Geemarc CL7310 Headphone, So iam more than happy with it as it saves hubby having to repeat

This is an absolutely brilliant piece of equipment. No need to have the tv sound blaring any more – in fact no need to have the sound up at all if no one else is watching the programme. The wearer has complete control of the volume without spoiling everyone else’s viewing enjoyment. It has made tv viewing with my elderly father enjoyable again.

This product performs well and does everything it claims to do. However, some weeks ago, i contacted the company asking if they could supply softer ear-plus as an elderly friend of mine found the supplied ones uncomfortable. They said they were unable to supply any alternative ear-plugs, nor could they suggest any other manufacturers ear-plugs that might fit. My wife also has a set of these headphones and has remarked that prolonged use can make her ears sore. If softer ear-plugs were sold as an accessory i’m sure many people would buy them.

Hearing/listening transformed. Facility to continue listening in another room while walking around the house much enjoyed.

Key specs for Geemarc CL7310 Headphone:

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  • Ear Canal Headphone

Comments from buyers

Great product but lacking accessories.


Don’t drive your wife mad!


quite a good device

Sound is excellent, bit weighty on the ears and bottom piece catches on clothing. Yesterday made pizza from scratch and battery audable warning came on just as i sat down to eat. The alternative is enclosed headphones if you try any household chores you sweat underneath the ear pads. Devil and the deep blue sea.

This ‘cordless’ headset is a boon if you want to watch tv without disturbing others. – (particularly if you are a bit hard of hearing and always need the volume to be turned up. ) – with this you can increase the volume to how it suits you, and it won’t be noticed by anyone else. – furthermore if you want to leave the room; -(make a cup of tea etc. ) you can continue to follow the program in ‘sound’. The range will cater comfortably throughout an ‘average’ house.

Strongly suggest that this product is bought from a merchant not from amazon eu. The product is great however it came with a 2 pin charging plug. Installed it, ripped packaging in doing so but didnt expect plug problem. Impossible to contact amazon as no ‘contact seller button’ which does appear against items sold by merchants. Amazon clearly allow you to be able to contact the merchant directly but not when they sell products. Only option amazon offer is to return the item – rubbish service, all i need is the correct 3 pin uk charger sending.

This device has transformed our tv listening. . Now we can both enjoy individual levels of volume on tv with excellent sound reproduction. . Music channels never sounded so good . One or two teething problems but the customer service helpline was second to none 10/10.

It was fine until one of the arms broke (inside plastic spring hook) was told no spares available had to buy a new headset. Disappointed as it was not cheap to buy and the headset was much too expensive to replace, for that reason i would not buy it again.

Well packaged, arrived on time, took the place of a cheaper set of headphones and works as intended – you get what you pay for and this is money well spent, it is used every day.

Almost deaf in fact at 89 years young. Thankyou geemarc – you’ve saved my tv life.

After sorting out the technical detail,we are very pleased with the headset. Quality of hearing excellent. Husband can have sound up as loud as he wants for the tv. I can hear our tv at a much lower sound now.

Not bad but a bit uncomfortible after waring for a while.

Works really well, easy to set up and use. Would be nice if it had a through socket to send the audio to a hifi as well.

Perfect for my deaf father, this is the second one purchased. The only downside being, battery life, otherwise, brilliant.

The wife said she thought they were very good,price and the tone from them is really really good said she wish she had tm sooner.

This geemarc headset has caused my wife to regain her sanity. I am somewhat deaf and up to now have needed to have the tv volume much higher than my wife would like, even though i wear hearing aids. She can now have the volume as quiet as she likes. The geemarc has a radio link from the headset to the base station, the base station being plugged into the tv. The headset will pick up the sound from the tv, even if the mute button is on so that no sound can be heard in the room, outside the headset. This is ideal for us and also means that my wife can read, while i watch wimbledon tennis on tv. She is not disturbed by any sound, but i can hear the full commentary through the geemarc. The volume on the headset is variable. I initially had a problem setting the apparatus up with my tv, but i phoned the geemarc helpline and the chappie there was very helpful and the problem was resolved. The steps in the volume control were initially too large, so that the volume was too loud.

This is a good set, have had some problems with getting the sound level down but apart from that it is agood set.

This was my first headset to use with the tv. I found it quite heavy after a while as headset fits in the ears. Much better idea if for the headset to rest around the neck and have an small ear piece leading off thatto fit in the ear. Having said that for short use this item is perfect.

My ears start hurting after a short time , so have to keep relieving the pressure whilst wearing them.

It was a gift for my husband who it deaf. They were recommended by family, and they definitely meet the expectations. Clarity for the tv is excellent and the instructions for setting up were very clear and straight forward.

The stethoscope arms feel really well made and durable. Opening them apart for use switches them on which is a really neat idea. The sound as set up out of the box is just right. I have to admit that i had difficulty increasing and decreasing the sound using the + & – buttons. As is normal practice, pressing the button and holding it did not work. It took some time to discover you have to ‘stab’ the button in and release, then repeat this process to alter the volume. Very strange way of doing it.

It is ok once you sort out how to connect it.

It is my wife who this was for and it has helped her enjoy the tv so much more than before. It is easy to use and understand. When we watch together it has made a big difference for me as well now that the volume can be turned down to a reasonable level. It is a pity the batteries did not last longer than 3hours before needing recharged but so far that is the only negative comment and a minor one at that.

Sent 2 back,they were faulty, not as good as the cl7300, altered the angle of the ear piecenow makes your ears hurt after a period of 30 min, control up and down also a bit hit and miss.

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Sleepphones v6 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headband Headphones – Comfortable, Couldn’t live without it!

I absolutely love my acousticsheep headphones. Wearing them is a very similar experience to wearing a normal headband. They are comfy and with surprisingly good quality sound. I am a light sleeper prone to insomnia. Normaly in ear headphones i find too uncomfortable to wear in bed as they press on my ears when lying down. With the headband speakers i can lie with my head on the pillow, side down, with no problem. I can control the volume and skip tracks with the headband, without having to pick up my phone. This means that when sleepless i can listen to an audiobook or relaxing music without disturbing my partner, either with sounds or the light of my phone. They really have been a wonder. Enabling me to relax, rather than just lying in the dark feeling stressed by sleeplessness.

Blocks out noisy neighbours so i can sleep with ambient sounds. Good quality speakers and easy to use.

Lightweight and comfortable headband, ideal for masking any background noises and aiding a good sleep.

Comments from buyers

Great for Night Time


Great for Insomniacs



Have been using these for several months and love them. I have trouble sleeping and these are excellent at letting me listen to audiobooks to drift off without disturbing my partner. I also use them to listen to audio while feeding my baby, because they are not noise cancelling i can also hear the baby.

Quite expensive, and the battery could be longer lasting, however these are comfortable, good quality, and very useful.

I can’t recommend these enough. I find it so hard to go to sleep and felt like i’d tried everything but these headphones have fixed iti can listen to audiobooks, music, rain noise, anything when i go to bed and for apps that don’t have it built in, you can download a free app which automatically turns your bluetooth off after a set time (i use one called ‘sleep timer’). These are also so comfortable to wear that you can rest your whole head on the speakers and they’re still comfy. The controls in the back are easy to use, you can power on and off; pause and play; volume up and down; and skip backwards 10 seconds or forward 10 seconds from the 3 buttons inside. I was initially worried that they were too much money but now my dad, partner and a few friends have and love these too.

Listening in bed to help me sleep i drift off and headband stays in place. Csn use with my phone or ipad and set up with bluetooth is easy with instuctions if needed. Much better than earphone if your inclined to fall asleep listening.

I bought these to listen to guided meditations in bed after getting fed up with uncomfortable earbud headphones. They are simply perfect for my application. With these on, you can lay on your side without discomfort, unlike headphones, and because they sit gently on the ear, you can still hear things such as the telephone, smoke alarm etc, which is a major advantage over earbuds. I had a small issue of my own making and needed to contact the seller premier lifestyle for help. The response from roger was very quick and he went above and beyond to help me – 10/10 for service. Overall, i cannot recommend them enough and the seller support is first class.

Comfortable to wear at night, but the charging of the battery is fiddly, as you have to remove the battery to charge it. The sound quality is very good, and i use them for listening to sleep-inducing sounds (thunderstorms, etc) as i suffer from tinnitus.

These are amazing, got them to help my teen son get relaxed before trying to sleep and they work brilliantly. They are comfortable, charge lasts a long time and sound is good. Don’t expect noise cancelling as they are not but they are good quality.

These are really comfortable because they sit outside the ear, and the sound is better than i expected. Decent battery life too, as far as i have been able to tell. Headband doubles as an eye mask.

I bought this to use on holiday as well as home. Sounds great and easy to use. The reviews really helped my buying decision, thank you.

Absolutely the best sleep aid i’ve ever bought – my partner is a snorer and nothing has drowned him out – for the past 6 months we’ve had to sleep separately not good for a relationship. We saw these headphones on a sleep through snoring blog and thought let’s try – so i use wax earplugs (which i’ve always used) and use a white noise app my fave is sir conditioning or a fan. The first night i didn’t sleep well – took a night to get used to the headband and the pressure that this had to work – last resort. By night 2 i had got used to the band and the fan noise i now hear as silence. The only improvement would be battery life but i love these – xx.

Great product for tinnitus sufferers. Pair with the sound of your choice. I use a tone, but others have better results with white noise, rain sounds or birdsong.

This is my forth pair of these – i broke my first pair, then lost my second pair in a hotel room in nz, then lost my third pair in another hotel room and this is my forth pair now. . Which just proves that i cant be without these things. Whether you buy the bluetooth or wired version, you wont regret it. Don’t bother with the cheaper imitation versions – i made that mistake and then just came straight back to the originals. I recommend using these sleepphones with audible – the perfect combo.

Sounds quality and comfort are quite good, but first thing i noticed there is like 0 voice insulation, and the only thing protecting your ears from the outside sounds is music. Would be really nice if it had some kind of voice insulation material so you didn’t have to listen to music very loudly to not hear your neighbors banging upstairs.

Headband is too thick for summer use, for me any way. Mine also turned up with one earpiece not working, ok these things happen. I tried them out anyway and was pleased with all other aspects of them. Way better than getting tangled up in wired sleep phones and much better quality than the cheaper bluetooth models on the market. I’ve sent them back for refund but have ordered the breeze model with the thinner lycra headband, heres hoping the original broken earpiece was a one off.

Only small issue is that the buttons are to the back, think they’d be better at the front. They work great and are exactly as described.

I’ve had insomnia for years. The thing that reliably helps is distracting your mind by watching tv or listening to something. Problem was i got married recently and i could no longer just use my bedroom bluetooth speakers or google home. Super comfy, battery that lasts all night and very simple design. The only frustrating thing is charging it is a little fiddly because you have to take it out the band. But they’ve addressed that in a new product with contactless/induction charging. I’m into audio gear, having a high performance home theater/stereo setup and various headphones/earphones. These are fantastic because they’re open back – so they don’t isolate you from your environment and there’s no occlusion effect. That means you can wear them while listening to your environment. So i’ve ended up using them in the house too when i don’t want any noise cancelling. The audio quality is surprisingly good also. With headphones the base depends on how close it is to your ear. With how they fit on mine i get good output to around 70hz.

I bought phones after trying hundreds of different techniques to stop my partner from snoring. For the last year we’ve tried everything and almost given up hope. The sleep phones can connect youtube and play relaxing music. Although you can still hear things going on , if you use soft foam ear plugs at the same time then you can hear the music clearly but block out the snoring enough to get some sleep. It is by far the best thing we have tried. It’s easy to use and very comfortable, the only downside is that it is quite fiddly and takes 5 to 10 minutes of prepping every evening and charging most days.

Ideal for the purpose i wanted them for, i found them comfortable to wear both while sleeping and during the day. They paired easily with my smart phone, however my bluetooth mp3 player (possible too cheap) was more difficult to pair, in the end i bought a cheap bluetooth receiver – transmitter which solved my problem.

I love these, i use them every night. I like the fact that they’re bluetooth and that despite listening to the sleep app all night- the battery lasts. The sound quality isn’t bose, but it’s quite good. The headband is stretchy but not quite wide enough to completely cover my eyes, and the speakers are flat, so they don’t stick into your head.

Work really well and are comfortable.

Took a night or so to get used to. Had a bit of ‘phantom headphone’ pain the next day but was only slight and still much more comfortable than in ear headphones. Would definitely recommend reading the full instructions rather than the quick guide so you know how to adjust the speakers for the best comfort. Only criticisms would be that they could do with an auto off feature. I’ve woke up a few times with the headphones still on but no music having played for 7 hours. Also it would be good to have some battery level indicator. They do seem to last at least 2 days but i usually charge thento make sure they are ready for the next night. With both of these features i expect battery life could be well over 7 days. For sleeping music, i recommend ludovico einaudi.

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1MORE Over-Ear Headphones Bass Driven : Good value for money but app is rubbish

Very good quality headphones ,best value for money , with really good highs and mids ,and an adjustable slider for bass and lows ,very comfortable and a very good shape .

An absolute steal at the reduced price. Lack the anc of say the bose qc35 but imo sound better. Only negative (and reason for 4 not 5 stars) is no aac support for bluetooth so they will probably not sound as good on an iphone as an android device.

Absolutely, astoundingly, brilliantly awesome product. I love these headphones and they’re definitely the best headphones of my collection. The sound is superb and crisp, i compared these headphones with a pair of £250 headphones my mate had and these were better by a clear country mile. Add to that the prompt delivery of the product and brilliant customer service from the seller’s and the low cost of such a magnificent product the best way i can describe my experience as is a dream.

Over the past few weeks i have tried out quite a few over-ear bluetooth headphones in a mad search for the ‘ultimate’ bluetooth headphone. I have tried the bose qc35’s, v-moda crossfade wireless, sennheiser pxc550’s (i wanted to also try the new sony mdr1000x models but they appear to be sold out with a two month waiting list – and i’m the impatient type. Having tried some of the best noise cancelling headphones i feel that perhaps that’s not the direction i really want to go in. My usual wired headphones consist of the following (all of which are used regularly):ultimate ears triple fi 10 – iem1more hybrid triple driver – iemsony xba h1 – iemapple earpodsaudio technica ath50x – full size over-earsplayback electronics include:samsung galaxy note 2 (an excellent audio player – especially with the inclusion of the neutron player). 5agptek h01 – micro sd based lossless player with a very powerful amplifier on-board. My music tastes are beginning to vary in my old age – rush, pink floyd, queen, bach, fleetwood mac, vivaldi, william orbit, hanz zimmer – you get the idea. Most of my music is well-encoded mp3’s (either 320k rips – some of the older stuff ripped using eac/lame (with some cool psycho-acoustical filtering applied) and some downloaded flac files. In other words, perhaps not the best in the world but certainly a significant step up from entry-level. My criteria in order of importance is:sound quality and volumeability to pair with two phonesreliable bluetooth connectionbattery lifefacility to use wired connectioncomforti can tolerate some discomfort as i am frequently having to remove my headphones when working but they’ve gotta sound good and loud. I normally like a sound signature that’s neutral (with perhaps just a hint of deep bass) normally. I don’t tend to mind a slight dip in treble as i’m quite sensitive to shrieking (that’s what happens when you’re married). Externals and extrasthe 1more 802’s are a smallish bluetooth headphone and i would have to say that for most people i think they should be thought of as ‘on the ear’ rather than ‘over the ear’. They’re very nicely constructed out of a kind of ‘artificial aluminium’ – i’m not sure exactly what that it but they feel like they could take a reasonable beating – this is certainly something worth having with bluetooth headphones. The earpads are pretty thin but do form a reasonably effective seal which helps with bass response.

I recently decided to buy a new pair of headphones as an upgrade to my panasonic rp htx7 headphones. I took a punt on these as i had heard good things and i’m glad i did. The material build quality is really great. The cable is nice and thick and the matte finish on the metal headphones looks really nice. The sound quality is rich and bassy but without being out of control. There is a fair bit of sound leakage which does not bother me but may annoy others. The inline mic and controls are well built. It is not quite as wide as my superb rha in ear headphones but it’s clear all the same. I listen to a wide range of music but these really shine on songs with high dynamic range.

I purchased these after reading many reviews on lots. They were to be a present for my partner, she seriously loves these. Music sounds amazing, the bluetooth connection could not be easier. They have proved themselves to be very comfortable worn over a long period. Very easy to connected to the mobile phone to make and receive call. All together a well put together set of headphones.

These 1more wireless over-ear bluetooth headphones are excellent value for the sound and the money. Felt tight on the ears for the first week but are now more comfortable. They are on-ears,though i prefer over ears,but are now ok. The bluetooth connection is almost instant,within seconds,and the range is excellent. The sound is also very good. The bass can be adjusted by a three way slider switch on the left earcup, first position is a pretty neutral sound,middle position increases it,its better,but the last position is much prefered by me. The bass is not overwhelming but much improved and seems to greatly improve everything else that is playing. These headphones also have a preset volume limiter to protect your hearing over an extended listening period in that they will gradually decrease the volume. This is very subtle and a very good idea to my mind. At the price they are on offer and the sound they produce, it`s almost silly not to have a pair.

Great sounding but cannot wear them for long sessions.

Great sound reproduction, though at times they can get a bit claustrophobic due to their closed back. Not as clear as they could be, but with this price tag you can’t complain.

Fantastic headphones, easy bluetooth connection to my iphone x, beautiful sound output in terms of bass and treble.

I am not an expert for sound qualities. Bought these as a replacement for a 4 year old klipsch s4i in-ear headphones. The sound is fantastic and the bass is good at all levels on music and speech is clear when listening to podcasts. The fit across the head is comfortable. Will now be buying the in-ear versions from the sma ecompany.

They are comfortable to wear although i’d prefer if i could shorten them slightly but they already at the shortest. I like to listen to my music loud. . These are not loud enough and it annoys me that the volume protector will reduce the loudness after a period of time. I’m not impressed with the battery life either and they are not the cheapest. . I have decided to purchase a different pair now.

Fits well on the ear rather than over the ear. Very comfortable to wear (i used them for a 6. 5 hour stint without any discomfort at all). They felt much more secure than the ones i am replacing and did not slip at all. Easily paired via bluetooth and no lag when watching tv via appletv. The base has 3 levels of depth but the lowest (or most powerful base) is not as powerful as perhaps i would like but still very passable. There is volume protection so the longer they are worn the more the sound will fade slightly. Actually a nice feature particularly when watching films (which is why i purchased these earphones). The only negative is the usb charging cable – it is about 14 inches (33cm) long. Ok if charging via a laptop perhaps but too short when using a mains adaptor or the type of wall sockets that have a usb port.

The headphones are very good value for money and the sound is very good. I listen audiobooks and all varieties of music thy suit me fine the fit is comfortable also. I have downloaded the app onto my iphone but the app will not recognise and scan the qr code so u cannot use the facility provided in the app. You can use the burning in facility but not personalisebyour settings. Luckily this was necessity to me but someone who want want or need the facility it would be disappointing for them if they have the same issue.

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NUBWO S1 Bluetooth Wireless Over-ear Stereo Headphones Wireless/Wired Headsets, Excellent 5/5*

Only been using these for a few days now but it is going great. Really easy to connect to my phone, it has great sound quality and does a good job blocking out external noise (not so great on your commute and you miss hearing announcement for your stop)only slight complaint is the volume/skip track buttons. It seems slightly backwards how they work, where you have to hold down the volume button to make it go up or down one, and then have to do it again if you want to change the volume (otherwise just get your phone out) instead of simply pushing the button until reach the volume you want.

Although they almay not be too if the range, they do the job and are worth the price.

Epic bit of kit, i use these for 3-4 hours a day and only have to charge them once a month.

Key specs for Nubwo S1 Bluetooth Wireless Over-ear Stereo Headphones Wireless/Wired Headsets with Microphone for Music Streaming For iPhone 6s 6 5s 4s, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Smart Phones Bluetooth Devices (Black):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • POWERFUL FONCTION – Bluetooth CSR4.1 INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM CHIP- bluetooth 4.1 version assure stabile,intelligent,and rapid connection; long effective distance can reach 7 meters to 10 meters
  • SUPER-LONG OPERATING TIME- 350mAH premium anti-explosion lithium battery gurantees continuous conversation or music-playing time up to 16h and super-long stand-by time up to 500h,whose charging time is only 3.5h; Auto power-off fuction can reduce power waste
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Adjustable padded headband ensures perfect fit with different size(±15 degree movable range ). Foldable and stretchable design help to wear comfortable
  • CVC6.0 PASSIVELY NOISE CANCELLATION TECHNOLOGY- Auto passively noise cancellation technology makes sure listening and calling without noise; in-line control model makes conversation and listening more easier
  • GREAT COMPATIBILITY- compatibile with most smartphones,tablets,laptops,smarttvs,like iphone6,iPad,xiaomi mobilephone,etc

Comments from buyers

Just Buy Them!


Great Value and Great Sound


Nice sound. They look big but they look very

Comfortable and wonderful sound.

They are goodhave to charge it regularly.

Good price, not bad sound and arrived quickly.

Excellent speedy delivery and cool earphones and speaker for phone so brilliant and so easy to use would defo recommend.

Very happy with the product amazing sounding headphones and very well built would highly recommend.

Very good headset real value for money.

Not completely noise cancelling but extremely comfy and so easy to use.

Highly recommend, as my first over ear bluetooth headphones my opinion may not be the most valuable. However, if you’re uncertain about the headphones. The sound is perfect for the price, it’s comfortable around the ears (which is extremely important for someone who wears glasses) so i could wear them for hours. And it’s been 3 days and i haven’t had to charge it once (using it for about 3 hours each day). Finally, the delivery is accurate to the detail. It came at a perfect time in the evening which only cements my passion for these headphones.

Came b4 if was suppose to looks exactly like the item i ordered packaged well i bought these for the gym i wanted cordless headphones that were loud enough to droun out the loud gym music their pritty loud cant hear a thing at gym other than my music also battery life very good they haven’t drained on me yet very happy with purchase i would recommend other ppl to bye these excellent for price happy customer 😊.

They look big but they look very nice. The padded bits keep my ears warm. They are very pretty and last long.

Great sound quality, noise reduction,and connectivity. Now 3 months in and head band splitting at speaker joint on head band.

Can’t adjust volume with skype for some reason. Very comfortable and stylish though.

It’s worth the money, give it a try.

If you’re looking for some great sound cancelling headphones without spending loads of money these are the best. The bluetooth is so easy to connect to and the battery power is great. Had them 3 days already and haven’t had to charge them once yet. Plan to buy my brother a pair come christmas.

Brilliant headphones for the price,set up in minutes.

Hii just get this item few days ago, so far it’s good very comfortable. The sound is clear on bluetooth and very easy to set up. The only thing i can complain about this product is, if i use wire instead of bluetooth on my iphone or my desktop the sound break. I think it has something to do with wire. But to be honest the nubwo s1 it’s fantastic i will recommend it.

Sound and material is low quality.

These seemed to be a great set of headphones, they appeared to be sturdy and my son was very pleased with them. Unfortunately, they broke after a few weeks. They were returned to amazon, who refunded me fully, very quickly.

Easy to set up and the sound is good.

They work perfectly, was delivered with everything (in terms of charger and wire for headphones), very simple to connect and battery actually lasts long. With complete use, it would last (for me) 9. 5 hours before i need to charge it again but that is still very long. I have even used in heavy rain and works fine. Overall, it’s a great headset for its price. Microphone is sufficient and looks stylish. Ears are slightly big but stays on your head.

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CREATIVE Sound Blaster Evo Dual Mode Gaming Headset – Great headphones

I only really have 1 other experience with over the head headphones to compare these with as i have tended to always have in ear headphones. They are very big and do cover your whole ear, but personally after an hour i find them deeply uncomfortable. The sound is quite good, not the best i have ever heard and there is no noise cancelling function either which to be honest i found a little stupid. I used these to skype my family in dubai and they could hardly hear me, i found they could hear me better with the microphone in my laptop. Although quite light, i also found them to be surprisingly heavy on my ears. I like the black and red colour and think they look quite funky but would prefer them in other colours. I dont understand why the microphone is in the earcup, it seems a bit stupid, would of made more sense if it had been a small port on the wire. The biggest problem i had and always have with these is keeping them on my head. I have a smallish head and no matter how hard i try and angle them to keep them on, whenever i bend my head slightly forward they just slip off. They are good, but i personally dont think they are great.

For the money you pay this is bang on buck.

Firstly, these have great sound, as you would expect for their rrp. They are in the same quality bracket as sennheiser which is definitely a first for creative headphones. The bass is very impressive, and doesn’t dominate vocals, even faint whispers are clear. The bluetooth doesn’t sound quite as good, i am presuming this is a bitrate limitation, but it works fine and is easy to set up. The only real problem that stops these being perfect is the basic fit. The cans fall into a size that isn’t quite big enough, or small enough. They sit awkwardly on my head and don’t feel secure. There is also the problem of pressure; to make them feel more solid i make the fit tighter, which just gets sore after a while. Plus, they make my ears moist, which is never a good thing. Fit is obviously a personal thing, so i recommend you measure the internal size of these next to a comfortable set you already own. Here are the specifications for the CREATIVE Sound Blaster Evo Dual Mode Gaming Headset:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Works with PS4 via bundled analogue cable
  • Massively powerful audio from Sound Blaster EVO’s 40 mm FullSpectrum audio drivers
  • The headset can be folded to about 70% of its original size
  • Dual mic array removes background noise
  • Connect via USB or 3.5 mm
  • Personalise your audio via PC or Mac

For any audiophile, creative isn’t usually the first choice when looking for high quality headphones so i was very curious to find out how the sound blaster evo headphones measured up. The headphones aren’t the most stylish i’ve seen, having quite a plain, functional appearance. But from an audio point of view the design is very good, the ear cups easily cover the ears, giving a full immersive sound. The headphones also carry a good punch, i was able to turn the volume up very high when listening to music and only got slight distortion when the volume was turned insanely high, way beyond practical listening volume. Overall the sound quality reproduced bass sounds very well thanks to the large cup size, and sound quality generally was very clean and crisp. The creative sound blaster evo headphones may not be the most fashionable headphones you can buy but they’re very well constructed and have an impressive sound range.

The first thing you’ll notice about these headphones is the bright red colouring and chunky design. When you take them out of the box you’ll also notice the weight of them – these are pretty sturdy headphones and feel heavy compared to some of the lightweight ones that i’m used to, or even ear buds. Having said that, they don’t feel uncomfortably heavy – just a little bit weighty, and although they’re not going to be much use if you want to use them when jogging etc, they are fine for the rest of the time. The red coloured theme continues with the supplied leads – both the usb and 3. 5mm jack leads are red too, and when the headphones are turned on they actually have rings of red light around the cans which looks quite cool in a darkened room. Anyone who prefers to be more subtle can choose to switch these lights off by using the corresponding software (more of that further on) but on the whole these headphones do look good. The sound blaster evo wireless headphones aren’t all looks and no substance though – they’re impressively powerful in sound too, with a rich bass and plenty of oomph. They are slightly too heavy with the bass if anything, but i found that a slight tweak of the settings to boost treble notes gave good results and a great listening experience with most music. Unfortunately some music does sound a little ‘muddy’ (as though it’s being listened to through a wall of cotton wool) which is a shame as at other times the clarity and depth is impressive. This effect tends to be more noticeable with older music (pre-1970) and most of the modern music i’ve listened to sounded excellent.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • S’nice


  • Got it when it was 82

Here are a quick list of the pros and cons i found with these headphones, followed by a quick summary. Pro- sounds quality is very good, particularly when wired. Bluetooth though is also surprisingly good as not every set of wireless headphones i’ve tried have been very good. These are the best i have tried. Overall these headphones handle all types of music well. I tested out ‘beethoven late string quartets’ by the tokyo string quartet, ‘wise up ghost, by elvis costello and the roots and ‘electric ladyland’ by the jimi hendrix experience. All picked up well, the detail in the classical music was well balanced in particular. Bass is clear and punchy, treble is nice and crisp without being hissy and the mids are warm and lovely. Probably the best quality sound i have had out of my pc for gaming- noise isolation is good.

Pros: build quality, multi-functional design, pc & mobile compatiblity, pricecons: static noise whilst recording, overall v-shaped sound signature, sub-bassbuild quality: 8. 5/10comfort: 8/10overall sound quality for a headset: 7/10isolation: 7/10microphone quality: 8. 5/10 (at £55 price tag)overall rating: 8/10review date: april 2016review price: £55first of all i would like to thank esl gaming for sending me their headset for review. Esl are massive event organisers and after having reviewed quite a few headsets i was offered to review the evo wireless, which is made by creative – a brand i’m familiar with. The headset can be found directly on creative’s website for £90 (where you’ll also find its full specs) and can also be bought on amazonuk for around £55 and on amazonusa for around $95. As i’m a uk based reviewer, my review will be based on uk prices. Packaging and contentsin the evo wireless’ packaging you’ll find the headphones, a carrying pouch, a thick microusb to usb cable, a 3. 5mm gold-plated interconnect and a set of manuals/warranty information booklets. I really like what creative have included within the package as all the included accessories really complement the intended purpose of the evo wireless – a portable headset which can also be used at home with a pc, mac or ps4.

For a fortnight i’ve used these and the bigger-brother evo wireless model, but out of the two, i want this one. All i want out of a set of cans is some good quality sound for not overly expensive cost, and anything extra comes as a bonus. Go take a look at the wireless version if you like, but for my needs – this is the better model. (i don’t’ need wireless bluetooth connections) the quality is the same, and sound options (if you want them) are the same on your computer, and you don’t have to charge them upyou can customize the sound you play through your computer (imac for me), but you must download the driver from the website (no cd with this i’m afraid)when using the software you can customize the equalizer and extra effects for various sound types/sources. These come under music, film and game (all self-explanatory). Within these options you have preset equalizers that you can choose on the fly. You can also set-up your own variations and save them. Aside from the equalizer options, you can choose to use bass boost and virtual dolby 7. 1 surround, and adjust central listening positions, and so forth. But after dabbling with these while listening to music, i set everything to the plain old ‘flat’ setting, turned off the surround sound (this made things sound hollow and vacant) and stuck with the itunes equalizer that i’ve already got set-up. If, like me, you’ve already customized itunes, you may well want to do the same. However, the bass boost was quite nice for my drum’n’bass tracks, so i’ll use that from time to time. Please note, with this evo model, you only get these options on you computer – it doesn’t translate over to your phone. Once the sound was put back to basics, things sounded so much better (in my opinion).

Great sound, great looks, great. (average mic) the red with the black looks classy. Well, classy for a headset anyway.

This is the baby of the evo headphone range. It doesn’t have bluetooth or nfc, or active noise-cancelling in the speakers. It is a decent set of speakers, though, which serves two distinct functions: it acts as a smartphone headset (yes, there is a microphone hidden away in the right earcup) and as a pc gaming headset. For these two different functions, two different cables are supplied: a thin 4-pole 3. 5mm very flexible cable for use with a smartphone, and a rather thicker and less flexible usb cable for connection to a computer. Both cables are bright red, and both connect ot the right earcup, which also houses the microphone and the ‘multi-function button’, which i initially thought was justa badly-fitted cover. This multi-function button can be used to answer calls or pause/resume music, which is actually quite useful – despite the rattling noise it makes if you brush against it. The usb cable also transmits noise to the earcups. As i say, the microphone is embedded in the right earcup: there’s no microphone boom, so the microphone is not ideally placed. My voice sounds a little bassy and a little quiet.

This was a presenthi bumps thank you so much for the headphones they are so cool love lexi.

These headphones are an unusual concept as they feature a usb input. This allows one to listen from a computer and apply effects to the audio using software. It also activates a dedicated volume control knob on the headphones themselves. The major limitation of the usb feature is that the volume is limited. I know many people probably listen at dangerously high volumes but i still think the built-in amp should go a bit louder. With analog input the volume is more than adequate and of course caution must be taken to avoid hearing damage. The high end is fine but mids a bit over-pronounced; piano can sound a tad harsh. Bass is full, nicely enveloping and one can feel the cups vibrate when the bass pumps which is an odd sensation. I prefer muddy rather than punchy bass but i found the overall bass performance a bit floppy, even for me. Better than puchy bass, though.

Ok, so i’m no expert, but i do like my music. I’ve been using skullcandy head and ear phones recently which in my opinion have been hard to beat. I would put these creative sound blaster head phones on a par with them. In fact one of the main plus points for me regarding the creative sound blaster ones is that they are sooo light and comfortable which is unusual for headphones of this size and quality. I didn’t feel like they were weighing me down and the cushioned head band was very comfortable. I can wear them for a reasonable length of time and can walk around in them and they stay put. Don’t know if you could jog with them though. They came in well presented packaging which contained the headphones, case and cables along with ‘instructions. ‘ the ‘instructions’ were my only gripe, as they were practically non-existent. However, this is not unusual with electronics now.

I have a fantastic pair of philips in-ear phones philips she9000/10 in-ear headphones – black which i love that much i tend to use for everything. There is a (possibly nonsense) adage though that you shouldn’t repeatedly unplug ear phones; damages the connections in the devices and phones apparently – anyway, this in mind i felt wireless might be a good solution when offered the chance to try these out. Yes – to some degree – its pretty cool being able to switch ‘seamlessly’ from pc to smart phone etc. But the negatives, which i’ll get into, were enough that these have basically ended up connected by usb to my pc all the time and used for short periods only. Positives first; they’re lighter than i anticipated; the styling is very nice, and they are extremely high quality. They’re plug & play simple (relatively) and have all controls on one ear cup which becomes fairly easy to use when you’re used to knowing where the buttons are. And they fold small for transport. Oh and the cable connecting them is huuuuge, so you’re not hunched over while listening – and its compatible with my samsung galaxy s3 so comes in very handyalso one charge lasts about 8 hours, which is plenty for any time ive used them. The sound though has to be the star when it comes to earphones – and i have to say yeah its very good; rich, deep and ‘echoey’ in such a way as to replicate a very good effect of 3d sound. They handle a range of music genres fairly well (though certainly the sound doesn’t blow away my philips ones which, incidentally, are a tenth of the price) you can however manipulate the eq if you wish(using the software you download for it) if you find they don’t work perfectly on default for your music choice.

It works perfect and flawless. It is compatible with ps4 meaning your microphone will work and it will still sound pretty good. However on the pc with drives it sounds like how sound was meant to be. It’s sooo good it’s almost scary. Luckily i got it when it was still £82. I would still recommend this it’s worth every penny and it’s also very comfortable.

After a long time they hurt your ears.

Overall i’m quite happy with this product although there are also some misses that means that i might consider other products in the same price range, but first for the positives:- the sound is really clear and enjoyable – the louder, the better- the wireless works really well (once i found out how to use it. The instructions that come with the product are very basic and pretty much only covers the function of the buttons etc. On the headphones, but not how to e. Pair using bluetooth – or even information that you need to install a software on your mobile phone to use the bluetooth function. It might be obvious to other users, but as this is the first time i’ve used bluetooth, it wasn’t immediately clear to me and i didn’t find any really useful information about it on the company’s website either, so there was some trial and error for me at first). But once it is installed, it is great not to constantly get the cables stuck on the bag or bus doors or whatever else i pass on my way to work- it folds to take up less space than a normal headset and it comes with a bag to protect the product which i thought was a nice touch- the battery life is really good and it is charged via usb, so you can continue listening to music while you charge it. There are, however, also some negatives and the most important one for me is the fit which really isn’t very good. It sits awkwardly on the ears – not quite covering them like my old sennheiser headphones (which i love) nor are they small enough to really warrant this downsizing from a standard headphone fit. They are quite hard on the ears and very ‘wobbly’ meaning if you jump or run, they are likely to fall off or at the very least end up half way down your face which is frustrating.

I tend not to buy headphones that cost more than £30. I have always thought that headphones are headphones, and to pay more than £30 for a set would be such a waste. This thinking is now being challenged by my first ‘expensive’ headphones: the creative sound blater evo usb. It has the rrp of £99 but it doesn’t take long to figure out why. Everything about these headphones screams of quality: from the sleek black and red colour combination to the ability to fold the whole thing to about 70% of its original size, and from the built quality to the comfortable fit that you feel when you put them on. It is not just the quality that separates the sound blaster evo from my cheaper headphones. The soundblaster evo can be connected to your audio device (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. The first way is via the traditional 3. 5 mm 4-pole audio cable and via a micro usb-to-usb cable (both brilliantly red and both provided).

The first thing that hits you when you open the box is that these are very well built and stylish headphones. The next thing is, where are the leads?. The answer is, they’re in the box, and this is because the headphones can be connected to either a pc through a micro usb connection or to other devices by a four-pole 3,5mm jack. The leads are equally high quality and are coloured red to match the headphones. Storage is always a pain, but these evo headphones can be folded to about 70% of their in use size and, as cables are always a problem, having them separate is a great help. For such a quality product, i was disappointed with the multi-lingual quick start guide, which was basically a glossy pointer to the creative website. However, after a visit to the site to download the complete user guide and evo control panel software, i was ready to try them out. Be sure to connect the headphones before loading the software or the drivers won’t be loaded. I also found it useful to read through the user guide before starting. So, they look good, but how do they perform?.

Very nice, comfortable headphones. Decent sound quality and bluetooth connectivity works well. What is very handy is they come with a wire to use if and when they are out of charge. Well worth the £45 i paid for them.

So, whip these out the box and charge them up via usb to imac. Used the usb-mains adaptor from my iphone and it went much quicker. After charging, used the wired usb connection to connect with the imac. Connects fine, but needed to install the driver (which i took from the website – you don’t get a cd with this). Then fired up itunes, turned on the cans and started listening to some random albums (various forms of dance/club music). Thought things were sounded a little false and vacant. 1 and bass boost are all on by default – instant annoyanceso, go into the software and realize that you can customize the equalizer and extra effects cans for various sound types/sources. These come under music, film and game (all self-explanatory). Within these options you have preset equalizers that you can choose on the fly. You can also set-up your own variations and save them. Aside from the equalizer options, you can choose to use bass boost and virtual dolby 7.

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SKULLCANDY GI Headphones – Rasta, Five Stars

I would recommend these headphones to anybody and everybody. The sound quality is amazing for its price, the size of the headphones are slightly on the big side but are no means too heavy or uncomfortable. A bonus is that the ear cups can be rotated making the headphones into mini speakers and the base is quite deep. Have to give credit to amazon for such a fast delivery.

It’s great, super quick delivery and well packaged, plus the headphones themselves are superb and excellent quality.

Bought for 12 year old daughter-she loves them. Wouldn’t mind a pair myself.

Key specs for Skullcandy GI Headphones – Rasta (discontinued by manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 40mm Speaker Diameter
  • DJ Articulation
  • Over Ear Studio Design
  • 1.5m Cable Length
  • 3.5mm gold plated plug

Comments from buyers

Rasta man’s best friend.2014


Bring back the Hesh !


Joy bringer to music!

These have gone dirty very quickly and the plasticy feel is pretty awfull. The plastic outer on the cans has become sort of sticky. The sheethed cable feels nice but isnt practical as it keeps its shape and doesnt hang nicely.

Brilliant, bought these for my son and he loves them the sounds is brilliant and the headphones are comfortable, great value for money.

Great color way, thick, solid set of headphones. Sound quality is good and this product does not leak sound like many other cheaper headphones. In fact it has great noise cancellation and gives you a full and punchy sound. It also has an excellent volume range. It definitely feels comfortable on the ears and the overall appearance will get compliments. Great present for music fans or even just as a treat to yourself. I have had mine for 2 years now and the product has lasted very well, still no signs of wear and tear. Finally djs will also appreciate this headset due to the rotating ear muffs. Definitely one of skullcandy’s better products.

Great sound, comfy headphones, smart design.

I have owned a pair of this kind for 2 years. I have never been disappointed with them. They provide a very realistic noise rather than a deep bass which is more preferable to me for my eclectic taste. I also use them to create beats and music now and it is very useful. The noise cancelling is awesome however the noise leaks quite bad to other people.

Got these about a week ago, and i havent regretted it since. I had a £10 gift card and got them at hmv for £30 (rrp £39. 99), so slightly cheaper than on here. They are really comfortable, satisfying my desire to wear them on long coach journeys. They look fantastic, either on your head or round your neck. The striking and funky design makes them almost a fashion item in themselves. I’m saving up for a pair of dr. Dre’s, but wanted a pair of overhead headphones for the meantime, and these fit the bill perfectly. Sound quality is perhaps not quite as clear or crisp as sennheisers or beats by dre but they cost significantly more, and it is only marginal. Overall, a great set of headphones.

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Sennheiser RS110 RF Wireless Headphone : Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Perfect starter wireless set, thank you.

Why do people bad mouth these headphones they are great and mine have lasted foryears of day to day use on full blast i believe they are amazing and i would buy again and again but i dont need too because after 3 years they havent broken =).

Sennheiser RS110 RF Wireless Headphone

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Open, stereo, supra-aural, wireless RF headphone system

Not so comfortable on the head though. Not bad enough to stop me buying another if needed. The sennheiser hdr 120 rf replacement headset is far more comfortable although they look similar.

Excellent sound quality, no audible hiss, work all over the house with no dropouts. Only thing to be aware of is they are very definitely an ‘open’ rather than ‘closed’ design. You can still hear external sounds and others can hear the music you’re listening to.

As wireless headphones go these have a good sound quality : the bass is fair and the top end quite clear. They sit on rather than over the ear in the manner of other ‘open’ designs, and the backs are certainly not acoustically closed. However they are light for their size and the padding makes them comfortable to wear for long periods: you don’t find lumps of plastic digging in your ear after fifteen minutes. On the subject of rechargeable batteries i am much happier to spend my money on the headphones themselves rather than have yet another dedicated battery charger that doesn’t quite do the job, already having one general purpose charger and a number of aaa rechargeables which have served me for many years, unlike so many sealed rechargeable devices which head for the dump with alarming speed.

Sennheiser RS110 RF Wireless Headphone : Brought these for my wife who’s quite deaf and needs the tv volume turned up a lot more than the rest of the family (and neighbours) wanted. The sound quality of these is excellent so now she’s much happier and can hear everything clearer and as loud as she wants. We’re all happier too including the neighbours who we are now friendly with us again. While the sender unit is mains powered, two aa batteries are needed in the phones which are quite power thirsty – only to be expected with the volume my wife needs. So we’ve also invested in high-capacity (2500ma) rechargeable nimh batteries and a small plug-in charger which do the job well.

The system works well in conjunction with my dab radio. I can set up the radio and transmitter in the hall and move round the house getting jobs done. The headphones are slightly large for me and i have to move carefully so they don’t fall off. They are comfortable when you are sitting still which i guess is how most people use them.

I purchase my first pair of sennheiser rs 110 headphones at least one year ago. Liked these so much i ordered a second pair ,also recommended to friends. Plus sidecomfortable, excellent quality of sound and wireless range. Downsidepowered by two small triple x batteries. These run low quickly especially if you forget to switch off at the earpiece after leaving the pc whatever. I have a much cheaper pair which gives acceptable quality but these sit in a charger cradle when not in use. When listening to a track or any audio using the rs110re,- when the music ends, within a short period a very loud hissing sound emitted which can blow your ears offso- if you purchase you will be pleased with build and quality of sound. You will need to buy rechargable batteries too. Be prepared for the loud hiss as you will surely be caught out if you don’t hit the ‘off ‘sliding switch when the audio imput ends.

This is a straight forward product. The set up was easy i used this for my tv set and the sound is good and clear. It may not be good enough for serious music listening but for everyday normal television is perfect because if you just sit there and not moving about its comfortable on you head for hours. Its not one for dancing around with it as it can fall off easily. The battery life is good provide you remember to switch it off after use as its no auto switch off itself.

Bought these for my partner, who is slightly hard of hearing for use with the tv. When they arrived, they took less than 5 minutes to set up (you just just plug into the mains, connect to your audio source, switch on and tune to frequency). They come with an adapter for use with larger output connections and the sound quality is outstanding. If you use the volume control at too high a volume you will get a noticable ‘hiss’ and/or distortion but most tv’s these days come with independant volume controls so that you can listen at your normal level while t’other person uses their ‘headphone’ level. A great buy even tho’ there isn’t an option to recharge the batteries within the unit itself.

Have had no trouble with them at all, and i am still using them.

The sound is adequate but not great. However what bugs me is that they don’t grip my head very tight – i’m not a small person, average size – when i move around they slip off my head. There is no way to tighten them either. I know if they were tighter the sound would also be better as they are closer to my ears. I wouldn’t recommend to a friend.

I got these headphones for use when i’m working in the office on the computer (which is quite a lot of the time) as i have broken a fair few sets of wired headphones this year. Have to say that the quality and range (in an old, old building) is really good – i walked about 50ft away from the transmitter and quality was still good. Haven’t given it 5 though because as soon as the sound goes off a video or on itunes, there’s a slight whisling in the ears – only slight, but still there. Overall, happy with these and can see me upgrading in the future.

Overall this is a great product with good sound quality,great range and very little interferance. The volume and tuning controls are a bit close together but you soon get used to this. The only real problem are the flat ear pads which move around quite a bit. If you intend to use them when you only tilt your head forward at say reading angle they will be fine but anymore and i would look elsewere.

My new wireless headphones arrived in good time and good order. They worked with no adjustments and the sound is very good. The only gripes are that 1) they are quite large and slip around on my head. If my head tips forward even slightly, they fall off. 2) they operate on 2 aaa batteries which need renewing frequently.

Just one thing to say about thease headphones the batteries could last longer useing rechargeable duracell ones at the moment.

Much better than previous wireless headphones ive purchased. I had no problems with the signal once tuned in correctly and no back ground noise. I must say that they are a loose fit but i bought them for watching movies and the tv whilst sitting down. In that respect the loose fit makes wearing them for long periods of time very comfortable. I haven’t given them five stars because although the sound quality is good its not brilliant. Overall im very happy with my purchase.

I wanted good headphones – i got emi wanted cordless headphones – i got emi wanted headphones that allowed me to continue listening while i got a drink from the next room – you guessed itit’s good that you have several channels to choose frommy only quibbles are that they are so light that they fall off my head sometimes and it would have been useful for it to have included a charging facility. Otherwise a very good buy, very good sound and great range.

I decided that i wanted to tune out when she who must be obeyed was watching the soaps. I connected the headphone output from my brennan and now i can listen to my favourite music and not get my brain mushed by the continued inanity of emmerdale/ eastenders/ corrie et al. The unit is easy to set up and the cans are very comfortable to wear. Occasional ‘crunch’ in transmission probably caused by mobile phone interference but not enough to be a problem.

I am a bit hard of hearing, so i use them. When i need a break from my hearing aids.

Good product for people who are hard of hearing or hate living with their partner.

I use these constantly in the flat to spare the neighbours. Only catch is finding myself 100 yds down the road still listening, having forgotten to take them off on the way out.

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JBL Everest Elite 700 Wireless Over Ear Headphone – – Grate quality headphones for the price

Sound is nice but could be better regarding off priceshould be 5. It seems iam paying only for logo.

For £180, these jbl everest elite 700 are one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. The sound is very clear and powerful (you don’t even need to use half of it’s power because of the fantastic job done by the anc, cutting down the outside noise). It gives you the opportunity to tune the sound to your taste which makes it perfect for your music. The noise cancelling might not be the best out there, but it still does a very good job (and does not cost over £200). I use it every day on the underground and my commute to work is much more peaceful. There are only two less good things, one is the sound quality when the headphones are connected through the cable (you need to turn them on for better sound) and when the anc is turned off the sound is just not good. I use it always with anc on (which you can adjust), but some people might not like it. The second problem is with the fit, my head is a bit large, and this headphones are a bit tight. It gets better with time, but if you have a big head, do try them before you buy them. With all said, i think they are a great choice with a very competitive price.

Nice headphonesthey are good in all range very clear and if u need base you can set preference for it , the noise cancelling is ok to but not completely silence as bose qc35 and that is not bad się as no everyone wants cut off from surrounding world. And plus you can set level how much you wanna hear. Comfortable but not super comfortable. Bluetooth stable no problem with that. Mikrofon is ok you can talk , bose have that a bit better. I paid £179 and for this price is give 5 stars as quality sound and anc which i can set to my need. There is reviews that says this headphones are not loud enough, hmm my wife always saying that i am deaf and they are to loud for me so i don’t know how deaf is person who says they are not powerful.

Excellent pair of earphones, good quality, good fit in my ears, great for gym/running, this is my third pair i am checking from amazon, second from jbl, the battery lasts for 7,5 hours ( loud music / quiet music / calls ), fast and stable connection, the music stops playing for a second sometimes but nothing big to be a problem, they could have been little bit more louder but anyway after a while they getting too loud so no problem, happy with them and recommended.

It’s a little too hard for my ears, i don’t want to wear it after 30 minutes. Sound is very good with deep bass, jbl quality. It’s not the best to call, the quality is already weakening. The battery is strong for a few weeks, it can be used for a long time. But after a few months the battery time is drastically reduced.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent headphones!

  • excellent pair of earphones

  • It could be better

The headset were for my nephew. Excelent sound and so practic,wireless.

Beautiful design and goog quality sound.

Very good sound quality and construction. Fast delivery, just over 24 hours.

Coming from owning a pair of sennheiser hd595s. Clarity, detail, sound stage, frequency response, bass definition. Bluetooth pairs quickly, and excellent range/stability. No issue with battery life or bluetooth that others have reported. I suspect in most cases it is either due to some defect or (most likely) user error. Only downside is yes you can accidentally hit the shareme button, which is annoying, but not that big a deal. You can learn not to hit it, or you could wedge something thin in the button to make it harder to press if you really want.

Excellent pair of bluetooth headphones. Best fitting headphones i have found in years. There is a choice of three outer buds and three smaller buds to choose from. So mix and max and find your perfect match. The battery is stored in the volume controller, and weighs nothing. A lot of bluetooth headphones have the power source inside the hear piece. The cable is of a really good quaility and feels great. Even the cable to charge is of high quality. I am really impressed with these headphones and will definitely recommend these. The sound quality to me is the same as my wired bose and that’s a good testpackaging 10/10sound 10/10design 10/10extras 2/10i think is should come with a small pouch to carry them in.

The packaging was nice to unbox. The quality of sound for a bluetooth headset is high. The padding on the ears is good but can get annoying after being warn for more than 2/3 hours. It’s range is pretty far too i can have my phone on one side of my house and i’ll be listening to my music at the other end. Only downside is that it doesn’t include a case to keep them in which can be annoying. But overall very good considering the price.

I love the full bass sound and the battery life on them.

Best fitting earphones i have used, can survive a session in the gym without becoming dislodges as i have found with other products. Battery life is very good i am charging once a week for 1-2 hrs a day usage.

Exceeded my expectations coming from an audio technica m50x, in terms of sound quality. The clamping force is a little too high, can’t use these for a long time continuously. I use these for my gaming sessions, and it get’s uncomfortable and my ears get hot. Noise cancelling is very good, though not as good as bose. However, the sound quality and features outweigh that. Brilliant pair of headphones.

So i’ve had these for a little over 6 months now and to be 100% honest they’re ok. They stay in your ears great, never had one fall out by accident. The battery life is good (usually lasts me a couple of days) and micro usb charging is handy. They also turn themselves off after about 10 minutes if you aren’t using them which is a handy feature and probably why i get such good battery life. On the downside for the money the audio quality isn’t brilliant, if you crank them up to full there’s a lot of hiss in the background. Also the highs aren’t great and they’re not particularly base-y when i compare them to my wired sennheiser momentum m2s. All in all i would say the sound quality is ok. On the downright awful side, if you are the sort of person that takes a lot of calls in places with any background noise then i would look elsewhere. The mic on these is absolutely awful at dealing with any background noise at all from a light breeze to traffic they’re a complete no goall in all i think i was lucky in getting them half price. If i’d paid full ticket i think i would have been really annoyed. I hope you found this helpful.

Great sound and they are very comfortable. The usb cable however broke on me which was disappointing.

I would reccomend these to anyone who would like some well crafted and superb sounding headphones that sit comfortably on your head. Here’s my full review:go to youtube. Search for – ‘jbl everest 300 on-ear wireless headphones review, unbiased tech reviews’link here – youtube.

I’ve had these headphones for over a year, and here is my review:sound quality: very clear and thorough, i’ve had no problems with this quality at all. Treble: 5/5bass: it’s decent when you put the headphones on a louder volume, otherwise it’s very vague. Starts hurting after about 30 mins if you wear glasses. After wear, and i’ve had it for a year now, it gets squeaky as it’s made out of plastic. You can hear that when music is playing so it’s quite annoying. Not bad when you’re in the gym. It has rubber material on the top which is decently comfortable. Noise cancelling: it’s nothing like the bose qc35 headphones, but it’s hard to hear others on full volume. It has no noise canceling designs. Colour: blue is a pretty good colour, which is what i have, although i think black would look smarter, and white would become dirty quite quicklybattery life: lasts very long, and it doesn’t really take that long to charge. Cable: a bit annoying as the cable is 2. 5mm on one side, which goes into the headphone and 3. 5mm which goes into the jack.

I tested the jbl everest elite 700 wireless over ear headphones for quite some time, here is my review:if you buy headphones this expensive, you can expect quite a bit of them. Unfortunately the jbl did not meet my expectations in every aspect. I’ll start with what was bugging me the most, the comfort. Although if you touch them the headphones feel really good, excellent materials, very well built. I thought on my head they were a bit too tight. Could be because i have a very big head. After some time they got more and more uncomfortable and it felt quite warm on my ears. And not the good kind of warm. Now to what i liked:the app: good lord, there’s nothing you can’t have. At some point the guys at jbl stopped thinking if they should and only asked if they could.

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Sony MDR10RBT Wireless Headphones – Great sound and battery life

I’ve compared these to the more expensive beats and bose bluetooth headphones and i prefer these. The weight is good and the comfort when wearing is great. The battery lasts for ages and charges quickly. Weirdly the best thing is their folding feature, means they can fold flat against your body when around your neck and comes with a little carry bag and a aux cable for when they do run out (never happened to me yet).

Comfortable to wear, maintains its bluetooth connectivity, easy to connect, controls take a little getting used to but once sorted works ok. Reasonable response, not sure any better than my other ones which cost half the price.

As described and i find all the previous reviews helped alot i have been using these daily and only bad fault i find is when it’s hot it gets very sweaty on the leather. Here are the specifications for the Sony MDR10RBT Wireless Headphones:

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  • Wireless over-ear headphones developed in collaboration with The Script, with Bluetooth v3.0, NFC and a 17-hour battery life
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 5Hz-40kHz frequency range
  • High-Resolution Audio capable

Simply perfect, i had some fears that the wireless will sound dull or just bad, but no mattter how i use them (wired or not) the sound is great, very comfortable and very good looking.

I purchased these headphones, mainly for listening to music when traveling, they have resonable dimensions, that allow to carry them using the supplied pouch, and they are pretty comfortable to wear, have a decent sound quality, that probably will not impress the more demanding people, but also not deceive as well, when activated the aptx codec built in them. Probably the gap of not having a sound cancelling function, is not a big thing for me, since these headphones, seal well the ears, with its cosy cushions, and you really don’t miss it at all. I would say they are a good value for your money, and would be about 85% overall aprox, comparing them to the bose qc 25, that have more detail and clarity, and also with the jbl syncros e50bt, that i own, and have a deeper bass, and more sound power output.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Still strong after 6+ months

  • Super Sonys

  • Not audiophile sound, but nor is my phone

The music quality is awesome, but they are a little quiet for my taste and the bass is missing as well. Returned them after listening to them for 1 week. After that i bought the sony xb950bt with bass boost and i can say clearly that i love them. They also have the high quality sound and the bass is just perfect even without the bass boost (most of the times it’s actually a little bit overkill).

A gamechanger for me, these are excellent headphones. They’re comfortable, can be worn both ways round, connect easily to multiple devices (so far a sony phone, a samsung laptop, a cambridge dac and plenty else) and hold the connection for a pretty decent distance (around 5m – i’ve walked away from my phone by accident a few times). The battery life seems really good (can’t really compare as i’ve never owned others) and they charge quickly. They have yet to run out of charge during use even when i’ve had them on for 12+ hours. The few downsides are:if you wear them what is probably supposed to be backwards, the light can catch your eyes when it’s blinking. The sound isn’t perfect (but it’s great for the price and if you want the best possible sound you probably shouldn’t buy bluetooth headphones anyway). The play/pause/skip controls don’t work with every program – e. They work with itunes and the native sony player on my phone, but not with winamp or foobar2000. Sound leaks pretty considerably – not enough that you’d be rude on public transport, but enough to defeat the purpose if you want to listen to music loud in a quiet room (on the plus side, it means you can rest them on your neck as a quiet stereo system).

I use these on the train whilst commuting to listen to stuff on my ipad. They are fairly good at isolating you from ambient noise due to the padding. They fit my large bespectacled head comfortably for the 90 minute journey. I like them and find them far more convenient than wired headphones.

However, it fell short of 5 star due to its poor bass output.

Well after 2 years of use i finally can give a pure honest review about this headset. I been using this headphones almost non-stop, ride my bike everywhere with them listen to music at home, travel. But finally i seen them brake in the worst place ever. I feel really sony for this to happen since the sound quality is incredible but the build quality i sure was expecting a little more than just cheap plastic specially in this area. Now unfortunately i’ll have to move to maybe other brand or stronger headphones witch makes me very sad.

As she watches a lot of telly, one in use and one charged up. Also reduces wear on the battery.

If you do too, these are not for you. I have a couple of sony’s, and if you love bass, go for one of the xb (extra bass) series with the 50mm driver. The bass on those are ridiculous, but sacrifices the mid and high end. Now the actual review after 6 months+ of ownership. The headphones come with a usb cable, 3. 5mm jack cable to use the headphones in wired mode, and the carrying pouch. The carrying pouch is nice, good quality, but i wish it had a zipper on the closing flap to keep the cables from falling out. The sound from these headphones is very balanced. It has a decent low end, clear mids and highs.

These are my favourite headphone ever. They may not be the very best sound quality, but they are more than good enough for my ears even in bluetooth. Its the ease of bluetooth, and how comfortable they are that wins me over. The battery lasts for quite a few hours. They were not cheap, but they have a reassuringly feeling of quality to them. The part that always breaks first on headphones is the cable entering the earpiece, that should not be a problem here. If they are in your price range, and i can understand that they may not be, i hesitated a while before buying them, then i would certainly recommend them. I don’t regret spending more than i usually would on headphones.

Despite charging it for hours, it only connects for a couple hours (if that) before disconnecting. Everything else is great though.

Good quality sound and design, they are very light so you kinda forget you are wearing them. The battery is also very good, i use them every day and only had to charge them once a month. Only negative side is the size of the bag, is too small for the headphones.

Sound: great qualitybuild: great quality2 years on. Padding in headband gone, nearly scalped me.

These are my first over-ear earphones and they are perfect. Cheap and do the job, would highly recommend.

Thought it was due for an upgrade. The sound quality is top notch for just over a £100. Nfc and wireless features make it so so convenient. Only drawback is the premium pouch as it has no velcro or button to seal. I would advise u to buy it in the £100 budget.

Good sound quality, attractive design and excellent battery life. Tested with an lg g2 and an iphone 6, it works as expected without any issues.

After trying so many headphones that will be comfortable and not hurt my ears after long time listening music i found these. Very lightweight , soft on the ears, and sound is just amazing. I like the white color as well they look cool and clean. Bass is great and very loud and that is what i wanted. Don’t think about it, just buy them.

Very light and excellent sound quality.

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SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent On-Ear Wireless Headphones – : 10/10

Only issue is they feel a little tight. I think over time with use they will fit my head a bit better. Maybe i jus got a big head hahaaa.

Extreme comfort, good solid sound and also good looking with seamless bluetooth connectivity.

SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent On-Ear Wireless Headphones – Black

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  • The new SYNC by 50 On-ear wireless headphones have Version 4.0 Bluetooth technology with aptX
  • Professionally tuned 40 mm custom drivers, offer users the best sound quality when listening to any genre of music
  • Experience studio mastered sound wherever you go at a range that is up to 10 metres
  • The hybrid functionality of the SYNC by 50 On-Ear wireless headphones gives you wireless playtime for up to 17 hours
  • Stylish, high quality design with soft memory foam cushions

Its very cool and fancy i truly love it. Please i want to other another one on the same price tag also would be my pleasure to get a respond.

Sounds great and bluetooth works well and the battery life is good.

Bought as a gift and my partner loves them thank you. I have also had the item authenticated from sms audio and asked if they could add as a recommended seller :d.

SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent On-Ear Wireless Headphones – Black : These head phone are nice the sound quality is good they look nice the battery life is good they are durable they are a really comfortable pair of headphones i was expecting them to squeeze my head but they didn’t.

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