1MORE Over-Ear Headphones Bass Driven : Good value for money but app is rubbish

Very good quality headphones ,best value for money , with really good highs and mids ,and an adjustable slider for bass and lows ,very comfortable and a very good shape .

An absolute steal at the reduced price. Lack the anc of say the bose qc35 but imo sound better. Only negative (and reason for 4 not 5 stars) is no aac support for bluetooth so they will probably not sound as good on an iphone as an android device.

Absolutely, astoundingly, brilliantly awesome product. I love these headphones and they’re definitely the best headphones of my collection. The sound is superb and crisp, i compared these headphones with a pair of £250 headphones my mate had and these were better by a clear country mile. Add to that the prompt delivery of the product and brilliant customer service from the seller’s and the low cost of such a magnificent product the best way i can describe my experience as is a dream.

Over the past few weeks i have tried out quite a few over-ear bluetooth headphones in a mad search for the ‘ultimate’ bluetooth headphone. I have tried the bose qc35’s, v-moda crossfade wireless, sennheiser pxc550’s (i wanted to also try the new sony mdr1000x models but they appear to be sold out with a two month waiting list – and i’m the impatient type. Having tried some of the best noise cancelling headphones i feel that perhaps that’s not the direction i really want to go in. My usual wired headphones consist of the following (all of which are used regularly):ultimate ears triple fi 10 – iem1more hybrid triple driver – iemsony xba h1 – iemapple earpodsaudio technica ath50x – full size over-earsplayback electronics include:samsung galaxy note 2 (an excellent audio player – especially with the inclusion of the neutron player). 5agptek h01 – micro sd based lossless player with a very powerful amplifier on-board. My music tastes are beginning to vary in my old age – rush, pink floyd, queen, bach, fleetwood mac, vivaldi, william orbit, hanz zimmer – you get the idea. Most of my music is well-encoded mp3’s (either 320k rips – some of the older stuff ripped using eac/lame (with some cool psycho-acoustical filtering applied) and some downloaded flac files. In other words, perhaps not the best in the world but certainly a significant step up from entry-level. My criteria in order of importance is:sound quality and volumeability to pair with two phonesreliable bluetooth connectionbattery lifefacility to use wired connectioncomforti can tolerate some discomfort as i am frequently having to remove my headphones when working but they’ve gotta sound good and loud. I normally like a sound signature that’s neutral (with perhaps just a hint of deep bass) normally. I don’t tend to mind a slight dip in treble as i’m quite sensitive to shrieking (that’s what happens when you’re married). Externals and extrasthe 1more 802’s are a smallish bluetooth headphone and i would have to say that for most people i think they should be thought of as ‘on the ear’ rather than ‘over the ear’. They’re very nicely constructed out of a kind of ‘artificial aluminium’ – i’m not sure exactly what that it but they feel like they could take a reasonable beating – this is certainly something worth having with bluetooth headphones. The earpads are pretty thin but do form a reasonably effective seal which helps with bass response.

I recently decided to buy a new pair of headphones as an upgrade to my panasonic rp htx7 headphones. I took a punt on these as i had heard good things and i’m glad i did. The material build quality is really great. The cable is nice and thick and the matte finish on the metal headphones looks really nice. The sound quality is rich and bassy but without being out of control. There is a fair bit of sound leakage which does not bother me but may annoy others. The inline mic and controls are well built. It is not quite as wide as my superb rha in ear headphones but it’s clear all the same. I listen to a wide range of music but these really shine on songs with high dynamic range.

I purchased these after reading many reviews on lots. They were to be a present for my partner, she seriously loves these. Music sounds amazing, the bluetooth connection could not be easier. They have proved themselves to be very comfortable worn over a long period. Very easy to connected to the mobile phone to make and receive call. All together a well put together set of headphones.

These 1more wireless over-ear bluetooth headphones are excellent value for the sound and the money. Felt tight on the ears for the first week but are now more comfortable. They are on-ears,though i prefer over ears,but are now ok. The bluetooth connection is almost instant,within seconds,and the range is excellent. The sound is also very good. The bass can be adjusted by a three way slider switch on the left earcup, first position is a pretty neutral sound,middle position increases it,its better,but the last position is much prefered by me. The bass is not overwhelming but much improved and seems to greatly improve everything else that is playing. These headphones also have a preset volume limiter to protect your hearing over an extended listening period in that they will gradually decrease the volume. This is very subtle and a very good idea to my mind. At the price they are on offer and the sound they produce, it`s almost silly not to have a pair.

Great sounding but cannot wear them for long sessions.

Great sound reproduction, though at times they can get a bit claustrophobic due to their closed back. Not as clear as they could be, but with this price tag you can’t complain.

Fantastic headphones, easy bluetooth connection to my iphone x, beautiful sound output in terms of bass and treble.

I am not an expert for sound qualities. Bought these as a replacement for a 4 year old klipsch s4i in-ear headphones. The sound is fantastic and the bass is good at all levels on music and speech is clear when listening to podcasts. The fit across the head is comfortable. Will now be buying the in-ear versions from the sma ecompany.

They are comfortable to wear although i’d prefer if i could shorten them slightly but they already at the shortest. I like to listen to my music loud. . These are not loud enough and it annoys me that the volume protector will reduce the loudness after a period of time. I’m not impressed with the battery life either and they are not the cheapest. . I have decided to purchase a different pair now.

Fits well on the ear rather than over the ear. Very comfortable to wear (i used them for a 6. 5 hour stint without any discomfort at all). They felt much more secure than the ones i am replacing and did not slip at all. Easily paired via bluetooth and no lag when watching tv via appletv. The base has 3 levels of depth but the lowest (or most powerful base) is not as powerful as perhaps i would like but still very passable. There is volume protection so the longer they are worn the more the sound will fade slightly. Actually a nice feature particularly when watching films (which is why i purchased these earphones). The only negative is the usb charging cable – it is about 14 inches (33cm) long. Ok if charging via a laptop perhaps but too short when using a mains adaptor or the type of wall sockets that have a usb port.

The headphones are very good value for money and the sound is very good. I listen audiobooks and all varieties of music thy suit me fine the fit is comfortable also. I have downloaded the app onto my iphone but the app will not recognise and scan the qr code so u cannot use the facility provided in the app. You can use the burning in facility but not personalisebyour settings. Luckily this was necessity to me but someone who want want or need the facility it would be disappointing for them if they have the same issue.

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