Klipsch 101373211441337 Headphones Earphones For iPhone iPod iPad, Excellent reference headphones

I listen to music on headphones for a long time, and these headphones are one of the best headphones what i had heard in a very long time. Quality is really nice, it feels very comfortable and light on you’re head. If you got a chance to buy these headphones, i recommend you these headphones more that beats. Hope you enjoy this product as much as i enjoyed them.

Fit is good, sound is good but slightly bass/boomey which at times can give a slightly muddy sound. I’ve had klipsch products before and rate them.

Excellent build quality and easy on the eye. The sound quality is impressive with great base sound. I must admit i had never heard of the brand, which is maybe why you get so much bang for buck. Would buy again without hesitation.

Key specs for Klipsch 101373211441337 Headphones Earphones For iPhone iPod iPad:

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  • BUILT FROM: 2011
  • DESIGN: On-ear, Dynamic Moving Coil 40mm Speaker
  • DIMENSIONS: Driver diameter: 40mm; Packaging: 9.9″ H x 7.5″ W x 2.7″ D
  • DRIVE COMPONENTS: Full Range KG 150
  • FEATURES: mic+3-button remote
  • FINISH: Black/Copper
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: 32 ohms
  • WEIGHT: 138.3 grams

Comments from buyers

“Excellent headphones IF you treat them right 🙂
, Excellent reference headphones
, Wired for sound

Bass response is incredible, but not in an overbearing way. I have small ears so they fit nicely over them. Those with larger ears might get some sound leakage.

Difficult to review these headphones. Not because they are not a complete bargain at the current £50 price – they certainly are – but because how happy you will be with them depends on several factors. Firstly – size of your head and ears. Honestly, i think this may well be crucial. For me, headband size is fine, but i could see them being a bit small for ‘big heads’ :-). My ears just fit inside the ear cups – this is a bad thing as doing so results in the ‘boomy’ base reported by several industry and consumer reviews. However, nudge the ear cups back a few millimetres and. Excellent tonal range and no boomy base. In other words, they are ‘on ear’ headphones and demand to be treated as such.

Better than all my previous headphones (sony, denon, sennheiser). Don’t believe the specs too much.

Very happy with it, sound the same as my rf7 from klipsch.

I have had these headphones for over a year now and these are flawless. They have not worsened over time and continue to impress me. Sound:very clear and balanced sound, with maybe a very slight excess of bass, but definitely not enough to bother me. Comfort:these rival the big brands like bose and others, with very soft material and ergonomic design to fit my ears fantastically. Style:these headphone look fantastic. Their refined and sophisticated look definitely sets them apart from other headphone designs. Quality of build:even after the all the action they see (and i use them for multiple hours a day) they still look and feel nearly brand new. I try to look after these headphones well by using the case whenever i am not using them, but obviously they are exposed to wear and tear. Value for money:i bought these at a much higher price (~£70) and i thought this was excellent value for money. Now the price is even lower, this is a fantastic purchase.

Best headphones i have ever had. Every time i listen to music through these i am amazed at the sound quality. The clarity is out of this world in the price bracket they sit in. The only thing some people may not like is that they are not bass heavy. They are not lacking of bass but they definitely focus more on clarity being reference headphones and the bass they have is crisp and clear. Looks wise they are ok, inoffensive but not aye catching either, i think they are pretty nice looking but its not something i’m personally that bothered about. They come in a pretty decent hard case with a couple of other connections (double jack for on planes and a bigger jack)comfort wise they are pretty comfortable for on ear head phones, they are light and foam and leather on the ear pieces is nice and soft so no issues wearing them for a number of hours.

Strongly recommend for those who don’t get too hung up about fashion.

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  1. 2.0 out of 5 stars Cable broke near the jack end after very little use ... says:
    Cable broke near the jack end after very little use. Shame as sound quality was impressive – but not use now as the cable is not replaceable.
  2. Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Klipsch 101373211441337 Headphones Earphones For iPhone iPod iPad

    Cable broke near the jack end after very little use. Shame as sound quality was impressive – but not use now as the cable is not replaceable.

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