Klipsch Image Image One, Superb bass and isolation

Excellent product at a fantastic price. Sound is great and comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Fantastic headphones, i’m very happy with them. Great sound and so comfortable. They also fold down very small and the noise cancellation seems good. I’m struggling to find a negative.

These are the best headphones i have ever tried. I am so very very very pleased with them. I’ve been upset for years as i could never afford a pair of beats by dre, but having just bought these for a fraction of the price i am extremely pleased i never waisted my money on them. They offer the same if not better sound, the bass is amazing and the noise reduction from outside is fantastic. Couldn’t recommend them more.

Key specs for Klipsch Image Klipsch Image One (II) Headphones with 3-button Controls & Mic – White:

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  • 3-button remote for full music + voice control on select Apple products
  • Professional grade foam ear cups provide premium comfort + noise isolation
  • Earcups fold flat into headband for travel and compact storage
  • Durable, tangle-resistant cable (single cable from left ear cup)
  • Adjustable leather headband for custom fit

Comments from buyers

The best headphones for the money


however I must just mention the build quality is very good, as is presentation etc


Great quality at a decent price, great for movies

Iphone 5 and 6 are compatiblecan’t wear it even for an hour continuously.

Excellent product, very happy with the purchase.

Little bass heavy but easily corrected with a decent equalizer, great for stuff like dance music. Build quality is fantastic and the super soft ear cushions are easy to wear for extended periods.

Really good, some people might not like the overuse of bass. If you have an ipod you can alter your eq to up the treble. I have sennheiser momentum, and i find these far more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The price is also excellent when compared to higher models.

Great head phone well worth it.

The klipsch image one (ii) headphones are, to date, the best sounding and best quality headphones i have purchased for the money. The headphones arrived in a professional box, containing the headphones, a nice hard case, second cable, aux converter, and airline headphone splitter, all very useful accessories for travelling. The headphones are comfortable to wear and fold up in half for easy traveling. The sound quality of these headphones is exceptional and was more than worth the investment price of the headphones.

Great phones lovely sound comfortable great price, nice looking, can’t go wrong.

It’s not bluetooth, i have ordered this item twice and received the wired version both times, there is clearly some sort of error. The actual should quality is not bad if you like bass, the mids and vocals can go missing however because of the booming bass. This is based on the wired version.

Amazing sound quality and comfortable.

Great cans at a special price.

Fantastic quality for movies but certain songs can sound a bit ‘hummy’ when there’s a lot of texture in the track. I was very impressed at the maximum volume although the quality of music suffers towards the high end.

Way too bass for my taste, even after downloading a graphic equalizer it’s hard to reduce bass on these cans, however i must just mention the build quality is very good, as is presentation etc. All in all i can’t complain as i bought them at a fraction of the retail price, but had i paid full retail i would have returned them for a refund.

This is the perfect headphone i have always wanted, lush sound , comfortable and well made. Better of than beats nd the likes of boss. I am done searching for an headphone sticking with klipsch.

I wanted something that would cover my ears and they certainly do. Bass is immense – possibly too much so, but i’ve never heard them distort at any volume. For private listening to dance music, they’re perfect. I have a pair of akg-k451s and they’re far better all-rounders, with the caveat that the bass is wimpier. They are quite tight on my averagely sized head, and the solid band does hurt after a while. I can’t see any easy way to adjust this, so avoid if you have a massive balloon face.

I have sennheisers hd 202 and these have even better low frequency response. If u like banging tunes get these.

Excellent sound especially for the price. I have klipsch f3 floor standers and they are loud and very bassy so i knew these would be good.

Fast delivery , well packaged & came in a neat little case. The headphones themselves look very nice, the sound is crystal clear, loud & a decent bass. All in all a very good purchase for the price paid.

Definitely bluetooth is more comfortable, but you cannot connect a dac device without a cable.

Very satisfied with the product.

Wonderful item , though i think there may have been a price glitch , i paid way too little , great seller and product.

Excellent headphones i bought these as a gift for my daughter. I’m going to have to but a pair for me. Considering the price the sound is superb.

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MaxTeck Bth220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone – Supports Wireless Music Streaming and Hands-Free Calling : Comfortable, secure, clear and good sound

This was a bit of an impulse buy as i usually purchase reasonably high end audio gear but i couldn’t be happier on this occasion. I’m a powerlifter and usually have to strategically route normal headphones through my clothing to avoid getting them tangled. Normal earphones tend to fall out of my ears and it’s off putting having to keep my phone in my pocket all the time. The freedom of movement you get with these headphones is the first positive, they are not loose and do not shift position as you move around. Secondly, the audio quality is really good, not high end but good. The clever design ensures that the cups are pressed against your ears so there’s minimal loss of bass. Finally, the battery life is great. I spent a whole day pressure washing the garden followed by a gym session and they were still going strong. Wish i’d bought them years ago.

I bought these as my ipod and ipad didn’t work well with headphones or earphones that used the jack output, so i decided to try out some wireless headphones. I chose these over the various other choices as these were very nearly the cheapest, plus the lack of bad reviews. I am very pleased i chose these as they are great, i’ve used them extensively for a few weeks and have only had to charge once more after preliminary charge. The sound quality is very good for the price and the range is surprisingly far, i can walk out my room and half way down the stairs before they begin to cut off, quite a few metres.Also, i like using them with my apple products as i can just double tap and tell them what music to play. Have yet to try them out on skype or facetime but am sure it will work well when i do, a very good buy, only very rarely cuts out randomly but is still only for milliseconds.

MaxTeck Bth220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone – Supports Wireless Music Streaming and Hands-Free Calling

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled music players & A2DP enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android Smart Phones, etc.
  • Manage your music player directly from the headset with functions such as play, pause, next & previous track & volume
  • Serves as both a Wireless music headphone and Bluetooth phone headset for hands free calling
  • Comfortable, Lightweight Design with Up to 8 hours of talk time
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR Class 2. Supports latest version of A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.0 and HS/HF Profiles

I have been using these for listening to an audio book whilst driving my truck, and i must say they are very good. They are comfortable to wear with nice padding, but not too close fitting so that i can’t hear the engine note or warning tones of my truck. Battery life is good so far (8 hours and still going) and they pack away into a soft drawstring bag. So, the product is good, but the delivery company – home delivery network (also known as yodel) are useless. This is the second set of these headphones i have ordered, because the first set went ‘missing’ and i have still not had any explanation as to why they went missing either from hdnl, yodel or amazon. This isn’t the first time i have had problems with hdnl (yodel) either. I’ve had claims that they have delivered stuff when they hadnt, delivered to wrong address, late deliveries etc. Why does amazon still use these companies?.They are all over google forums, they have been investigated by bbc’s watchdog program and slagged off on several consumer sites.

I bought these for a couple of reasons. First was watching netflix and other shows on my nexus 7 and second was listening to music while out and about on my nokia lumia 800. So far it seems perfect for both. They are relatively large over-ear earpieces so they look a little silly, but you get exactly what you see in the pictures, so that’s finei had a minor problem with the first time i paired with the nexus (it dropped sound regularly and had a long audio delay), but an email to support, quick response, hard reset and re-pair fixed the problem. Audio is not perfectly in synch (by a fraction of a second) but i think that’s a problem of bluetooth headsets rather than this particular one.

These headphones are amazing value for money and since buying them (feeling it worth the risk for the tiny puchase price) i have used them daily for several hours. They paired effortlessly with my phone and i am very pleased with the quality of the listening and the comfort. I was looking at headphones costing a great deal more and will not bother now as these do what i want them to do. They also allow me to listen to relaxation sessions on them whilst lying in bed next to my partner in the early morning (meditations). For the money i don’t think you could possibly do better. I have senheisser wired headphones and reach for these in preference every time as they are so much easier to use without all the faff of undoing the wires to start using them. They arrived fast and well packaged.

MaxTeck Bth220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone – Supports Wireless Music Streaming and Hands-Free Calling : I bought them to wear at work as i often get tangled in headphone wires – which is very annoying. These connected with no trouble to my iphone 4s, and the sound is great. I can even leave my phone on the counter and clean my house without any problems. I especially love the built in mic. I actually gave these to my husband because wearing them too long hurts my ears. Made me sad because they were so great. (it’s my own ears, not the phones at fault). Wears them to work in and listens to hours and hours of podcasts in them. When he calls using the built-in speaker, it sounds really great. Not a huge amount of background noise or anything – i can hardly tell he’s using it. My only complaint is that they make you look like you’ve got cyborg ears – but that is small beans. All in all a wonderful value and a really great set of headphones.

I’m a guy that loves sports which includes running, power lifting and occasionally mountain biking. The kinivo bth220’s are amazing for sports. They stay on your head, have no cable to get stuck somewhere and are very light. They are really cheap, and have bluetooth so naturally you’d think the quality would be very low but i could not be more surprised.Ofcourse the quality isn’t amazing on its own but for the price and the fact that they’re bluetooth it is super. The build can feel a little flimsy, but i don’t think they will break fast if used properly. Next to the fact that they are amazing for sports they are also great for simply regular use, if you don’t like huge headphones on top of your head and with a cable then really get these. Easy to use and you can also pick up calls with its built in mic when connected to a phonethis has been one of the best, if not the best online buy that i’ve ever done. If they break or whatever at some point i’m going to buy the newer version 240’s a 100%. I am suggesting these to everyone.

So i’ve been using these for a few months now. I intended to use them mostly at the gym but now they double as a hands free system for when i’m driving my car. The headphones are comfortable, even when paired with eye glasses. The battery life is really good. Sound quality is decent and there is enough volume. I don’t have much experience with bt devices but these headphones sometimes have a problem pairing up properly with my devices (android smartphones, ipad). Usually everything goes smoothly but sometimes they pair up with a device and don’t actually work. Signal range is excellent but is blocked easily by your own body. Say you have the phone in your left front pocket and you turn your head to the right. The signal often cuts off and doesn’t return until you turn your head again.

Love this product:pros: it is light to wear, comfortable to the ears, good sound volume, easy to operate and to recharge. The fact that it folds makes it ideal to stick it in your handbag if need be. Very practical when you drive, to switch with one touch, from music to phone. Cons: there is no way to know how much battery life you have left and an indicator of some sort would have been a good idea. Using it with a galaxy notes 8 i have had the odd intermittent signal loss but this is very minor.

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Syllable Wireless Headphones – D900S Wireless V4, Awful

I’ve always been using wired headphones, then once i bought wireless earphones where both the earphones were tied together, they were not really expensive and they ended up having a horribly bad sound quality, cheap material and poor battery, and still tied to one another, which sometimes meant you could not turn your head around without losing them. Kind of threw me off wireless headphones for a while. Then i got more and more pissed off by my wired headphones, you can’t do anything without worrying they’re going to get stuck into something. This product was the liberation.I have nothing to blame for these headphone. The sound quality is really acceptable, the only thing is that it takes a little while to find the right way to put them and have them stick right in the ears. Took me about a week to get used to it but now i couldn’t be happier. Also, the true genius of this product is the battery case. You can take your headphones with the case wherever you want, as soon as you’ll store them in the box they’ll charge up. And the box can really provide about 4-5 full charges. Packaging is ok, there is the battery case, the headphones, a set of different size ear plugs, and even a little sack to store the headphones in case you don’t want to bring the battery case.

These have got to be the best headphones iv tried and they are so fab looking and easy to use that my gym session will never be the same again. The sound and bass is so clear and amazing and i had so many people ask what they are as they look so different. Disclaimer : i received this product at a discount in return for my honest review. All views and opinions are my own after testing the product over a certain period of time, i have a time frame to leave a review so some products i have to amend the review at a later date to reflect this and to give a true accurate review later down the line. I submit these reviews to help other people like yourself to make decisions on whether or not to purchase this product and to give you a better insight about the overall quality and my findings about the product in question.

I love these, they look great, are light weight and fit nicely into your ear. It took a few attempts to get them paired to my phone and laptop but once done they work really well. Sound it clear,i think they are good value to true bluetooth.

Key specs for Wireless Headphones – Syllable D900S Wireless V4.0 Bluetooth Earbuds In-ear Design Earphone Noise Cancelling Headphone Sweatproof with Mic for Apple iPhone Smart Phones Come with Intelligent Charging Box:

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    by entering your model number.
  • ✔ 【Advantage of Syllable D900S Bluetooth headphones】: State of Art Headphone Design, Virtually wireless, Set yourself free from all cables, enjoy your favorite music under most relaxing conditions while workout, running, walking and more.
  • ✔ 【Compatible】: Upgraded aerial and Bluetooth V4.0 with 30ft Bluetooth distance. Work with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices. (Note: The Left earphone can only be pairing with the Right, could not be connected with Bluetooth device.)
  • ✔ 【Large Power Capacity】: The battery capacity is lasting for 4-5 hours. The storage box offers 5 times’ full charged to the two headphones
  • ✔ 【Comfortable to Wear】: The shape of the earbuds fits your auditory meatus perfectly. With silicone earmuffs, the headsets stay firmly in your ears when working out or running or doing exercise in the gym.
  • ✔ Come with intelligent charging box for continuous use .Compact size, easy to carry

Comments from buyers

Very good product


For the price I couldn’t have asked for anything better!


The earphones were perfect and snug

I was after some small, lightweight bluetooth earphone for regular use at work, and for holidays. Listening to music at work is frowned upon, so something discrete is essential. The earphones arrived very well packaged, with good, multi lingual instructions and a spare set of fitting for different sized ears. The earbuds are stored in a plastic case which also charges them up. When i received them, i charged the case for a while, and assumed it would charge the earphones. It didn’t due to a tiny piece of plastic covering the charging points. You’ll have to look very hard to see it, and have quite nimble fingers to remove it. Once removed, the case charges the earphones no problem. Pairing with my iphone was seamless and quick. Sound quality is really good.

As one of the cheapest wireless headphones on the market i didn’t expect much from these however was pleasantly surprised. Although they are rather large and look clunky when they are being worn the sound quality is clear and they are very comfortable to wear. There are probably many that would be better than these however for this price my expectations were drastically surpassed. Although slightly hard to pair the left to the right it is simple to pair to the phone itself and they hold their charge very well with the charging case as a great addition to the product.

Great newsi reordered another pair of these headphone previous one being sent backthey are working fantastic now. Brilliant sound for this price pointi will let you know pairing them together can be tricky. Maybe a little bit more r&d needed in this area. But in my honest opinion these are a great innovative headphones. Especially if wires get in the way of what you are doing. I gave them a second chance and they lived up to expectations.

Great functionality, fits nicely in ears, very good sound quality, an overall good buy.

I’m a very experienced individual in regard to electronic devices. I pair hundreds of bluetooth devices on a yearly basis all different types of products. Some easy and some difficult to pair. The second bud will not connect it says the second will automatically connect once paired. I have tried every scenario. After my initial review i heard back from the support team, they talked me through the unpairing process. The sound isnt too bad and this is coming from an audiophile,its ideal for the gym but keep your wired versions. The box looks great but it’s fiddly to open and i just know it will not last it’s guaranteed to break. The buds are on the large size and the fit is just miserable no matter what type of silicone tips you choose.

The earphones were perfect and snug. I ran a 10k race yesterday wearing them and had no issues at all sound quality was brilliant.

Syllabus headphonessummaryfirstly, i think it’s important to put some context on this review. These are in ear bluetooth headphones that are completely wireless. There isn’t even a wire connecting on to the other. That is pretty revolutionary. You won’t spend time untangling these, or separating these from other wired products in your bag, and you won’t get any wires getting in the way when you go to pick up your coffee cup or book. The technology in this product is truly impressive and i think these are one of the first headphones of these types available. However, with any basically brand new technology, they have got some flaws (which i outline below) – and whether you can forgive those flaws will really depend on why you’re purchasing these. One thing is for sure though – these headphones are a great indicator of the future. Out of the boxthe box came well packaged and arrived quickly. At initial glance i was happy that this looked like a good premium product – the chargeable box is cleanly designed, ergonomic and a decent size. The instructions are not the best, nor the most comprehensive. A few short pages giving guidance about the functions of each part of the headphone and the charging case, a bit of guidance on pairing, making calls and listening to music. For instance the guidance on charging simply states the amount of time needed to charge the headphones and the box.

Goodthese are a dectent pair of earbuds,their light and have amazing sound quality. Only problem i faced is when i turn myhead to the right they completeley cut out.

I have tested plenty of pairs of earphones and jumped at the chance to review these ones at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. The earphones certainly look impressive and lots of people have asked me about them as they are the latest development in earphone technology and new to most people. Functionally they are similar to other earphones in that you can listen to audio via bluetooth and make phone calls without touching your mobile. The big difference is the lack of wires anywhere, no lead beneath your chin or across the back of your head. This allows you to move around with complete freedom. The earpieces are of the type that you put in your ear and then twist to secure them to your ear, once you get the knack it’s not difficult to put them in. Each earphone has a big button at the end which you use to pair, pause the music and answer phone calls. If you wish to turn off one earphone you can do, they function independently but operate together in stereo. You can also ring the last person you called with a double tap. I especially like the fact you just press your ear when talking someone to pause the music and then press again to resume, without the need to remove anything.

These earbuds are priced very well and are great value. There is occasional brief loss of sound on the left bud but it recovers very quickly, on the whole the lack of wires make up for that. The charging box is superb and means that these earbuds can be successfully used on even the longest flight. The price / performance means they are definitely five starred.

The headphones are amazing, both comfort and sound. El are a new fact not wearing any interconnection between them, are two completely individual headphones. Construction material quality is as i said, come in a hard plastic box which in turn is its charging station, they do so by tiny pins that are in this. They include two sizes of pads depending on the pinna of each person, also a gum that gets into them so they are not lost, usb charging cable, a visit transport and best of all, instructions in spanish. In the box are 4 leds which indicate the available charge in them. As for its sound quality is really good. I have paired with my phone and listening to music very well.

These syllable headphones are something that i had been looking for for a while – bluetooth headphones without a wire joining the two speakers together. I’m in a bit of a quandary about them as i write this review – they do exactly what i want, but they aren’t everything i expect. Firstly they come in a nice box, inside they are in a small charging box/caddie which you charge via usb and then charge the headphones in this – just be careful there are some very small bits of tape covering the charging inputs on the headphones unless you remove these you won;t get them to charge unless you get lucky and manage to push them hard enough onto the charging pegs that they go through the tape. The headphones are prepaired to each other so you need to sync the right headphone with your phone/tv. Volume was set to deafeningly high by default, so be prepared and don’t have them in your ears when you turn your music on. Sound quality is fairly average – although my hearing is rubbish so it may be better than i think, but it’s definitely not as good as my equivalently priced philips cityscape or creative labs sound blaster x headphones. Onto the headphones themselves. They are larger than i thought they would be, although it’s pretty obvious why as they both need a battery, charging circuity etc which will obviously increase their individual size. This does mean that they are quite big in your ears – i can’t escape the thought of uhura’s earpiece in star trek, even though they are no where near as big. They are a bit plasticy, high glass black plastic always looks a bit cheap to me.

This year is now becoming all about bluetooth earphones/headsets. With kickstarter products and big companies like motorola, samsung. There is a market for theses devices. One article saying that “bluetooth speakers/earphones market worth $7 billion by 2019. The syllable d900s are just a prime example of that bluetooth technology. Just connect and play musicconnectionthese earphones are bluetooth, no wires. You would use for example a phone that has access to music, or making phone calls to connect to the syllable d900s.

A great product for the price. Some connection issues in the synch between the 2 buds; it sometimes falls out. Can’t go wrong with these little beauties.

Clever concept, and i like the way the buds charge only when the lid is shut, but the sound quality is not great.

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Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – The Disappointing RS180 Headphones

I originally looked at a bose unit that stands under the tv, but it looked huge under a 32′ set. Since only i, in our house, can appreciate the sonorous sounds of good speakers a headset was the best alternative. Again i looked at bose but which rated the sennheiser rs180 as best buy and i was not disappointed. I thought at first that having a quite expensive headset with no frequency controls was a bit of a gamble. But was pleasantly surprised as the sennheiser performs as well with a movie or music both rock and classical. I deliberately chose the ‘open back’ type because they are very comfortable to wear for a few hours and don’t get too hot. They are easy to ‘pair’ base to headset with the option of bringing up voices over sound which makes a huge difference, if like me, your ears have lost some of their high frequency range. As others have said, the few volume and balance controls on the right speaker, although aesthetically pleasing, take a bit of getting used to because they are extremely close together. Don’t let this put you off because once you get the knack you will be well pleased – and i speak as someone with poor dexterity. Additionally to the digital plug there are also rf leads – however i have used an optical toslink through a converter and am very pleased with the result.

Sennheiser rs180 (hdr180 headphones and tr180 transmitter)pros. The quality of sound is greatly improved from the older models. 2 rca sockets are provided for a further sound output. Attenuator switch for 0db or -8db is provided. Measured with uncompressed pads the gap between the headphones is only 56mm when unused so that adults may find the phones uncomfortably tight on the ears due to the strength of the headband. Range much reduced to the old model. When one set of phones leaves the room they fail before two walls away, but far worse, so does the other rs180 headphones that stay in the room with the transmitter as the phones are now linked. (max of 4 sets of headphones to 1 transmitter). Pairing both sets of headphones and the transmitter again only slightly improved the range, but the old hdr140`s were set up without any complications and the range was impressive (making a cuppa involved 4 rooms away, thats 4 brick walls between headphones and transmitter and still perfect tv sound). Printed instructions contains only basic safety and quick set-up, with comprehensive details only on cd. Harder to find and access the push buttons on the headphones when worn. Multi users set up far more complicated than old modelon off switch is now multi-task. Slowly revolving 360 degrees in one room away from the transmitter can fade out and bring back the sound, so the headphones are very directional. I love the sound of these new headphones, the speech is much clearer and has an impressive bass that does not colour the speech, but i am forever moving them to ease outer ear pain. (worn for about 3 hours a night for late night tv) and they are only slightly better than buying infra-red phones for range. Finally, don’t try to open the headband too far, that’s how i ended up dumping my hdr140’s and buying these.

I’m struggling with how to write this review. Words like superb, fantastic. Come to mind but they seem cliched. Well starting with the sound, i didn’t expect it to be this good. I’m surprised at the clarity, i can hear everything, every instrument. Listening to music again is new, i hear what was there but unheard by me before. It’s not just clarity but body as well, solid is a word that comes to mind, each instrument is solidly reproduced, it’s not a case of more volume but more content – if that makes sense. I used to want to turn up my old rs170’s, you don’t need high volume on these to get more. Connected to a tv – absolute clarity of voice and well of everything, voices are so distinct and clear that it transforms enjoyment of films and tv. Here are the specifications for the Sennheiser RS 180 Open Digital Wireless Over-Ear Headphone:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic level control for optimum audio level
  • Multi purpose transmitter-also functions as an easy charge cradle and docking station
  • Dynamic headphones with clear and detailed audio reproduction

After doing quite a lot research i decided on these headphones. They are virtually plug and play and haven’t seen any sign of problems with router interference as some have reported. I find the signal stronger than my previous sennheisers (12 years old now) but like all digital signals will drop to zero when you venture too far. The sound quality is very good and battery life excellent (means i can listen all day to music, radio, and tv without a drop in quality or battery change) and i’ve found them comfortable to wear too. I agree that the volume/on/off switches are poorly placed, but once set rarely need to be touched, but still a niggle. I wonder if anyone can help with a question i have. The manual say’s first battery charge should be a minimum of 16 hours?. But the charge cuts out around 4 or five hours making a 16 hour charge impossibleany ideas on this?.

Disclaimer: this review reflects my needs from a wireless headphone. I am a big fan of sennheiser but i use wireless headphones exclusively attached to the tv due to poor hearing rather than to have a special experience listening to music from a stereo. Also, often move around the house doing bits and pieces while listening to the tv (who needs to actually see the faces of gary lineker, alan henson and mr shearer animatedly debating referee’s decisions on motd or paul merton and ian hislop having cheap shots at each other?). Therefore i am not looking for the perfect sound experience but a wireless headphone that will be comfortable, with good range, good battery life and reasonable good sound quality. Had a previous model (tr-140) that i loved but started having problems with some kind of faulty connection (the sound would go suddenly very low volume and i had to bang around the docking station to get it back up. Although the battery life is still excellent. (sometimes i listen/watch tv for some 8h and the headphone is still going), since it was some 5y old i thought it started to give up its ghost so decided to get a new one. I did not go to the rs 220 weary of reviews with issues around low battery life and more limited range for the very spiced price, so i settled for the rs180. The rs180 headphone is lighter and more comfortable that the tr-140. Also, being an open headphone gives a very good quality sound that is stereo.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Starting with the sound, i didn’t expect it to be this good.

  • These changed my life.

  • High Definition sound to match HDTV

This was purchased, together with a second headphone set, primarily to enhance television listening. My wife and i both find tv speech sound muffled and overwhelmed by the ‘background’ music that seems so prevalent in today’s films. The headphones certainly help in that respect and have proved an asset. However, there are some issues and these are the main reason for the mediocre score. The main gripe is that it seems impossible to adjust the volume of the headphones on one set without simultaneously adjusting the other. This means of course that both listeners, regardless of personal preference, have to listen at the same volume. I can find nothing in the manual that addresses this problem. Another issue, though not of particular concern for our purpose, is the loss of signal when you move away from the transmitter. I have found that just moving a few yards away, the signal becomes fragmented. This would be a big issue if you purchased these intending perhaps to wear them around the house and garden.

Firstly let me say these headphones are the best i have ever used. I am no audiophile but to me these are a lifesaver. A few years back at 17 i was being given iv antibiotics to help get rid of a very nasty chest infection i ended up going into renal failure and as a result i also had ototoxicity because of the antibiotics. The antibiotics built up to an unsafe level in my blood and they then attacked my hearing. Over the course of a week my perfect hearing had been permanently damaged and i was now classed as severely hearing impaired. My whole world changed and life was very difficult to get used to. I was given hearing aids but they only help so much and aren’t a cure for hearing loss. I felt very closed off and lonely as i was struggling a lot to connect with the world. Watching tv could only be done with subtitles on and my regular earphones and headphones were useless. Before the hearing loss i loved having a little bit of bass in my headphones but afterwards bass only made things worse and more mumbled.

Absolutely delighted with these headphones. They are relatively expensive so i read most of the reviews before buying. Strangely i agree with most of the comments good and not so good. For me although over 80 i find no problems at all. The controls are small but once set they rarely need adjusting and the charging process always seems to work first time. I only use them in the same room as the transmitter so can not usefully comment on their range. The quality of sound is fantastic both fromtv and ipod. For classical music i certainly recommend the open rather than closed choice of headphone and these are not very obtrusive in average circumstances. October 2012have now purchased a second set of these ‘phones. A transmitter for bedroom and one downstairs near television.

Love these, upgraded from sennheiser rs120s that i had used for a really long time. These are way more comfortable than i expected, and the sound is great. I can wear them all day without them getting uncomfortable. Had them for close to a year and the only small complaint i have is that they go onto a sort of stand-by mode when no audio plays for a while. When a sound plays again they wake up, but it takes a split second so the first part of the sound is cut off. This does save the battery life though so it’s not all bad. Only bothers me if i’m editing video/audio, and these aren’t exactly designed for that.

These solve several problems for me: i like to have the door open as much as possible to let large dogs decide when they are in and out but don’t want to disturb the neighbours; my old dog gets upset by sinister music like shostakovich’s leningrad symphony; i don’t want to spend on a multi-room system when i hope to move to open plan but want to have good sound as i move about. So wireless headphones are a great idea in principle. In practice these sound great, there is no interference, they hardly ever drop out and then only for a split second if i move too quickly when i’m a long way from the transmitter. But as others have said, the small flush control buttons on the headphones, with on/off between volume up and volume down are a real pain. Even though i have small fingers i still often turn off when i am trying to turn down. The other problem is that you have to take off the earpads to replace the rechargeable batteries in the phones. You won’t have to do this often if you use good rechargeables unless you forget to charge the phones in the cradle. But when you do, the plastic tabs that clip the pads to the phones are too flimsy and easily broken. One of mine was a very stiff fit, so a tab has been broken in the struggle to get it off, superglue has failed and i have had to get a new set. I would take off rather more than one star for all this if there had been a decent alternative.

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Lesoom Truly Wireless Earbuds, High sound quality bomb proof

Ok product, not the best tbh.

The quality is very good, they can be paired with all phones. Although there are only 2 sets of earplugs.

Living on a farm you are going to get unwanted visitors so far i’m happy it works great.

Key specs for Truly Wireless Earbuds, in Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Headsets Sweatproof True Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling Earphones Built-in Mic for iPhone iPad Smartphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Noise cancellation

Comments from buyers

High sound quality bomb proof


Maybe pay a bit extra for better sound and battery life


Battery life not great

Everything was ok, item came even sooner than expected. Came early and is perfect thank you will buy again.

Brought these for my ten year old grandson and he is delighted with them.

Very happy with the product. It looks sleek and it’s very comfortable to use. As far as wireless earphones go, the sound quality is excellent with a very good range of lows, mids and highs and the bass is quite impressive for its size, it’s also really easy to pair with other devices. The mic worked really well when using the voice control for calls and google assistant. The charging case is compact and practical.

A nice set of headphones for use with an ipad.

I used these ear buds every day at work they doubled up as noise cancelling protection and music players. I had them playing music for 4hrs straight then charged them in the holder box over lunch then again for 4hrs literally lasted me the whole day for about six or seven months. I even stepped on them a few times and they never broke. The only reason they are gone is i lost them unfortunately.

Brought for son he found these to be very comfortable he says better than what he has had before recommends hem and seller.

These are probably quite good for the price but i was surprised at how quickly the battery ran out. The max playing time i got on mine was maybe 2 hours tops. Sound was not the best but not the worst either and in terms of fit, they were actually quite comfortable with no issues of falling out.

Battery life is annoying – especially when you’re at the gym and can’t charge them. They’re good quality though.

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AcousticSheep RunPhones Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headband Headphones, Five Stars

Good product, brought as gift for hubby who says they are great and he enjoys using. They seemed quite simple to set up and connect as well.

I am addicted to audiobooks in bed – they generally send me to sleep, or , if having a bad night, make being awake more acceptable. I have lost count of the number of acoustic sheep sleepphones i have bought, but was put off the bluetooth ones by the high price – £65. These runphones, by the same company, were £35 and are thinner than the fleecy sleepphones but just as comfortable. I see they are currently out of stock. Shame – i would have stocked up on them.

. Use them for sleeping not running.

Key specs for AcousticSheep RunPhones Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headband Headphones (Blue, Large):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Secure fit headphones stay put during activities
  • Snug, wicking sport-style headband keeps sweat at bay while on the go
  • Sport-style headband made with hypoallergenic, machine washable fabric
  • Bluetooth-enabled headphones sync/stream from any Bluetooth device
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB cable (included) with 8-12 hours of battery life
  • Cord Length: Bluetooth: 3.0 Type A2DP Wireless Range: 15–30 feet (5–10 meters) (ft.)

Comments from buyers

good buy


Five Stars


Great Purchase.

It’s great not having the wire.

Brilliant product and so simple to use. I use mine in bed at night aswell as running and they are fantastic. I also had an issue and i contacted their customer support and they instantly sent a replacement set free of charge in the first class post.

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Bluetooth Headphones, Much better than I expected for the price

Much better than i expected for the price, especially as they were replacing a much more expensive set. Initially bought as a short term replacement, i am now inclined to save myself some money and stick with these. They are as you would expect extremely lightweight, and the sound is very good. The fit took a little while to adjust to, however now it is easy to forget i am wearing them. Overall i am very happy with this purchase.

I loved these headphones so much this is my second pair as my 20 year old daughter borrowed my other ones, long term. They are amazing value, much better quality than i was expecting for the price. I sure if you’re a music mogul they wouldn’t be good enough but for the average person they’re great.

Good sound, cheap reliable and comfy.

Key specs for Bluetooth Headphones, Sound Intone BT-06 Swift 4.0 Wireless Stereo Headphones On Ear Headset, With HiFi Build in Microphone and Volume Control, Comes With Audio Cable, Compatible With Most Phones/ PC/ Tv/ iPhone/ Samsung/ Laptop(Red):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 TECH & DECENT SOUND QUALITY – Clear and transparent bass, mids and highs
  • COMFORTABLE WEARING – Adjustable PU leather headband for perfect fit
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLEU – Support FM broadcast / MP3 and WAV audio formats. Support 16GB MicroSD Card (Micro SD card not provided)
  • SAFETY EXPLOSION – proof polymer batteries, up to 300MA battery capacity, long standby, fast charge takes only 1.5 hours Tune fully enclosed design, quality
  • IMPORTANT PRODUCT INFORMATION – 4 Color Choices, 1 Year Warranty. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. With the product we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and quality customer service. Please contact us with any questions and we are happy to help.

Comments from buyers

Gives Beats a run for their money !!


Very good value. The sound is nice


Pretty Good – Though Some Problems

Wanted some bluetooth headphones for work and these looked good for the price. Item arrived the day after ordering as stated. The headphones connected to my phone very easily, turned the headphones on and my phone found them straight away. Having used these for an hour or so yesterday i must admit that i was very impressed with the sound quality for the price of the item. Very comfortable to wear though the headphones sit on the ear rather than over it but this is a minor thing. Very happy with my purchase.

Super good for such a cheap price. It comes in its secure product box and the in a bigger cardboard one. It comes with a cable which you can plug in to the headphones for when you don’t want it to be wireless. Also comes with a charger which is the same as many phone chargers, to thats a plushowever, when you have it on bluetooth and there is no sound playing, there is a quiet droning sound (this does not occur when you use the wire to listen), though you can’t hear it when sound is playing. Also, when, for example, you are watching a youtube video with the bluetooth, the sound in the headphones kinda goes on and off really quickly. When watching videos i would recommend having the wire in. Though, when music is playing (not on youtube, on playlists ect) the sound flows and there is no problem. The wireless connection is really good and you can definitely walk around the house listening to music with your phone in your bedroom. Overall great product, and the things wrong with it can only be expected with it being at the low price it is.

It may not be beats, or jbl but it still is a quality product at less than half the price they are great to look at and great to use. I bought these to use at the gym as i was tired going through earphones which kept on ripping or falling out. They have many audio inputs such as bluetooth, aux, and even a micro sd card which is great incase your phone battery is dead. They provide rich clear sound both when listening to music and also when used for phonecalls. Microphone is clear and the bass is deep. They are light and pretty comfortable to wear, however i do feel like my ears warm up after a while. The battery life is okay probably 4-8hrs and doesn’t take long to charge.

Good set of headphones at a very reasonable price. Ideal for watching tv or listening to music without disturbing other family members.

Headphone work absolutely fine. Sound quality is amazing and the bluetooth is brillaint.

Bought on a lighning deal at a good price. I’s have bought more than one if i’d known how good they’d be. Just tried another betron set and nto half as good (betron bn15 too bassy).

They overachieve my expectations if i have to be honest. They connect in seamless way to computer, mobile and tabletfurthermore when you turn it on and connect it you can hear a confirmation messagequite straightforward with regards of control and easy to use in general. I think it’s a very good product especially for the low price of it.

Great headphones no wires, don’t drop them even a little bit as the speaker inside will break of and rattle.

My wife got these to cycle with. The idea was to not be costly if they break or she looses them. They have loads of features including a memory card reader. They look nice, but sound pretty horrible for my taste. They try to get extra bass by boosting pretty hard about 150-200 hz. Basically ok headphones to throw around.

I have only had these for a few days and so far i am impressed. It was easy to sync them to my iphone and the sound quality is excellent. They are also comfortable to wear. I have only given 4 stars as i have found the controls hard to use as they are fiddley. You have short presses for some functions and long presses for others. I tried to turn the volume up and ended up calling my last dialled number on two occasions. However i only bought these for using at the gym on the treadmill and won’t really need to use the controls on the headphones as my phone will be in easy reach. However it would be annoying if you were using them with your phone/ mp3 player in an armband with the controls not in easy reach.

Stylish look (chose the white option). Lightweight and comfortable. Only niggle- flashing blue led very bright.

I am using them during gym workouts and so far so good.

Initially i was pleased with these but i’m not sure if it’s the bluetooth signal from my tv or the headphones but they don’t sync with the picture on the tv and there’s an annoying tone every few minutes.

Decent sound considering the price paid. Easy to pair with all my apple related devices (iphone 5c, ipad mini,macbook)nice comfy fit on my slightly above average sized headonly negatives are they don’t fold down very elegantly and the flashing light on the side is abit unnecessary, being very picky though. Would definitely recommend these.

Bought these wireless heaphones as a start up for the gym. Didnt want to spend hundreds of euro straight off the batt, so started down the pecking order. They are extremely comfortable, sound is good also. I got four one hour trips to the gym before i charged them after cracking them open on arrival. I dont find the headphones too big either. For €24 you cant go wrong.

There is a faint hissing noise in the back when i use bluetooth but that is it, and when you listen to any sound you cant really hear it.

Received the order very quickly. I ordered this as a present and have not had any complaints so it must be good but i can’t actually say anything about the quality of the product.

I was genuinely expecting a cheap pair of earphones as i currently use the wireless beats by dre powerbeats 2 (in-ear) and the wired beats by dre studio beats (over-ear) which are both great for sound quality and build quality, that had set the bar quite high however i’ve been using the sound intone bt-06 for a couple of weeks now mainly for the gym and they are great for drowning out the gyms sound system as well as any excess noise in the background. I definitely would recommend these for anyone looking for good sound quality without necessarily breaking the bank in order to achieve this.

Good quality considering price.

They block a lot of the background noise out. My daughter did manage to pop the ear cushion off but it clipped back into place. The bluetooth connected nice and easy.

Cheap for wireless headphones, the sound is okay but not great and the playtime is only 3-4hours after a full charge. 2019 update: battery only lasts 40mins now, not bad after a few years but i’ll be going for a longer lasting pair next time. Had to cellotape both latches.

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JAM Transit Micro Sports Buds Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones – Blue : Worthy Purchase A+

I’ve never tried bluetooth headphones before so was intrigued to see what these jam transit in-ear headphones would have to offer. Overall i have to say i’m pretty impressed. The bluetooth feature works well and i’ve not had any issues with connectivity or songs dropping out or anything of that kindaesthetically they’re not quite as pleasing as i had hoped from ‘cordless’ headphones. They are easily visible from any angle and certainly a ‘hidden’ effect is not what has been prioritised here. In my view, therefore, comfort is a key feature in the absence of an aesthetically pleasing design. Comfort here is good, but not great. For extended periods, they started to feel slightly uncomfortable, although on the flip side they were lodged firmly in place for jogging etc. Included within the headphone is a safety feature which allows you to have sound in just one ear if you wish to hear what’s going on around you. For me, i do not find mono sound appealing in the slightest and this is not something i would choose to use. However, i appreciate that this may be something that others would find useful and i think it’s inclusion is an interesting design feature which may appeal to some.

It is useful to have bluetooth headphones when you are on the move, not only when jogging but when walking and travelling. It means that you don’t have to worry too much about the cables getting caught and it also allows you to listen to music on a tablet without having to carry the tablet in your hand. Pairing up to a bluetooth device is simply a matter of turning the bluetooth function on the device on then pressing a button on the headphone cable. This worked perfectly on the ipod touch and hudl2 tablet that i tried it on. Sound quality is pretty good, although i have heard better for a lower price. The cable that runs between the two earpieces is adjustable and winds onto a plastic widget to keep it tidy. The cable is sturdy and quite thick (though flat) which means it is less likely to break. There is a good choice of bud sizes included so that all ears should be catered for. I did find that the suggested method of wearing it with the cable behind the head made it awkward to reach the control buttons on the cable but you can just as easily wear it with the cable in front. This may make it look a bit strange though.

The phones are packaged in a chunky plastic water bottle with colour-matched trim. They are mounted in plastic scaffolding that has to be snapped apart scarily close to the earpieces. The water bottle is fine (i use it at lunch), but i would’ve preferred some kind of carrying pouch – i’m not going to leave the phones dangling over my neck all day. There’s a bewildering collection of attachments: two entire sets of small, medium and large earbuds (one set ribbed, in separate l and r bags), small, medium and large rubber ‘fins’, and a pair of plastic over-the-ear loops. So, lots of options, but this can mean it takes ages to determine the best combination. Several weeks later, i’m still experimenting. I found it hard to work out how to fit and use the fins – there are no instructions. Once they’re at their best fit, the sound quality is pretty good: solid deep bass, but still plenty of treble and detail. (i’m using poweramp on an alcatel idol 3. ) the problem is that the fit has to be pretty good.

Don’t normally take the time out to post reviews but these are amazing. Easy to set up and work, fit comfortably, didn’t fall out on my 9 mile run or feel loose at all. Sound was clear and not once did it lose connection or sound muffled. They also come with spare/new parts and a matching pink water bottle – perfect.

Fantastic- fit well, great design and super sound. Using for running and very impressed so far.

This arrived the day after i ordered it. It looks very smart in the water bottle which is also good quality. After playing around with the ear buds to find the ones that gave the perfect fit and adding on the ear clips, these are a comfortable-snug fit and will be ideal for my long runs. It was relatively easy to pair with my phone. The only down-side was it says it comes with a micro-usb charger but my pack didn’t have one in – fortunately my phone uses one so i have quite a few of those cables. Overall, really pleased with the product.

I had been waiting for earphones like these ages. I have always hated having long wires dangling from my headphones. These bluetooth earphones are brilliant to use indoors and outdoors. The reflective cord between earphones is a neat additional feature when out and about when dark. It may help other people realise that you have earphones on. There is nothing worse than having cycle louts at the park, (wherever) getting irate sounding their bell or shouting at you to move out of their way and you don’t respond because you cannot hear them so they gesticulate wildly as they pass, so in my view the reflective cord is definitely a good feature. I also love the functional freedom to switch off sound from the left earbud and still hear music on mono mode, some people may not like listening to music through headphones if it’s not in stereo but it doesn’t seem to bother me. This is very helpful not just to hear around you but it saves you having to remove the earphones altogether if you need to speak to someone. When phone calls come in it pauses the music in order to break in and when the conversation is over the music resumes seamlessly. When text messages arrive it’s similar but they can be processed through verbal commands, which is pretty neat.

This is the first time i have tried bluetooth ear-phones, so i cannot compare them to similar products from other manufacturers, but i was satisified by the sound quality of these. I managed to get them to work despite the cartoon-strip instructions, which are pretty awful. The ear-buds are charged with a micro usb cable (included) through a tiny port in the right bud. A red light comes on in the collar below below the right bud to indicate that charging is taking place. I found it very easy to pair the ear-buds with my phone, even though i had never done this before – it was just a case of selecting the bluetooth option from my phone settings. When i tried listening to music, i noticed that sound was only coming out of the right bud. Luckily one of the cartoon-strip pictures showed that you need to press the side of the right bud to get stereo sound (it’s not entirely clear to me why anyone would want mono sound). I found the sound was especially good from audiobooks and podcasts – music is ok, but lacking in bass. The ear-buds come with a number of packets containing in-ear tips of different sizes, a pair of plastic over-ear hooks, and a selection of rubberised fins (i am not sure how these work, and the instructions do not describe any of these accessories, but the manufacturer is clearly trying to provide a solution for all ear types and sizes). The buds are switched off by placing the two units back-to-back – a little red light comes on in the right collar to confirm deactivation.

Fantastic quality, much better than i expected. Come with loads of extra ear buds and attachments to get a secure and comfy fit. Price even better as i got my pair from amazon for a little over £26 inc delivery. Bargainhighly recomended with some really nice features tooplus a 2 year guarantee. Well worth it even at full price.

I have been using the jam bluetooth earbuds around 10 months now, with absoultely no problems, apart from the dirt picked up at work. I am a painter & decorator and decided i needed a non fuss, wire free, headset to listen to music or audio books while waiting for paint to dry (so to speak). I chose these after a little research and found that they are the same buds that argos sell, and i know argos attempts to not sell faulty or cheap products. Worth the money, definately, i could only imagine that buying a cheaper pair would result in having to replace those sooner. The battery life is good on the jam buds, they also fit really well, and the sound is good. If you wishing for bluetooth headphones that work, function, do their job and are quality then i would recommend purchase. If mine broke tomorrow i would buy another pair.

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CREATIVE WP-350 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – Great product

No problems, worked straight out of the box , hooked up to my iphone first time, very good sound, light and comfortable, also the controls are easily accessable, very good in every way.

We are very happy with the purchase.

I’ve been through quite a number of bluetooth headphones. I started first with the 7dayshop dj headphones around 10-15 pounds. Last year i upgraded to the 7dayshop r7 premium headphones for 45, now 35 which do have good sound quality. However these creative 350s are far beyond any headphones i’ve tried. The sound quality is simply amazing for bluetooth headphones around this price. My only problem with them is that they are not the most comfortable and they are my first pair of truly on ear headphones. Maybe i will get used to this in time. I decided to also buy a pair of wp-380s to see if they would be more comfortable and unfortunately the sound quality just was no where near 350 headphones and sounded muffled. I still want to try out some of the other over ear bluetooth headphones from philips, etc to see if i can find a more comfortable pair. If you are looking for a pair of really crisp and clear sounding headphones these are probably the pair for you. Here are the specifications for the CREATIVE WP-350 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wireless Bluetooth stereo headset with a concealed microphone
  • Enhanced audio experience with apt-X technology
  • Superior sonic performance with neodymium drivers
  • Soft leatherette ear cushions fold flat for easy storage
  • Compatible with mobile Bluetooth devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, or portable media players

Well impressed with the quality.

Once you have got it paired with your pc (or whatever) it works very well. I bought it to hear movies when i was in hospital. The stereo effect is very wide. I was able to hear sounds that were off picture.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Was Pleasantly Surprised.

  • Great sound quality, Good comfort, mic only ok.

  • Good but

Pros* no more annoying tangled wires – a major plus* surprisingly, decent audio quality which is comparable to previous wired headphones i have owned. The audio quality was the main concern before switching from wired to wireless bluetooth – these headphones have alleviated that worry* good battery life – 8 hours from 1 hour of charging* very reliable bluetooth connection which found & paired with multiple devices very quickly and easilycons* integrated mic for bluetooth calls could be better quality – probably won’t be using this feature in future* buttons on side of headphones are pretty much flat and would be better if more tactile so you could feel them easily whilst wearing the headphonessummaryvery good value for money and would recommend (4/5 rating).

Bought these headphones after reading many of the reviews on amazon. Have to say i am very impressed. My primary use is listening to audiobooks, and these phones do a great job. Battery life is good and they are comfortable for quite some time. I think most on ear phones will start to be uncomfortable after a while, well they are for me. These headphones are very good and at the price are a bargain. I have not tested them on a full on music test, but that is not what i bought them for, for audiobooks or podcasts they are brilliant.

Everthing is alri8 except the call quality with this bluetooth which is not good enough when u recieve or make a call through this bluetooth headset.

These headphones are brilliant. Good points- good value for money- great sound quality- very comfortable to wearbad points- makes ears warm after a while- buttons on the right ear piece feel a bit tacky to me- phone call quality isn’t amazing, but clear enough to understand people. I guess it just depends on phone signal and what area your in- volume could turn up a bit louder, but i guess that’s my preferenceall in all a great pair of headphones, especially considering it comes with a built in mic for phone calls, which makes it great value for money.(just under £60) i would recommend to any one thinking of buying these.

Packaging : well presented, the headset was packed like barbie dolls. They were tied to the inner plastic with twist wires, there is no need to do that. I nearly broke the headset because i wasn’t expecting it to be tied. Aesthetics : very nice looking headsetease of use : button locations are good, forward and backward buttons as well as volume buttons are recessed so you will easily know which button you are pressing while wearing them. Headset feels nice to the touch, and very light and comfy to wear, but they are loose so they always fall off my head. I wish they made ones with the support that goes all the way back to the back of the neck like the 7dayshop r7 sport units. Sound quality : warning: i’m not an audiophile. Crisp sound, good bass, but lacks deep bass. If this unit was designed like 7dayshop r7 sport (http://www. Uk/7dayshop-bluetooth-wireless-headphones-microphone/dp/b002q4tbj4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=utf8&qid=1359020971&sr=8-2) i will be very happy to keep it, but it keeps falling of my head so it is going back to amazon. -1 for design-1 for lack of deep bass.

Bought these as i wanted to save myself from the tangle of earphone wires on my daily commute. Easy to connect, good sound quality (if a little quiet) but unfortunately had to send them back because, as a number of other reviews have noted, the size of these ‘on-ear’ headphones is very strange. The design of the padding around the cup makes it look as though the cups should cover your whole ear, but they are too small to do this and are in fact meant to sit on it; however, the cups are a bit big to comfortably sit on your ear and so result in the disconcerting feeling that they are constantly slipping off. This too big/too small ‘on-ear’ design also appears to enhance the noise leakage, which isn’t great for happy co-commuters. Unfortunately had to send these back and get the philips shb9100/00 which are excellent and a far more comfortable size.

I’ve had a number of high quality head and earphones over the past few years and these headphones punch well above their weight.

Good sound quality, comfortable to wear, connected no problem to my tablet and time between charges is excellent. No complaints and to date a choice investment.

Speedy delivery and the product is great. Links to my phone quickly and the music controls are easy to use. Sound quality is good with base at a decent level and the earphone sit nicely on your ears – keeping them warm in this rather cold weather which is a nice bonus. Phone conversations work very well however with some reporting that i sound like i’m in a church but always audible. Sometimes when running they have a few moments where they cut out a little which is the only negative i can think of but that’s more likely to be my phone jiggling about in my pocket than the cans. For the price they are excellent.

These headphones are decent quality for the money. They feel and look okay, they pair every time and the sound quality is good as long as you’re not expecting wired quality sound.

Good sound quality and relatively long battery life. The only downside is the ear will fill a bit tired after pro-long usage.

These are my first pair of bluetooth headphones and i have to say they are great in terms of audio quality. The sound is rich and far better than i was expecting, and have been pretty impressed with how clear the sound is over bluetooth. I have been leaving the phone in the front room and have been quite happy wearing these wandering into the kitchen and doing the hoovering around the flat. Mine isn’t the biggest flat but over a 20m range and with a couple of walls in the way the signal still hasn’t shown signs of breaking up. That could be as much to do with the density of my walls mind you. So for me and doing what i hoped they should do – being portable and sounding good – i can’t fault them. From a technical perspective i am using these with my galaxy s2, running ics android. Don’t know if this makes any difference to anyone but i guess it may be helpful for people considering headphones for that particular phone. Key good points- comfort is great – they are a firm fit but are comfortable.

These headphones were great value for money, the sound quality is excellent and the battery life is good. I used them when going running but arent ideal as they slip and are uncomfortable on the ears.

The only problems are bluetooth (connectivity/stability) problems. Headphones great for the price. Controls are very intuitive, and simple to operate.

Bought these to use during travelling as i fly a lot and was fed up of cables breaking and getting tangled up mid flight. The headset is very light and comfortable if using for long periods. Set up was simple and they linked to my ipod/ipad/iphone and mac first time of asking (you will need to remember to turn your bluetooth off or the headset will connect every time you turn it on). Battery life is advertised as around 5 hours but so far i have exceeded this on every charge. Sound quality is surprisingly good – bass could be better.

The battery is long lasting. The only problem is that it is not comfortable. After a few minutes starts to hurt the ear.

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Philips SHB8750NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – 32mm Drivers – Excellent

They may be smart – but not that trendy. However, these are very practical and simply work. The power button is separate, which is a bonus – along with a back-up auxillary jack for a wired headphone connection. They charge quickly and have a bright white ‘iron man’ light that is lit when charging and goes out when done. The blue flashing light when using the headphones is fairly discreet and has different function flashing patterns for pairing/not paired, etc. Bluetooth pairing is a breeze (has nfc too if you like using it) and they ‘announce’ when connected and disconnected. They are a little ‘old-fashioned’ in the style/feel – but really this is a bonus – as it makes them squishy and comfortable, but they are not the lightest of headsets. Although the function buttons are well laid out and separated – they are somewhat fiddly and small to operate when wearing the headphones. The usb socket is hidden under a flap – and i had to get directions to find it, from the instructions. The sound is excellent; not tinny or too much bass.

Wanted some bluetooth headphones mainly for use with my phone’s music channel. Didn’t want to go too overboard on price and saw these redeuced from £90 down to £49. I was extremely pleased when they came, they are really light but very good quality. They pair up easily and have a great quality sound yo them. I was a little dubious about getting over ear ones as all i’ve had before had hurt my ears after about half an hour. I had no need to worry though, i had them on for two hour’s solid and almost forgot i was wearing them they were so comfortable. They also have a noise cancelling mode and a audio wire to connect them directly to your device if your battery is low. They get a definitely strong recommendation from me.

Fantastic for going to work bc i can’t hear a thing and v good noise cancelling with good quality sound. Used to be £90 and got it with £10 off a few weeks ago. Philips always have the best quality stuff in my opinion. Here are the specifications for the Philips SHB8750NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – 32mm Drivers:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ActiveShield noise cancelling reduces noise by up to 97%
  • Convenient hands-free calling with mic and Bluetooth 4.0
  • 32mm neodymium speaker drivers deliver precision sound
  • Control calls, music and volume with ear-shell switches
  • Extra audio cable means music can continue without power

I was very disappointed as it was a gift.

I’ve bought scores of fairly cheap bluetooth headphones and i simply cannot find a set that will match or exceed the features of this set around this price point. It will connect to two devices simultaneously and seemlessly switch between them easily, it actually handles phone call audio better than my phone, music audio quality is exactly what i need while traveling or at home – not too bassy with manageable volume controls. The noise canceling works great with calls and music but you’d need over-ear cups if you were trying to achieve complete sound isolation – which i’d never attempt to do especially while traveling. By far the most comfortable headphones i’ve ever owned and i’ve even fallen asleep with them on in bed, the button placement takes some getting used to especially the track skip/repeat button which is flush in-between the volume buttons – very hard to feel for when wearing the headphones. The noise cancelling button below needs some kind of audible beep when its pressed as well. Overall, a great set of headphones for what i want to do with them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good all-rounders

  • top notch . worthy hifi cans

  • good ‘phones

First pair of bluetooth headphones. Needed to pair with my iphone 7. Had them paired in 5 seconds. I’m a bit tech naive so pleased it was so easy. Impressed by sound quality, especially the mid-range. (compares well with my wired sennheiser hd 202’s) clear instrument separation and good tone. I find them to have good rather than excellent comfort – hence 4 stars rather than 5 – but haven’t really found any headphones that are truly comfortable (must have a funny shaped head) good noise cancelling. Like the functionality to control music tracks (volume and skip) plus call interruption feature. Purchased off ebay for £35 so reckon a bargain at that price.

Can only say , the are superb, shame the batteries never last long , about 16 hours & bout 2 days standby, but the sound, noice cancelling are top notch.

A little lightweight, but more compact and wearable than a lot on the market.

I’d previously tried a sony pair of nc headphones and returned them, as they weren’t worth the £200 price tag. The phillips are just as good at a fraction of the price. Solid noise cancelling with good sound quality.

Came in good condition except the stitching on the ear padding had come undone slightly.

Over the last year i have tried loads of noise cancelling headphone. But i don’t find the audio quality very good on nc headphones (i am very fussy about audio quality). I find the sound from most noise cancelling headphones has lots of white noise and sounds like a metallic distorsion and can give me a bit of a headache. The best sounding were bose but are very expensive and you are unable to turn off the noise cancelling. I tried sennheiser momentum 2s didn’t like the sound the bass was to exaggerated and sounded to false to me. I tried sennheiser pxc250 headphones very uncomfortable. I tried audio technica atm-anc7b but didn’t like the sound quality with nc on and when turned off sounded really bad. Nice and small but didnt fit very well and sound quality was a bit congested. In the end i bought some oppo pm3 headphones which sound lovely but don’t have noise cancelling.

Fantastic audiophile quality , especially for the price.

Noise cancelling works well. Only issue is a plasticy sound when walking if your head is in a certain position.

Amazing head phones i bought my self some and also got some for my wife who is now bed bound due to ill health and she uses them for audio books ect with no wires to get in the way if she falls asleep with them on lol :).

Surprisingly-effective at noise cancellation, both passive and active (my previous headphones were bulkier and pricier but worse at both types of nc), and the sound quality is good. Having the cable to bypass bluetooth when they aren’t charged or when the connection gets buggy is very useful. The controls are a bit complicated and i leave them on by mistake a lot as it’s not quick to turn them off. Also, the headband is not tight enough, and the plastic gets floppy in the sun so they fall off when it’s sunny. But for this price, with these features, and the quality of the sound, i would definitely buy again.

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