Master & Dynamic MW60 Premium High Definition Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – Gun Metal – Seductive & Impressive (& Expensive!)

When it comes to headphones for a long time, it’s been my bose cans which have held the top spot for me. With master & dynamic the new boys on the block, could they live up to or even beat the products of my long time favourites?. I put them on and pumped up the volume to find out. First impressions when unboxing these headphones is excellent. The packaging and accessories all ooze quality, supplied with a neat leather style box for all the high quality cabling and a bag to hold the headphones in when they are folded down. All of these, plus the headphones themselves are good quality and solid without being heavy. Comfort wise, they adjust easily to fit neatly, securely and pleasantly giving me confidence in what the sound quality will be like. Connectivity wise you’ve got a few options – either small or large standard headphone jacks are supplied or for the those of us with a hatred for cables there’s a wireless option too. Charge up with the micro usb cable, connect to the phone and you’re away – with good range as well, something that let’s a number of similar headphones down. Though it’s actually the sound quality that puts these headphones at the top of the shop.

I’ve tested these headphones for about a month mostly wired to a ifi usb dac, it took me a while to figure out i didn’t like the sound signature, what did it for me was a mqa version of hotel california listened on the mw60 vs. 0, i was smiling and tapping my foot with the momentum while the mw60 sounded tight and confused. They look awesome, i think a lot of care went into the materials but there are a lot of equally-priced or even cheaper headphones that sound better.

My postman saw fit to put these very expensive mw60 headphones through an open window that’s about seven feet above the floor. They still work fine, which is a testament to how well they’re made. I must admit i’d never of master & dynamic before, but that’s probably only because these are audiophile headphones. The phones come in premium packaging with lots of accessories: protective cover, leather cable box, usb cable, audio cable and audio cable adapter. Physically, they’re gorgeous, and built to last. Earcups that secure with magnets. They feel of supreme quality, and are very comfortable to wear. Here are the specifications for the Master & Dynamic MW60 Premium High Definition Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – Gun Metal:

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  • Technically high level – Master & Dynamic has a deep passion for designing technically developed headphones that look as an elegant as they sound
  • High in signal range using Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX and a patent pending antenna
  • Rich sound – tuned for a rich, warm sound, the MW60 offers a natural, detailed, live sound signature that captures the exceptional detail of recorded music; Master & Dynamic tuning is designed to compliment a diverse range of musical genres
  • Premium materials – built for decades of use and elegantly designed using the high quality materials including premium leather, stainless steel and aluminium, creating an iconic, durable and elegant look
  • Warranty – Master & Dynamic offers a limited 2 years warranty against defect; use the distinct serial code to register the product to ensure priority customer service, please make sure headphones are purchased from an authorised reseller to guarantee coverage

Weel made but a m c and sound did not suit me.

These are beautifully designed impressive overears headphones. They are build to last and the sound quality is simply amazing. I highly recommend these to those who are looking to great headphones.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great-looking, solid sounding headphones, let down by small annoyances
  • Sound not worth the money
  • These are beautifully designed impressive overears headphones

Sure they are a load of money but you get quality from the minute you open the box. Beautifully presented the headphones are a perfect fit, easy to pair and the sound is out of this world. Before these i had a pair of beats studio – great headphones but not a patch on these. The quality is simply brilliant. Made from metal and leather – amazing.

Bought with my own cash money. I only had a couple of weeks with the mw60 so couldn’t give them full and proper road test. As such these are only brief observations (not like my usual essays.So if you want the most luxurious wireless headphone then read no further. A wireless bowers p7 is basically what this was for me. Luxurious, decadent and made with such exquisite materials with top notch bluetooth sound to match. It’s a wonderfully warm audio tapestry with the best sounding representation of bluetooth technology that i’ve heard.

These earphones are outstanding. They ooze quality as soon as you open the box. They are beautifully packaged in a matte finished box. You keep finding more things as you delve in.There’s a leather box to keep the connectors in and the earphones themselves have a pouch to keep them in. The ear pads are made of calve’s leather and memory foam. The former doesn’t make me very happy, as an animal lover, really. But, they are beautifully soft and very comfortable to wear. Pretty emotional experience when listening to a favourite, moving piece of music or song. The sound quality is just out of this world and you will hear things you have never heard before, believe mesupreme quality, supreme sound.

These headphones are absolutely excellent. The sound quality is exceptionally good to my ear, though i’m by no means an expert, and they get used almost every day for gaming and music as they really make both activities so much more immersive. The quality of the components and the design is far, far better than some of the other headphones that we’ve had in the past, and these are in a completely different league, though of course there is a premium price tag attached as you’d expect with high-end products. In this case, i believe that you truly do get what you pay for though. The weight of the headphones took a bit of getting used to the first few times i wore them, but as they are so comfy and well-padded, i soon got used to it and almost forgot i was wearing them. The leather is very soft and supple and smells really nice too of coursewe have been using these with the playstation 4 and dab audio, mostly classical, and for both sources they are extremely clear with no hint of crackle or loss of quality. The depth of sound is very rich and every tiny sound is so much clearer than i’d have ever bought possible, it’s really taken gaming to another level now every nuance can be heard like you’re in a studio.

Wow, £500 is a lot to spend on headphones. I mean, it’s crazy money, isn’t it?. And these cannot possibly be worth. Can they?for the purposes of this review, i am comparing these headphones to two other pairs i have – https://www. Uk/play-bang-olufsen-cancelling-headphones-black/dp/b01m4nnlmj/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1507021790&sr=8-1&keywords=b%26o+play+h9 and https://www. Uk/sony-mdr-100abn-resolution-cancelling-headphones-black/dp/b01eank8zo/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics-accessories&ie=utf8&qid=1507021849&sr=1-4&keywords=sony+wireless+noise+cancelling+headphones. The b&o currently sell for £450 – so the same price point as these, and the sony’s are half the price. So the first thing to say about the unboxing experience is that is as good as apple – which is high praise indeed. It comes in a rigid box, and the cables are in a leather holder. There is also a canvas bag to hold the headphones in while you’re out and about. It’s very very satisfying indeed to open up.

Been using these on a daily basis for a few months. The sound is good – i prefer this over the momentum 2. 0 ones, as it is more natural with an emphasis on the mids. Sennheiser and mw both have signature sounds, and are in my opinion equally good – just different. Bass is good and packs plenty of punch for my taste, but if you listen to bass-heavy music i’d give these a miss. The mw60 does not have any noise-cancelling (apart from passive because of the over-ear design) but i specifically wanted that as i find anc makes me nauseous and detracts from the sound quality too much. Bluetooth connection is mostly good, though i can’t say the distance radius is more impressive than other models i’ve tried; leaving my phone in the living room and crossing the hall to the bathroom is fine, but if i go upstairs it starts to stutter. For a wireless model, the sound quality is very good when not in wired mode; i find wired mode flattens the sound a bit, though the soundstage is still pretty impressive for a closed-can design. Build quality is exceptional: the leather is soft and supple, and there is a reassuring weight to the headphones that exudes quality and ‘is made to last’. I like the design and the look, it is definitely ‘different’ and eye-catching.

I’ve been test driving these headphones at work and at home for a week now, and i’m simply blown away. Sound quality 10/10the sound quality of the is simply flawless. I’ve tried every type of headphone in the past, from high end akg to bose, and these master & dynamic mw60s are sensational. Perfectly balanced sound, smooth bass, crisp high-end and beautiful mid-range. I tested both the bluetooth playback, and wired playback, and as with any headphones, the wired playback is better quality. Design 9/10the design of these headphones is superb. The ear pads attach by magnets, so are easy to remove, clean and replace. The headphone body is almost all solid metal. I have marked the design down one point as i think that they could be a little bit lighter.

The rest thing that strikes you about these headphones is the build quality. They feel absolutely superb and look far far better than they do in the product photos. Sound wise they are very natural. I like my music bassy and in some ways these are a bit lacking in that respect for me but in terms of fidelity they are very true and realistic. My testing for these was not my usual range of music (from the orb through rage against the machine and pop will eat itself to aphrodite). Instead i stuck with more chilled, ambient sounds and spoken word and these did very well with that. A lot of my testing was done on trains and the noise isolation was almost complete. I was certainly not distracted by the full carriages our noise of the train and announcements. Some have complained about an uncomfortable fit but i actually found these to be the most confirmed on-dan headphones i’ve ever used. While the unit is quite heavy the padding on the headband and the ear cups is just the right level of firm and soft that you almost forget they are on.

For me, the most important feature of premium headphones is the sound. And in these cans the sound is not worth the money. Highs are muted, mids are ok and bass is simply non-existent. They are very stylish, though.

As soon as you receive the box with these headphones, you can see that there has been meticulous attention to detail lavished on this product. On sliding the solid containing box from the sleeved cover, and removing the headphones, they look fantastic and feel of very high quality, solid without being overtly chunky, and designed with a lot of thought – for example subtle white stripes on the left hand earpiece metal rim to indicate that it is the left phone. In the box are: the headphones, a soft fabric headphone case, a round leather container with extension lead and usb charging cable, a small soft pouch for accessories which could be used inside the headphone case to stow the usb cable. A quick start guide and a user manual. Once the phones are charged up, it was easy and fast to connect via bluetooth to my ipod – the left hand button switches the headphones on and can also put them into pairing mode – in seconds i was connected. The buttons on the headphones are metallic and the on-off switch also has a audible tones for on and off – as well as the switch being a three position switch so you can see whether you’ve powered the headphones down too. . There are also battery power level indicators. Like i said, meticulous attention to detail here. Right hand buttons – there are three – they can be used to control telephone calls but more importantly for me the two outer buttons control volume when pressed momentarily or to skip tracks when held down for 2 seconds (one review has got this functionality incorrectly reversed). The centre button can be used to pause the audio.

Going from my old pair of cheap headphones to this gorgeous pair was like swapping a peugeot for a jaguar. They are supremely luxurious and are so comfortable to wear, even when i’m wearing glasses. The leather on the earpieces is very soft and adds to the comfort, and the earpieces attach with magnets and can be removed for polishing the leather if you wish. The headphones are made from steel and leather, and the build quality is top of the range. While i’ve mostly been using them with a wire to listen to music from my pc while i work, they are bluetooth-enabled. They are noise-isolating as opposed to noise-cancelling: you will still hear some noise around you, but it’s minimised by the earpiece seal around your ear. I hadn’t heard of master & dynamic headphones before, but i’m definitely a convert. Listening to music through these is wonderful and it’s a completely different experience even when listening to old favourites — you can hear all the details of the music and the sound quality is superb: rich, detailed and clear. Yes, these are an investment but i’d say they are definitely worth it if you’re a music lover.

I own these headphones and have to say they are absolutely amazing. Since owning them i have fallen in love with music all over againaesthetically they are strikingly beautiful and exude quality and luxury. I get lots of compliments from people who always say they look gorgeous and expensive. The build quality is seriously good too. There are two different types of calf skin used plus stainless steel and aluminium with no visible plastic at all. Due to the metal involved in the construction they are on the heavy side but to me that just adds to their imposing presence once you get used to it. The memory foam ear pieces are very comfortable and do a very good job at cutting out any external noise. I prefer passive noise cancelling as it removes the need to further process the source signal. A very nice touch is that the ear pieces are easily detachable thanks to built in magnets. They just pull off with a reasonable amount of force (but never by accident).

I’ve considered myself a bit of an audiophile for years, so i jumped at the chance to review these master & dynamic mw60 bluetooth headphones. I was also very interested to see what these over-ear headphones were like in comparison to my usual choice of in-ear monitors. The headphones arrive in a surprisingly small but good quality box which includes the headphones, a small leather box with a headphone cable, charging cable and full-size audio adapter, a canvas case for the headphones and instruction booklet. Thankfully, it should all be easy enough to figure out for you not to need the manual – i certainly didn’t have any issues. Pairing these were simple, on each side you have controls, one has an on/off and pairing switch, the other has three buttons, call answer/pause button and two volume buttons, you just use the on-off switch and hold it on the pairing position for 3 seconds and it pairs up to your device with ease. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to go. When you first pick these up, you’ll notice they are fairly hefty, the all-metal construction is quite obviously solid and feels good. The gunmetal colour also looks great too. This is backed up by the supple leather on the earcups (which attach via fairly strong magnets for easy replacement) and headband. The mechanics of the headphones must be admired as well, to adjust the height of the headband they’ve used a piston which is strong and stays in place, and even includes markings on the inside.

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