd. They feel weighty through the firmly padded headband and, despite being soft to the touch, the ear pads are not particularly comfortable and give a slight clamped feeling – i am constantly reminded that i am wearing the headphones and tend to want a break after 30 minutes or so. I confirmed this at an audio retailer’s headphone station where i found them less comfortable than equivalent bose/sony/sennheiser models. The only model i found a worse fit was the b&w px.

Great earphones for when you want to listen to your music or watch a film one your tablet. Especially useful when the wife has control of the tv remote.

Great sound, comfortable and such lovely leather.

I chose these headphones because they have a user-replaceable battery and user-replaceable ear pads. Also because they are made from real leather and not leatherette, as i find that the latter peels away over time. I find them comfortable to wear for long periods. The quality of the materials and assembly seems quite high. Controls work well though i dont like the touch-sensitive volume control very much. Luckily i have no real need to use it. There is no balance control which i found very surprising. On my pair one earpiece is significantly louder than the other (this is not my ears as the fault swaps sides if i put the headphones on the other way round). I contacted b&o support about it and was told that a variation of 1. 5db between ears was considered normal and 3db variation was considered acceptable.

A great product, looks strong and reliable. Hope to use it for a long time.

Very comfortable, great sound, long battery life, quick to charge, and sturdy build quality.

The colour is a bit darker than in the pictures and not no pretty. Sounds is good – realm comfortable feel though.

Best of the best superb quality, product and sound.

Bought these for my wife for her birthday. Excellent quality audio, smart looking, comfortable, easy bluetooth connectivity (used both with a sony xperia z5 compact and an apple ipad mini 4), intuitive touch controls and decent battery life. Relatively expensive as you’d expect from b&o, but all in all, very impressed.

Quality sound and long lasting battery. A tad pricey but you get what you pay for with electronics and these headphones have a nice all round sound with rich highs and lows making an awesome sound. Very comfortable to wear and easy to set up. Although no active noise cancellation the cups of the headphones cover the ears fully and provide more than adequate passive noise cancellation.

Love the sound quality and the overall feel. I use them pretty much daily for commuting, working and general listening around the house. Only issue is that they are a little loose, so i would recommend trying on first to make sure they fit.

Great item, use them every day. The fit is quite large on my head (i’m a 28yo female) so i only get the best sound if i’m physically holding them against my ears. But even when i don’t, they still sound great. Had a problem with one of the speakers, sent them back, and received a new pair with no quibbles, which was great.

Had these for 3 weeks now they look great very comfortable to wear i love the finger control but most of all and most important of all is the sound and i can honestly say these are without doubt and by far the best i have ever heard i can’t fault them five star.

These beauties are truly amazing. Sound quality is superb as you’d expect from b & o, and the battery life is excellent too. Expensive luxury i know, but if you have the funds, buy them.

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HUHD Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Wireless Fit : Good for multi-tasking

I have never used a bone conduction headphone before and didn’t know how it would work – ordered it on a whim. The device feels solidly made – much better build quality than run-of-the-mill bluetooth headphones. Fitting it correctly to my cheeckbones was a bit tricky (finding the correct spot for conduction requires a bit of trying different areas) and it felt very different initially. But you adapt pretty quickly and once that is past, you then realise the best part of these headphones is that they don’t block out noise but you get to hear good quality music.

I like the product, the audio quality is very good. Not quite used to having the speakers pressed against my jaw area.

Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Wireless Fit for Sport Exercise Running Gym with Built-in Microphone Sweatproof

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Health & Personal Care – Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones,which is one of the advanced technologies at present,in helping person with aids of hearing.
  • Safer and Healthier – Without covering the ears and no need for earphones,ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds and reducing hearing damage caused by traditional earphone.
  • Fitness Accessories – Get rid of the restricted audio line, sweat proof and ergonomic design suitable for outdoor activities, such as, running, cycling, hiking, walking, climbing and so on.
  • Low consumption & Foldable Design – Offering up to more than 6 hours of continuous music or talking time, easy to enjoy music and answer call relaxedly with foldable design.
  • Hands-free – Supports hands-free call and voice prompt, enjoy music wirelessly, easy to switch between calls and music, you will not miss any incoming call while listening to music.

Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Wireless Fit for Sport Exercise Running Gym with Built-in Microphone Sweatproof :

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Sleepphones v6 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headband Headphones – Comfortable – Excellent purchase

Far better than cheaper varieties – lovely flat speaker help in sleeping position and when out and about.

Only small issue is that the buttons are to the back, think they’d be better at the front. They work great and are exactly as described.

Quite expensive, and the battery could be longer lasting, however these are comfortable, good quality, and very useful.

I can’t recommend these enough. I find it so hard to go to sleep and felt like i’d tried everything but these headphones have fixed iti can listen to audiobooks, music, rain noise, anything when i go to bed and for apps that don’t have it built in, you can download a free app which automatically turns your bluetooth off after a set time (i use one called ‘sleep timer’). These are also so comfortable to wear that you can rest your whole head on the speakers and they’re still comfy. The controls in the back are easy to use, you can power on and off; pause and play; volume up and down; and skip backwards 10 seconds or forward 10 seconds from the 3 buttons inside. I was initially worried that they were too much money but now my dad, partner and a few friends have and love these too.

I bought this to use on holiday as well as home. Sounds great and easy to use. The reviews really helped my buying decision, thank you.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing product!

  • Good bit of kit but maybe too hot for summer.

  • Couldn’t live without it!

Comfortable to wear at night, but the charging of the battery is fiddly, as you have to remove the battery to charge it. The sound quality is very good, and i use them for listening to sleep-inducing sounds (thunderstorms, etc) as i suffer from tinnitus.

Blocks out noisy neighbours so i can sleep with ambient sounds. Good quality speakers and easy to use.

Ideal for the purpose i wanted them for, i found them comfortable to wear both while sleeping and during the day. They paired easily with my smart phone, however my bluetooth mp3 player (possible too cheap) was more difficult to pair, in the end i bought a cheap bluetooth receiver – transmitter which solved my problem.

Work really well and are comfortable.

I love these, i use them every night. I like the fact that they’re bluetooth and that despite listening to the sleep app all night- the battery lasts. The sound quality isn’t bose, but it’s quite good. The headband is stretchy but not quite wide enough to completely cover my eyes, and the speakers are flat, so they don’t stick into your head.

These are really comfortable because they sit outside the ear, and the sound is better than i expected. Decent battery life too, as far as i have been able to tell. Headband doubles as an eye mask.

Have been using these for several months and love them. I have trouble sleeping and these are excellent at letting me listen to audiobooks to drift off without disturbing my partner. I also use them to listen to audio while feeding my baby, because they are not noise cancelling i can also hear the baby.

Headband is too thick for summer use, for me any way. Mine also turned up with one earpiece not working, ok these things happen. I tried them out anyway and was pleased with all other aspects of them. Way better than getting tangled up in wired sleep phones and much better quality than the cheaper bluetooth models on the market. I’ve sent them back for refund but have ordered the breeze model with the thinner lycra headband, heres hoping the original broken earpiece was a one off.

These are amazing, got them to help my teen son get relaxed before trying to sleep and they work brilliantly. They are comfortable, charge lasts a long time and sound is good. Don’t expect noise cancelling as they are not but they are good quality.

Listening in bed to help me sleep i drift off and headband stays in place. Csn use with my phone or ipad and set up with bluetooth is easy with instuctions if needed. Much better than earphone if your inclined to fall asleep listening.

Sounds quality and comfort are quite good, but first thing i noticed there is like 0 voice insulation, and the only thing protecting your ears from the outside sounds is music. Would be really nice if it had some kind of voice insulation material so you didn’t have to listen to music very loudly to not hear your neighbors banging upstairs.

Lightweight and comfortable headband, ideal for masking any background noises and aiding a good sleep.

I’ve suffered with severe tinnitus for about 10 years and i’ve always had trouble falling asleep but with the headband i’ve had some quality sleep filled nights without disturbing my partner.

Great product for tinnitus sufferers. Pair with the sound of your choice. I use a tone, but others have better results with white noise, rain sounds or birdsong.

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BUIEJDOG Bluetooth Headphones Solar Powered Wireless Earbuds Vehicle-mounted Earphone – Car Headset, Handsfee in your car

Good quality sounding earpiece for the handsfree travel in your car. It is magnetic fed into its charging station and charged via solar panel that is on the back of the charging station. Once you stick it to the windscreen of your car and there is light it starts charging. Alternatively there is also a small usb input so you can charge from the mains power supply or usb. The whole product is very nicely made and feels very premium built.

I have got to say i am really impressed with these solar powered blueooth headphones. They are extremely easy to charge. Thanks to the fact that these are solar powered it means that they are continuously powered and free to power as well as being eco friendly. The headphones themselves are extremely comfortable to wear. This has got to be the easiest headphones that i have ever used to pair with my phone. The sound quality is incredible i just can not recommend this enough. It really is the new generation of bluetooth headphones. The price is incredible for such a modern device. I am so proud of my purchase and i would highly recommend this to others.

Key specs for Bluetooth Headphones Solar Powered Wireless Earbuds Vehicle-mounted Earphone – BUIEJDOG Car Headset with Permanent Power Supply Safety and Environment for iPhone8 Samsung Note8 iPad and Android Phones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SOLAR POWERED PERMANENT POWER SUPPLY: This Bluetooth headphone is with solar charge, it’s safety and environmental protection. Built-in high temperature resistance lithium iron battery, it can withstand up to 85 degrees, intelligent charging circuit design, can intelligently adjust the charge current, will not happen charging smoke and other security accidents.
  • OPERATION IS SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT: Multi-function keys to facilitate the operation, more simple to match compared to other headphones, it automatically connected to the Bluetooth when you take down to use, and automatically hang up the phone off.
  • MAGNETIC CHARGE WINDSHIELD MOUNTED: Designed for the car to provide an earphone place, mounted directly on the windshield, it’s convenience to pick and place, with the magnetic design; it can automatically find the location, which facilitates your driving life.
  • ROCK SOLID FIT AND SUPERB SOUND QUALITY: Ergonomic design is used regardless of left and right ear, dual-use satisfy lefties and right-handed people, and will not fall off. It’s wear tightly with 3 different size tips, and the good sound quality to deliver the most ground breaking audio listening experience.
  • MULTI-FACILITY USE AND LONG TIME WARRANTY: The wireless headphone can not only use in the car, but also can be used in outdoor, home and business occasions. We offer 12 months free warranty, and 24 hours online service.

Comments from buyers

Handsfee in your car


The New Generation of Bluetooth Headphones


Clear sound. Easy pairing

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