HowiseAcc 2018 Earbuds B5 D05, poor fit

Not so good microphone and easy to loose ear ring. Not so small as shown in photo. Quick delivery and response.

My first pair of wireless earphones, had them a few months now and they still work great. I mainly use them to listen to music and audio books at work. Battery life could be better but i use one earphone at a time to extend the life. I did drop the case however and the silver rim around the top of the charger broke off as it seems to be held on with glue. The case it’self (appart from the rim) is pritty good and protects the earphones well. For the price this is a really good product, especially seeing some of the other prices out there for exactly the same thing.

Just as expected and fast delivery.

Comments from buyers

Well worth it.


Easy to set up


Build quality isn’t the best. Looks better in the photo

Excellent value, good sound and handy charger pack. Buds themselves are larger than i thought so do t sit in the ear as well i’d like. Also i can’t seem to get both working in tandem.

They don’t stay in my ears no matter what size buds i use i paid 60 quid for there on a plane if they fit your then there not bad for the money.

Build quality isn’t the best. The right earpiece continually cuts out unless i’m looking directly ahead. I’ve used similarly priced products in the past and found them better.

Easy to pair up with my devices. I even went into my kitchen to make some coffee and could still hear my program. Very pleased so far and a great pricelove these so much i bought a second set.Only down side is they need to be recharged every couple of hours.

You can use them together (stereo) or on two separate bluetooth devices, say, a tablet and a phone. Sound, battery life, build quality and range are good.

Much better quality sound than i expected for this price. Connection to my devices flawless.

Excellent product with a very good price.

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  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars Great at firs now not working says:
    Product worked great at first but after 4 months struggles to pair and sound cuts in and out constantly.
  2. Anonymous says:

    This review is from : 2018 Earbuds B5 D05 (b1)

    Product worked great at first but after 4 months struggles to pair and sound cuts in and out constantly.

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