Visit the V-MODA Store V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – / – As a DJ these headphones just don’t cut it. Only good as a wireless headphone

At this price point you expect headphones that excel in all areas, and these deliver. They’re extremely comfortable, look great (although my wife says they make me look like a cyberman) and the sound is flawless. Bluetooth pairing was easy, and the convenient controls on the right earcup are convenient and easy to operate. Plugging in a cable, the electronics are disabled (ideal for flying) although to my ears the sound was a little weaker than with bluetooth. My previous headphones broke while travelling, so it’s reassuring that these come with a rigid, snug-fitting, carry case that will protect them well. The sound is the best i’ve heard; crystal clear – whatever track i picked. It sounded like being in the room with the band; i’m extremely impressed.

I’m a dj -the sloaneranger- and i had the v-moda crossfade lp’s which lasted for four years. Naturally i stuck with v-moda for my next purchase and bought these v-moda crossfade wireless headphones but i am not happy. Compared to my previous pair these headphones sound so dull. Initially i thought that it had something to do with burn-in so i used them for three weeks for at least an hour a day and the sound stayed dull. Weird thing is that when i connected the headphones to bluetooth then the sound was full and accurate. So as a wired headset they just don’t work for dj’ing but as a wireless headset they sound great. I’ve decided to keep them as i’ve never had a wireless headphone and can use them while travelling but i will now be buying the wired v-moda m100’s for dj’ing.

They broke in hinges after only 5 days. Sound is amazing,not so comfortable compared to aiwa arc1,they are tight on your head but not so comfortable when it comes to padding on ear cups compared to aiwa arc1. Here are the specifications for the Visit the V-MODA Store V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – /:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Crossfade’s award-winning signature sound both in wireless mode via Bluetooth technology and wired mode for pure analog and zero latency essential for gamers and DJs
  • Built-in hidden microphone specially tuned and optimized for phone calls and voice recognition. Ergosoft Foam Cushions
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous music, entertainment and calls, recharge it to 100% in 100 minutes thanks to the included elegant V-Micro USB cable; unlimited hours of music in analog wired mode
  • Dual-diaphragm 50mm driver is a refined version of the award-winning Crossfade M-100 that was crowdsourced by hundreds of audiophiles and won 17 editors’ choice awards, unrivaled speaker consistency, perfectly balanced air flow mechanics and materials
  • Luxurious material combination of steel and new vegan leather, meeting military-level standards of the MIL-STD-810G testing guidelines, memory foam cushions and headband provide comfort for extended listening sessions and natural noise isolation

I previously had a wired set and the sound from these is just as good with the added benefit of the freedom afforded by bluetooth connectivity. Starting with the look – they are fantastic, so good in fact that every cyberman has a set. Seriously though, they are a solid style statement and available in a range of colours. That’s good as well, although if you do a lot of flying you might want to go for something with active noise reduction. Comfort – this set is solid and therefore a bit heavy, although reassuringly so rather than uncomfortable. The cushioning is nice a cool on your ears. And on top of all this, you can use them as wired as well if you run out of power.

Battery life is good and sound amazing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • As a DJ these headphones just don’t cut it. Only good as a wireless headphone

  • Believe the hype.

  • Excellent sound but poor build quality.

The first thing i noticed about this was the packaging. First it came in a very snazzy box inside which was a funky kevlar case with the headphones in. The headphones came with all the required equipment to use them either wireless charged or connected. The controls are located on the ear piece but once you figure out the order then they are easy to use by touch. The first thing you notice is the weight of the phones they are very light for the size and the padding is very soft, the ears are covered fully and the band is springy so will suit most head types. Unlike some other brands even after prolonged use it still feels very light and doesn’t cause pain or aching on the ears or across the head. They are apparently still very soft and comfortable when lying down. So i was informed by another user of this pair. The sound is very good clear and crisp the bass and treble well defined. We tried these with all different types of music to give them a good work out and were impressed with sound quality.

Better than sennheiser pxc550. And equal with sennheiser momentum 2 wireless. And are a lot louder than the sennheiser momentum 2. But great passive noise cancelling. . They have no latency issues like the bose and the sony. The battery life is not as good as the others. Again beats the others apart from the sennheiser momentum 2.

V-moda crossfade excellence in a box. What ever music that you listen to, these headphones are a must, if you like base, treble mid range, these have everything and more,very easy to pair with my iphone and i pad.

I read and watched many reviews for this product before taking the plunge. Best set of headphones i’ve ever owned. Sound is provided by 50mm drivers they go ridiculously loud. The bass is there if wanted. They are extremely comfortable. The battery lasts a while too (12 or more hours on wireless). All in all check these out for yourself.

These beautifully modernist headphones are stunning in all senses of design from the sleek metallic casing, unobtrusive controls on the right phone to the truly amazing quality of music whether streamed over bluetooth or wired. The only quibble i had was that they wouldn’t play wired the first time i tried them, the jack required an extra wiggle than it appeared to in order to fully connect inside the socket in the headphone, so if you get them and they don’t play, wiggle the jack in a bit deeper than it ‘yields’ to and you’ll be good. But that’s hardly a dealbreaker for all the other amazingness you get from these headphones. Super easy to pair using bluetooth, i’ve paired to my macbook pro, iphone and ipad with no problems so no issue with apple products and it remembers already enabled devices saving time once you’ve paired once. The sound via bluetooth is amazing, i used these whilst redoing all the christmas playlists the hubby accidentally deleted from itunes and the depth of sound from the tracks was truly amazing even the oldies, for goodness sake i heard layers of music in perry como’s ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas’ that i never knew were even there before. It’s like 4k/uhd for your ears. Admittedly wired it has just that edge over streaming of depth and just a little gentler touch on the bass like other reviewers have noticed, but not enough for you to declare the bluetooth option rubbish and i must admit was incredibly freeing to be able to get up and move around without dragging a corded device with me. After trying sony, bose and sennheisers and been very happy with the sound for these, woah, these really are the rolls royce of headphones.

These white silver over-ear headphones are so stylish – what a beautiful design – a work of art. They look fantastic and wonderful quality to handle. They are available in other colours each delightful. They come in a very expensive looking handy zipped cover. The whole package is a dream to handle and put on and feels and looks so special and professional. Very light and comfortable on, with memory foam cushions isolating noise. It is like honing in and hearing music and voice in a different way. There is a built in microphone which is optimised for phone calls and voice recognition. Recharging to 100% in 100 minutes.

I have never had headphones that sound as clear and as crisp as these. I tried out the wireless setting first and it was very easy to set up. You have a button on the side which turns the bluetooth on and off. You hold it to the right for 3 seconds to pair it with whatever device you are using at the time. You can change song at the touch of a button, but to be honest it’s probably easier to change via your device. When you have the headphones on you don’t need to have them too loud to really appreciate it. It really does cut out all background noise as couldn’t hear a thing except the music. What i did notice is that when changing the volume via your phone it doesn’t work in tandem with the headphones. For example i turned the volume up loud on the headphones but when i changed the volume via my phone it dropped right down.

Very well made, stylish and the sound quality brilliant. The battery life is also very good.

No the best sound compares to bose.

Good headphones as either bluetooth or wired. They arrive in a plush stylishly designed box which though nice is a bit of overkill. The headphones are in a lovely tactile carrying case. Inside that are the cables for charging and connecting to an audio device. There’s a very small tiny-font manual explaining how to charge, orientate the cable and use the buttons during phone calls and bluetooth use. Charging was quick the led fades orange then goes a constant white when charged. Pairing with an iphone 5s is easy. They use buttons on the top of the right phone to play, pause or skip tracks and use with a smartphone. The sound quality is very good using korg’s iaudiogate app which offers an adjustable eq. These phones pick out the detail very well and have a spacious sound stage so that instruments are well placed.

Having mostly had relatively cheap sennheisers, plus a few headphones in the £60-100 range, i wasn’t expecting to hear much difference from these, just some nicer materials and construction. Not only are these the most comfortable headphones i’ve tried, not only do they have the right level of noise isolation, not only do they feel solid and sturdy and come with a decent protective case, but they sound significantly better than any previous headphones i’ve owned. The difference was not just the balance of bass, mid-range and treble, which sounded spot-on to me, but the quality of that sound – hearing the individual plucking of strings which i hadn’t made out listening with other headphones. I was very tempted to drop a star because the price is substantial compared to what i’m used to, but i’d guess these are rather closer to reference headphones and then the price isn’t unreasonable. Not only that, but you get the option of using them as a bluetooth headset. Here is probably the main stumbling block – they’re the best bluetooth headphones i’ve tried, easily, but if you’re wanting to listen to music and want £250 sound quality, bluetooth just seems to lose a little bit – a slightly harsher treble, less rich bass. The audio is then more comparable with headphones costing quite a bit less. A just a set of headphones, it’s hard to fault the construction, feel, sound or anything about these – they really are very good.

Although expensive, these headphones are amazing. I am no sound or headphone expert, but using these made the songs i was listening to (old rock and indie tracks) sound particularly inexpressive. The packaging is impressive too, and it just looks like a good quality product. If you are looking for headphones that deliver a great sound then i would recommend.

I suspect i am not the intended demographic for this product. I decided to review this in my quest for the optimal headphones: comfortable and sound tight (both directions)this is a well presented product with a mixture of features, wireless or wired, with a volume control feature on one ear piece. It comes with a number of accessories leading me to think it is more intended for gaming than serious audio listening. There is no doubt these are nicely made with a certain bling factor however the wearing them experience was not for me. They are well padded so there is no initial discomfort but as they clamp firmly to your ears forming a tight seal between your ears and the rest of the world it’s not possible to forget they are on. They’re not exactly light either. After a short time my ears were too hot to be comfortable. The sound seemed overblown for my sort of listening. On reading it back my review seems harsh and almost unfair. This is a visually stylish product with a full range of accessories and features.

These well constructed, well-designed v-moda crossfade wireless headphones offer great sound in both wireless and wired modes. They have a respectable battery life of 12 hours. The headphones come with a sturdy carrying case, and the metal shields on the outside of the earpieces can be swapped and customised. Being something of a perfectionist, i would improve one or two things. >battery life indicator would have been good >some leakage in quiet surroundings >a bit heavywhilst there are some ^ really minor gripes, these are still great cans and should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a high quality wireless bluetooth headphone – and a pair that would satisfy most audiophiles’ standards.

Futuristic looking headphones with being blue tooth even better, now when playing your music you can mute and take your call easily and the sound/tone crystal clear. These look good quality, the sound spot on for listening to music and also listening to audio books. Plus the twelve hour use time when wireless is a good amount of time i thought. They come in a box which i suppose for the full retail price makes it a little easier to swallow, expensive yes, but for sound quality these are the best ones i have ever tried out. Carry case for keeping them in which helps as would not want the dog to eat them at the price they are. Would compare them to being better than even bose ones. Just my thoughts, son would love them for gaming but think these with them being so easy to set up and use are staying put. With being a wireless option too even better less wires for tangling up for me. Comfy padded ear muffs and not too tight on head. Yes these are brilliant for using to watch a tv programme and get the super sound quality even when just watching on ipad and other people in room not wanting to watch as they say no sound seems to be heard even when music/sound played quite high.

I’ve been djing 29 years & making music 9 years & with that have used many earphones & in my studio,i have krk rokit 5s’ g3 truly amazing crystal clarity well that was until i got these v-moda crossfade wireless on. It made my rokits sound like pa speakers not industry standard studio monitors. The clarity was breath taking in the v-modas’ the bass was out of this world an amazing punch but completely clear full wide sound hearing every bit no thud but it wasn’t just the bass every tune i heard something different missed not only by my rokits but my on old sennheiser hd 215 too made me realise how much from each tune i could hear. Any good set of earphones should be as clear as studio monitors but these aren’t just as good they’re better not just a little bit significantly better, night & day & straight away had me thinking do v-moda make studio monitors ?.Unfortunately they don’t but if they did i would buy they without hesitation because these crossfade wireless are that good they are truly spectacular & i honestly won’t buy any other earphones from anyone else but v-moda. So v-moda if you’re reading this start making studio monitors as good as the crossfade wireless & you’ll corner the market honestly can’t believe how good the sound is on these earphones.

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Brand: AKG AKG K915 Entry Level Digital Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Over-Ear Headphones – Excellent headphones at bargain price

The power cord came in the european version so buying a conversion plug was neccessary.

If you buy it at the right price this headset meets your needs , in a scale out of 10 i will give an overall 6.

Excellent headphones at a very reasonable price. I have bought them as i was not satisfied with the cheaper ones i bought previously& the difference is tremendous. Also half open design is very comfortable while wireless link works very smoothly – i have been researchingthe net for a week before committing myself to this model & it paid off – just buy them via amazon from germany – much cheaper then from the uk retailers while delivery – as usual with amazon was spot on. Here are the specifications for the Brand: AKG AKG K915 Entry Level Digital Wireless Bluetooth Home Stereo Over-Ear Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Enjoy the complete freedom of living wirelessly at home
  • Volume and sound control on ear-cup
  • Designed and conceived for lengthy listening sessions
  • Soft, breathable cloth ear pads for long-lasting comfort
  • Award-winning studio-quality from AKG

Functional perfectly acceptable with decent sound quality, good range, reasonably light and comfortable. However (at least my pair) has a very annoying design fault in that the ear pads keep falling off. The attachment mechanism is either faulty or poorly designed as they come lose with the lightest of provocation. To make matters worse it is a pain to align the lugs to to reattach.

Really comfortable and easy to use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent headphones at bargain price

  • a beautiful warm, full sound

  • Five Stars

Had a pair of analogue panasonic, they hissed underneath music all the time and automatically shut off with a frightening noise, returned post haste. Well these are crystal clear, a beautiful warm, full sound. Easily pick out dialogue even on streamed film with not so clear soundtrack. Really excellent headphones. Comfortable, easy to set up.

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Visit the meidong Store meidong Bluetooth Headphones – Decent pair for gaming, or conference calls, came as a gift, they sound better than expected.

Perfection perfection perfection.

Decent pair for gaming, or conference calls, came as a gift, they sound better than expected.

Great set of headphones, i use them in the gym, at home etc. The bluetooth distance is great. Never had any problems with them. The sound quality and battery life is amazing. Here are the specifications for the Visit the meidong Store meidong Bluetooth Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • TRULY AUTHENTIC SOUND: Hear music that stays true to the original recording with High-Resolution Audio. E7B headphone include a powerful 1.57″ driver with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm for handling heavy beats, and can reproduce a full range of frequencies up to 40 kHz. Reducing distortion and allows you to enjoy all the subtleties in your music.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT. COMFORT AND PERFECT FIT: The Memory-protein ear cushion simulate human skin texture, ensuring lasting comfort. The stainless steel slider and softly padded headband allows you to find the perfect fit without constraint and provide excellent durability.
  • ALL DAY ENJOY: Enjoy up 30 Hours Playtime for Bluetooth/AUX Mode. Built-in 600mAh battery, enough time to pore through this entire playlist. And when it finally runs down, a quick 15-minute charge gives you another 2.5 hours. Note: when headphone is power off , the wired also can not to use.
  • HANDS-FREE CALL & BUILT-IN MIC, BOTH WIRELESS & WIRED: Bluetooth headphones provide a quick and stable connection with your Bluetooth enabled devices like cell phones, tablets, pc, TVs within 33 feet, with a high-quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls.
  • 18-month Quality Assurance,friendly customer service. We will try our best to provide you with quick response and friendly customer service, which will always serve for you and certainly satisfy you.

They are by far better than the cheap headphones out there headphones dont fold in which is a little annoying and it doesn’t even come with a case. Bit these can be picked up cheap on amazon. I’m happy with the sound quality and noise cancellation and very nice to hear and comfortable.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfection perfection perfection

  • Good qualty, great sound Doesn’t fold, no hard case,

  • Decent pair for gaming, or conference calls, came as a gift, they sound better than expected.

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Brand: LEOPHILE LEOPHILE EEL Sport Wireless Headphones – Great wireless headphones

Got these as a christmas gift and am really impressed with them. The sound quality is excellent they feel light and have a great battery life.

I also have a pair of leophile eels which i am a big fan of (one i sorted out some issues with low volume levels). Similar to one of the reviews before me i was really impressed with the customer service when i had a couple of issues to resolve (which turned out to be my pc). So when i needed another pair of headphones i was pretty comfortable buying from leophile. The product arrives in smart packaging and looks good. It comes with a small case which also holds the micro usb charging cable. You also get two sizes of silicone and memory foam sleeves. Normally i would go with the small silicone but for these it turns out the large memory foam helped them fit better and consequently with sound isolation. When i first started using them i was really impressed by the sound levels but i must admit that with more use i have to be careful with the volume levels as it can actually be a bit over powering. But it is also very nice that when in use i really don’t hear much of anything or anybody else on my commute and there does not appear to be any sound leakage. Battery life seems as advertised.

Really great product, long battery life and good range. I use these all the time at work, while walking outside and exercising and haven’t had any problems. Here are the specifications for the Brand: LEOPHILE LEOPHILE EEL Sport Wireless Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • IP67 WATER & SWEAT-PROOF – You can wear EEL for wakeboarding in the ocean or take other activities involving high velocity water.
  • BORN FOR SPORTS – Neckband with wire clip design, you can wear EEL for Parkour, Surfing, Rock Climbing. You could also do lift weights, do some intense cardio training that includes jumping and other high energy movements.
  • LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – Only 36g,hangs on your neck feel nothing .EEL could be bent in all shapes and easily fit into your pocket. Wear EEL for the whole day and enjoy the music anywhere ,anytime.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE -LEOPHILE EEL bluetooth headphones guarantees 10 hours Play time and 300 hours standby time with only 1.5 hours charging. Check the headset’s battery level on your iOS devices .
  • ADJUSTABILITY: The length of headphone wires could be adjusted by looping the wire through the opening in the neckband to avoid dangling.We provide friendly customer support :[email protected] .

Fair comment – i got these discounted in return for a fair review. In the box are the headphones, a micro usb to usb cable for charging and a hard shell small carrying case that will fit in a jacket pocket and protect them from getting crushed at the bottom of the bag. Inside that are 6 pairs of alternate ear tips so you should be able to find the ones that you like. I have had them a couple of days now and have used them both at work as a headset for long conference calls and also on the tube and in the gym. I was very impressed by the form factor and the comfort, usually i don’t like the ones that wrap around over your ear. Maybe thisis because i wear glasses or perhaps the shape of my ears, iam not sure. But these are very comfortable, and i didn’t feel the need to keep adjusting them at all. They are very lightweight and even when i wasn’t using them you barely notice them as they are very comfortable. Battery life seems very good, i haven’t measured it closely but it seems longer than 2 hours. I have them paired with a android phone running oreo, (oneplus 3t).

I bought these headphones for running. The sound quality is good when the earphones are fully in the ears, but i found they worked their way out a but when running. The volume controller also bounces around a bit, so it needs to be tucked into a shirt or something. Product is light weight and generally good for running. It’s also useful they are waterproof duo they can be washed after use. All round a good product for the price i paid.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Earphones

  • A good set of Bluetooth sports earphones

  • Good product for the price

I already have two sets of leophile earphones (eel’s for the gym & zero’s for commuting/leisure listenieng. ) when i read about the ipulse’s, i wasn’t quite sure as to how they would fit in to the range. Initiially, i thought that these were something of a halfway house between the eel’s and the zero’s. That is true to a certain extent in terms of sound quality, but that isn’t the entire story. These differ from previous leophile earphones, as they featuree a departure from the previous ‘neckband’ style (which i also love, incidentally. ) the ‘in-ear’ style earphones are well-held in position by clips that attach to the listener’s ears. It might be that it is this style of mounting on the listener’s ears is the reason that these earphones sem to have more bass than previous leophile earphones. The main reason i purchased this set as well as the other two pairs that i own,is that i love both of these sets of earphones, as well as the customer service from leophile. The real ace up the sleeve of this set of the impluse’s is that you can connect multiple bluetooth devices to the simultaneously, which is ideal for me as i have a sony walkman and a one plus 5, and because this works flawlessly, i use these in my daily commute to, and from work. They also feature a handy case to store the earphones in when not in use.

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Visit the Master & Dynamic Store Master & Dynamic MW50 : Slightly flawed

The simplicity of this product is evident right from the second you open the box. No leads or instruction books flying everywhere. All you see is the headphones perfectly molded to the case with a very elegant looking leather box containing two leads, a usb charger and a connection lead (should you wish to use the headphones without bluetooth). I got them working with my iphone via bluetooth in a matter of seconds. Connection is seamless and there are no issues (some headphones with bluetooth give an audible buzzing when connected which can be annoying. Material wise they are lightweight and it is very clear they are made from the highest quality components. The headband can be adjusted to the size of your head if needed. An equally as elegant looking pouch is included made of a really strong fabric with a magnetic close. There is even a smaller compartment to keep the leads separate.

From the moment these headphones arrived i have been incredibly impressed. The packaging is stylish and practical, the headphones presented ina large box, the on ear pads attached and the over ear alternatives in their own leather case. There was also a charging cable included and another to make the headphones usable with non bluetooth-enabled devices. The sound quality master & dynamic deliver is impeccable. Whether listening to an audiobook or podcast and hearing the slightest background noise or discovering new layers on some of my favourite songs and albums it’s like hearing everything for the first time.

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Bluetooth 2-in-1 Wireless Headphones with 40 mm Beryllium Driver for High Sound, Converts from On-Ear Headphones to Over-Ear Headphones, Silver/Brown

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Technically superior: These wireless headphones feature best-in-class signal range using bluetooth 4.1. A 40 mm beryllium driver and 16-hour battery life present sound and reliability
  • Rich sound: Tuned to complement a diverse range of musical genres, these bluetooth headphones offer sound signature that captures the detail found in well-recorded music
  • Premium design: These high-quality headphones are designed to fit on-ear or over-ear to match your preference, made with premium leather, stainless steel and aluminum, they offer a timeless look
  • Industry leader: Master & dynamic is known for designing sophisticated headphones that look as beautiful as they sound, with a ces innovation award and high praise, the mw50+ series is no exception
  • Warranty: We offer a limited 2-year warranty against defects, register your serial code to receive priority service, only headphones purchased from an authorised reseller are guaranteed coverage

To start with, just the box these come in has been crafted rather than just put together. There is clear craftsmanship in the design, the contents and the headphones themselves. I was very impressed before even getting them out of the box. The headphones have two sets of ear pieces – one to sit on-ear, and one to cover the ear for greater noise cancellation. These are held on securely by magnets – and are beautifully covered in really soft leather. The spare pair come in a tidy little leather-covered box of their own for safe keeping. The headpiece is also covered in padded leather, so is really comfortable to wear for extended periods. I often wear mine for hours on end in the office to aid with concentration, and certainly don’t suffer from it (unlike others i’ve had in the past). These also come with a cable for a wired audio link (not iphone lightning) – again, really good quality covered cable. Wireless – very easy to pair.

Very nicely put together headphones with great build quality. Hiwever i found that my head was simply too big for these to sit on my ears comfortably. Its a probem i sometimes have with headphones but with on ear phones it is always more noticable. The sound quality was really good with deep bass and crisp highs but because i could not extend the headband enough i felt like i couldnt get the earphones in the optimum position. Comort was also an issue and the clamping force was quite high. For sound quality and look yes, but for comfort and fit no.

I think there’s a distinct dollop of form over function here; beautiful product in lots of colour options but with a sound profile that is less audiophile than the physical engineering might have suggested. That said, if its a sound signature that you personally like then this is a perfectly good option. That sound has to be reviewed twice because it changes completely dependent on the set of ear pads you choose. Possibly that’s the problem here; trying to get a compromised between the two types?. You might think ear pads shouldn’t make much difference but in fact they are absolutely integral to sound; the on-ear pads are thinner and allow the drivers to rest very close to your ear canal, whereas the over ear cups lift the drivers away and introduce a resonant air chamber in between themselves and your ear canal. So lets look at the on-ear first. In this configuration, the sound is good especially for techno, dance and electronic music. It’s punchy and fun, with pace and musicality. Bass is great, a little muddy down very low but clear mids and a well controlled bright treble make up for that.

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Bluetooth 2-in-1 Wireless Headphones with 40 mm Beryllium Driver for High Sound, Converts from On-Ear Headphones to Over-Ear Headphones, Silver/Brown : Have been using these regularly for about two weeks now and am really enjoying them. Thoughts as follows:proslovely build and quality to all parts of the product – packaging, cables, earpieces, the main unit, etc. Really very good (as you’d hope/expect at this price point). I listen to lots of genre of music, mostly flac, as well as a lot of radio. Not going to give detailed ‘sound signature’ descriptions as this is very subjective, suffice to say i am very pleased (and have used high end sennheiser and audio technica headphones, among others, in the past). Bluetooth transmission working very well and better than on other products i’ve used. No issues with flac files playing on mob in my pocket with no drops in signal etc. Fantastic that you get 2x options out of the box – on-ear and over-ear. The sound signature is really quite different depending on which you use. Easy and intuitive controls that work well.

These headphones are beautifully made and packaged, so right from the off you know you are getting a premium product. From the box and inlay, through to the soft storage bag and the weight and build of the headphones themselves, this oozes quality. Either on or over-ear, the headphones feel substantial, and the ear pads are firm but comfortable, with plenty of room to adjust things. Sound-wise, you’ll hear lots of detail in your music that perhaps you’ll miss from other headphones. Sound separation and stereo imaging is good. The treble sounds crisp and punchy, the bass not too intrusive but certainly plummy enough to be heard underneath most tracks i tested out for review purposes. In the mid-range and when the music is particuarly involved and intricate, the sound occasionally gets a little muddy, but not all the time. Vocals are clear and easy to understand, even when there are multiple voices involved. The bottom line is – are they worth the £300+ price tag?.Before deciding, it is certainly worth comparing these headphones with some that are at least half the price, and then evaluating whether there is something like £150 difference.

These are my first master & dynamic headphones and so far i’m impressed. What i love the most about them is the interchangeable over ear and on ear attachments meaning that i can adapt my listening preferences depending on whether i want more isolation and privacy or if i want to be able to pick up on whats going on around me. So far the on ear i’ve used at work and when the kids are about and the over ear to blot out my wife’s evening viewing preferences, but this isolation comes from the type of ear pad rather than active noise cancellation,the sound is warm and immersive but at lower volumes can feel a little thin and lacking when using the on ear attachments however the clarity is very good. What also i like is unlike the blue satellite earphones there is little or no buzz output when no music/sound is playing. Bluetooth pairing is exceptionally easy, turn on, press and hold the power switch to paring for 2s or more and search on your device. Changing of the ear attachments is a simple case of gently pulling off the attachments which are held on by strong magnets and then placing the new ear pads onto the earphones using the locator tagsthe build quality is very very solid in feeling with high quality leather surrounding the headbandincluded in the box is also a soft carry pouch that magnetises closed at the top and includes a pocket in side to hold the usb-c charging cable + the 3. 5mm jack cable for wired listening. So far i’m in love with these headphones and looking forward to more listening with them.

Excellent product delivered very quickly.

These are a really great set of headphones, they scream quality at you from every angle, whether it be sound quality, build quality or design. They are comfortable, easy to use and look good doing it. If you are in the market for wireless headphones then these should definitely be on your shortlist and are at least worth your consideration. I go into a bit more detail, and highlight a few small issues below. There is one gripe i have with these headphones, the power button on the left ear-cup rattles as i walk around, this forces me to turn the volume up to cover the noise. In my opinion, for a pair of headphones at this price and quality, these details should not be missed. Thankfully this is easily fixable so i’m not going to hold it against them. It’s clear that these headphones are made from high quality materials, from the moment you pick up their reassuring weight and feel the sturdiness in their frame, to the moment you feel the soft leather, you will be reminded that these are a well-built bit of kit. They are quietly understated in their looks, keeping things clean, simple and elegant but also tight, there doesn’t seem to be any wasted space. The packaging and presentation are all great too, the included usb c cable and the 3.

Master & dynamic is a young audio company operating out of new york – who make pretty good headphones. These headphones, the mw50+, are the first product from them that i have come across. First off, great packaging and presentation, if that’s your thing. Inside the meticulous packaging, you will find a pair of headphones and accessories that have been manufactured with premium materials – forged steel and lambskin leather as well as braided cables. The headphone cups also have tactile real metal controls for bluetooth and volume – very nice. They also come with a cloth carry bag – which is the best cloth carry bag i have ever seen for headphones but if you’re paying this kind of money, you should expect a hard casethe ‘phones look the business combining retro and more contemporary styling and can be worn as on-ear or closed back depending on the magnetic earpads you choose (two pairs supplied, including a lovely little faux leather box, to store the set you aren’t using). I tried these for a period of 12 hours, 6 hours on-ear and six hours closed back over a three day period listening to a range of music and playing ps4 games, via bluetooth and 3. 5 mm cable from an iphone x and a yamaha hifi and was impressed by the audio quality – lots of detail in the treble and not too bassy. The on-ear configuration sounds slightly better but i prefer closed back listening – trouble is that these leak a lot of sound, so not so good for commuting or flying, either on-ear or closed back 🙁 (i have a large head and when wearing these as closed back i experienced clamping after a couple of hours)i always encourage people to audition headphones as the whole listening and comfort experience is very personal. I rate these mw50+ very highly but audition them against bang & olufsen h9i (more expensive but have anc) – the h9is are the most comfortable headphones i own, and the bowers & wilkins px (less expensive but have anc as well) – the px’s are the best sounding headphones i own.

There are plenty of detailed reviews already so i will keep mine short and punchy. +beautiful design and presentation, including carry bag for the headphones and box for the cables+excellent sound quality, which you will only truly appreciate if you use lossless audio. +incredibly comfortable, with the lambskin headphones sitting softly on your ears without that ‘squashed air and sound’ effect from cheaper headphones+very fast bluetooth pairing+long battery life-poor on-headphone controls (no way to fast forward / rewind that i can tell)-on-headphone buttons too small and fiddly for chubby fingers-microphone picks up too much background and wind (makes it poor for using with google assistant)-micro-usb c connection means chargers and cables commonly used for most android phones and many other devices cannot be usedin summary these are exceptional headphones with unprecedented sound quality. However for the price i would expect the design to be similarly flawless, which it is not. Are these headphones worth the price tag?. If you are an audiophile with the highest tastes and a lossless audio collection then quite possibly, however for most i am certain there are cheaper headphones with negligently less quality.

Discerning users, audiophiles, studio technicians and professional musicians have specific demands for their private listening and there is a limited range of headphones that they would seriously consider; add bluetooth to the list and the options are significantly fewer. There are obvious comparisons to be made with selected products from the long-established brands of bowers & wilkins and bang & olufsen who are both relatively new to headphone production whose respective px and beoplay h9i models are personally known, support bluetooth, are over-ear and sell at broadly similar prices to these mw50+ from master & dynamic. All three offer a quality listening experience that surpasses most and provide similar levels of convenience without being necessarily encumbered by a cable although the option is available using that provided in each instance when necessary or there is a desire not to use bluetooth – it may be unavailable on a media source or the phones’ battery needs a recharge. All are rechargeable using a provided usb cable, most often micro- or mini-usb but usb-c with these, and feature metal construction (both steel and aluminium with these) with a leather trim around the ear-pieces and possibly elsewhere. The ‘master & dynamic mw50+ high definition bluetooth 2-in-1 wireless interchangeable on-ear and over-ear headphones, black/silver’ are from a brand not previously known through prior exposure and have the unusual feature of including interchangeable pads for both on-ear and over-ear wear to suit personal preference or to help reduce sound bleed where desirable. Attachment is magnetic and immediate with no lugs or other mechanical fitments to concern the user; they also have their own hard case while the obvious surprise is that there isn’t one for the phones. The change-over dramatically alters the physical appearance from that of a compact design to one that is apparently quite large and heavy-looking while barely changing their weight and also unusual in that the over-ear pads have straight sides rather than the expected curves. In terms of its design as supplied for on-ear use, it is ‘traditional’ in appearance as is b&o’s whereas b&w’s offering is rectangular and therefore itself ‘unusual’. The provided audio cable is of high quality – 1. 25m in this instance as stated on the packaging (their site claims it to be 2m) and finished in a woven fabric – but always of a modest length for use with a portable high-performance audio player rather than at home with a hi-fi set-up where a longer lead is typically required as bluetooth is usually not a viable option; a high-end 3.

There is nothing to dislike about this product. My father and my 9 year old son are the two that have been wearing these on-ear headphones and they love them. Both wear hearing aids: my father an in ear piece and my son a bone anchored hearing device. My father obviously has to remove his and as with some earphones he feels a little disoriented these balance the noise well. My son is able to still wear them on his ear as they fit so well to his ear he doesn’t need to remove the aid from his abutment unless he wants to. The bluetooth is excellent meaning i’m not worried about my clumsy forgetful son suddenly standing up and getting caught up in wires damaging the device he’s listening to music on. My father was most impressed with the actual packaging and got a little excited lol but seriously it was impressive all joking aside. A big hit from two different generations.

It was a real struggle to decide whether to give these headphones 4 or 5 stars. They’re so close to 5 but for every good thing there’s a negative. If you’re tempted to splash this much money then read on. Style and buildmaster & dynamic have built a reputation for excellent build quality and attention to detail. The mw50+ are no exception: the silver and black version looks great and there is no doubting the quality of the engineering. The soft case is very classy too. The downside, and i’ve seen this mentioned for every model in their range, is that they just don’t extend enough for larger heads. With the default on-ear pads, they sat on my ear but slightly higher than i normally wear on-ear ‘phones. The supplied over-ear cups were more of a problem as they would not go around my ear without squeezing the metal struts towards my skull first. But then they would gradually lift and push against the base of my earlobe.

These are by far the best headphones i have ever used. I’ve several pairs of headphones in the house as both my son and i are autistic and often need to shut out noise. These are excellent for sound quality but without full noise cancelling which is okay as sometimes i need. To be aware of what’s around me. These linked seamlessly with my ipad and all other devices i use (mostly android) nd i have had no issues with themi like the ability of being able to change from over ear to on ear and have used them both ways. Both myself and my son are using these and my son finds them helpful on school transport for the noise cancelling aspect, he says they are good on transport for blocking out noise of other passengers. Music is sublime listening via these and it’s a joy to listen to old favourites, the clarity of sound is stunning. They fooled flat for away storage too. In daily use here and will continue to be so.

Everything great except bluetooth – not a very good connection, keeps ‘ dropping’ in and out as i walk.

These are beautiful looking headphones, and clearly very well made. Although they feel substantial they do not feel heavy on your head and are very easy and comfortable to wear. The sound has a very warm mid range, which is attractive and enjoyable for most purposes, but probably not best if you need precise sound for recording for instance – most people wont be using them for that though. Unusually they come with 2 ear pieces – one ear and over ear. These have very different acoustic qualities: the on ear phones offer a wide expansive soundstage, the over ear ones sound boxed in by comparison (i note another reviewer has this the other way round, so it may come down to personal opinion). The other big difference in the sound is between bluetooth and wired connections where the wired connection is unsurprisingly much superior. I think this reflects the limitations of bluetooth rather than the headphones, but for me, if you are going to spend a large sum on headphones of this sound quality, you’ll use the wired setting wherever possible (and if you just want background music, go for something cheaper). Overall, as with all expensive audio you need to be able to listen to it yourself, with your own choice of music and player to decide if these are the phones for you. These have an excellent sound but an individual one: personally i really enjoy them, but you should make your own decisions.

These are by far the best headphones i’ve ever used, they are also the most expensive headphones so this is to be expected. You definitely get what you pay for with a slick, extremely comfy and stylish way to listen to music. As well as the aesthetic of them being so nice the actual quality of sound is what really sets this product above the rest. In particular bass and clarity of songs has really made a difference and has even made some songs more enjoyable when compared to listening through speakers. They come with an additional pair of ear buds so you can change it to your preference. Having the option to have them wireless or with a wire is very useful, the battery lasts a long time but being able to plug them in when they run out of charge has made these even better. A fast charging usb-type c cable comes with it that is high quality and will last a long time, they come with a bag for both the headphones and cables to prevent any damage. Overall if you care about the quality of music then these headphones are definitely worth saving up for.

Ok first off you need to warm these drivers up first. Like all good quality speakers and headphone drivers they start to perform better over time. Certainly these take 5 to 10 minutes to warm but omg once they are up and running what a sound. I am comparing them to b&o and b&w and included a picture of these. The only headset better than these would be grado rs1’s but they are 3 times the price. However lets talk about the sound. Use a decent source and you can hear finger tips running up guitar frets. You’d hear detail in songs you’re missed. Try acoustic soul from india arie. You can hear her breathing and every nuance in her songs. You can even hear her shuffle around on the seat before she starts to sing.

You are reading a review for a pair of master and dynamic mw50+. Firstly i had to say that when i first saw these headphones on amazon’s pages. I was a little sceptical of these at the price they cost. So i decided to read the reviews seeing as they had a high rating. So i decided to gamble , and bought a pair of them. I have now been listening to them for a couple of hours now , and i have to say i’m impressed with the sound of these. I also own a pair of b&o h4’s. The big difference between both these headphones is quite obvious really. With the b&o’s , when you buy them. The sound is very flat , and you need to download the app onto your phone , ipad etc etc to get the sound balance adjusted to your taste.

The mw50 wireless headphones come in a well-presented slip-cased box; you are provided with the phones, a round leather case containing a usb-c charging cable and a standard 3. Cable, a soft cloth carry-pouch and a quick-start card. The headphones are sturdily made of lightweight metal with a padded headband and lovely soft earpads all finished in soft leather – it is a beautifully designed unit and the earphones are comfortable to wear – even with my glasses on. They are bluetooth enabled and were easy to connect; after charging the battery (i think it took about 3 hours using a usb wall-socket charger) i paired them first with my tv then my computer with no problem. My main testing was carried out on my music centre cd player using the cable option; the noise-isolation provided by the padded earphones was very good indeed. So how did they perform?with orchestral music (i deliberately chose music with pretty extreme changes between loud, soft and detail) they delivered extremely well; they provided good warm sound across the dynamic range without any need for adjustments either to volume or eq controls; with opera they were – to my ears – quite astounding, capturing the natural balance between singers and orchestra while maintaining both the subtle nuances of the voices and the detail of the colours and textures of the orchestra. With modern small-group jazz, the same warmth and balance was clear, with instrumental inflections and colours wonderfully apparent. Rock, both electronica (chvrches) and guitar-led (paramore) had good separation and again, vocals and instrumental detail was clear in both cases. The phones were comfortable for the extended wear of two test sessions which took about two hours each.

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Brand: Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound Audio In Plus Noise Isolating Wireless Bluetooth/NFC In-Ear Headphones, the sound of music

Bought these as a gift and was initially dubious with the ministry of sound branding, as i was expecting a version of the awful overpriced ‘beats’ headphones. Ive owned many sets of headphones ranging from bose to seinnheiser all of them more expensive than these so i wasn’t expecting a lot from these little buds. However the sound is excellent and is on par with in-ear buds twice as expensive. The packaging feels premium and is a nice touch when giving these headphones as a gift.

Three button are only compatible with apple iphone and nor with the android phones hence my four stars.

Nice sound quality, but the box thingy is huge – even biggr than i realised it would be. They fit in my ear but are heavily weighed down on one side so often fall out. Amazon service was fantastic as always. You can also charge them and listen at the same time, which you couldn’t with my old bluetooth earphones.

Comments from buyers

bargain price bought 5 so far


Amazing sound quality from in-ear phones for the first time


Great sound

Amazing sound quality from in-ear phones for the first time. Gladly would give 5 stars, but the 3. 5mm connection head already acting tricky and doesn’t work properly.

Where do i start with these headphones?firstly, i actually purchased these headphones, these were not gifted to me in exchange for a review. When i purchased them, they were at a discounted price of £22 and not the full £100 price. I actually ordered the grey and gunmetal set (because they were the ones on offer), but clearly the warehouse has mislabelled a bunch of them because i received the grey/copper toned ones, but that doesn’t really matter to me because i preferred that colour anywayon receipt, the item is packaged in a beautiful box that looks high quality. The headphones are packed well in shaped foam and the set includes a (really long) usb charging cable, quick start guide, brilliant hard case, a clip, 3 sets of ‘winged’ silicon buds and 3 sets of ‘normal’ buds. For the price i paid, this set is outstanding. I cannot praise the hard case enough. It’s really good quality considering the size. It has a small elasticated net pouch inside which is perfect for holding the charging cable. The headset fits snugly inside and i feel confident tossing it in my bag knowing it’s well protected.

Amazing quality of sound, superb fit, soft around the ears and quality assured. Built well that’s why am ordering another pair for xmas present. That’s why you cant go wrong with a ministry of sound product. The seller is fast at dispatch and packaging its well secured.

The product is itself amazing but it’s just bad luck i got a faulty set.

Good all round headphones and came at a great price.

Bargain price bought 5 so far.

This is the second purchase of these for two teenage boys who love their music. The first pair were great for about 8 months with good sound. Then they seemed to deteriorate until one side stopped working. The second pair only lasted two weeks until the headphone jack came off in my son’s ipad. So these have a great sound but it seems it’s a bit hit and miss as to durability and i think there are probably better earphones for the price.

Great product easy to use great service and prompt delivery.

Sounds good, volume is easy to control this is the second pair i have had and the carry case is substantial not a fiddly pouch.

Fabulous sound reproduction base rang exceptionally good great price,great battery life.

These headphones are amazing. My wife purchased a pair for me a few years ago which i recently lost. These replaced them and we’re so cheap (much cheaper than if buying in white or grey). Great bass and overall feel when wearing.

Received pair of headphones with poor sound quality and volume control buttons not working.

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Brand: VIBE Vibe FLI On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones : these head phones not knowing what they would be like. They were delivered on time and have been

The vibe fli series are a great range of headphones for your average listener ‘audiophiles will find fault’ but at this price they absolutely rule above anything in the same price range. Given the fact that their actual rrp is £49. 99 for the wired set and £69. 99 for the bluetooth version as i have purchased they are clearly a step above your usual junk. They have punchy bass and barely any static while silent in bluetooth mode ‘although they are a bit tinny at first as the drivers need to break in’ they are well constructed and have real premium feel to them and feel built to last. All in all highly recommended.

I was looking for some headphones so i could listen to music on the train on the way to work. I didn’t want to spend too much on them but i wanted some that were good quality. I hadn’t previously tried vibes and to be honest i hadn’t even heard of the brand previously, however i was instantly drawn to the funky design and bold colours. They looked completely different to anything i had owned before and that was enough for me to shell out £50. When the headphones arrived, i was extremely impressed by the packaging. It was very sleek and vibrant. It allowed you to see the headphones without even opening the box. The headphones are lightweight, but they do not feel flimsy, in fact the build quality is good. The cans can be pulled down, to suit different head sizes. The earpieces are nicely padded and feel very comfortable and can be worn for long periods without any discomfort.

Vibe FLI On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with In-Line Microphone – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bluetooth with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology
  • In-line microphone and remote for hands free calls
  • Fold-up design for easy storage
  • High quality construction that’s built to last, won’t let you down
  • Detachable TPU flat cable

I bought these and they are brilliant. Great sound light weight and they compact for travel.

I bought them because they were on offer and i was looking for a headphone. They did look plastic inside the box however when i took them out, i was surprised by the build quality and the feel. These are pretty decent headphone. It feels a bit warm on your ears therefore you may not be able to wear it for long in summers. The wire is ‘tangle-free’ but a bit too long if you plan to use them for running while your ipod is in your armband. The sound quality is not bad. I am not totally vowed by the treble but it does sound decent for the price that you are paying. If bass is your thing then buy these with your eyes closed. I am beginning to love them.

Absolutely love these head phones. Well constructed smart stylish and fabulous sound quality. Arrived next day in premium quality packaging i had to buy a second pair for my wife now buying 4 more for christmas presents. I have worked in the music industry for 30 years and i highly recommended this product.

Vibe FLI On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with In-Line Microphone – Black : Happy with product, arrived promptly.

Great sound for the price, fairly comfortable and easy to pairpros- fairly comfortable- easy to pair to bluetooth (at least for me)- overall sound quality, which isn’t amazing but pretty good, particularly bass- foldable- sturdy buildcons- fairly heavy and clunky when worn- sound quality, specifically mids and highs not on a par with bass and these can sound tinnysummary- when considering cost you get fairly good sound as well as build quality, decent comfort, with slight heaviness, easy bluetooth pairing and easy foldability and storage. Charging is easy via usb and a single charge provides many hours of playback before needing to recharge.

Bought these head phones not knowing what they would be like. They were delivered on time and have been far better than i would have expected for the money. They stay charged really well are reasonably comfortable and are easy to connect.

I’ve been looking for some decent on-ear headphone for a while now, but have been unsure which pair to settle for. After a lot of searching, i stumbled across this striking pair of cans. They are a fantastic mid-range contender, and i’m sure that the fli brand will continue to produce some great, british designed, headphones as time goes on. I purchased these for myself, but would have been very happy with the packaging if they were a gift. The box itself has a magnetically secured front flap, enabling you to look at the headphones whilst still in their box. It is clear that a lot of time has been spent on designing a box that will be attractive to the target audience when out on the shelves in shops. Upon opening, one finds the headphones well secured in place with a vacuum formed mould. This too is rather brightly coloured, and works well with the vivid colour scheme in place with this product. The headphones themselves appear to be very well made, and designed from materials that are made to last. You can make the headphone band open up a little larger for those of us with a slightly larger head, or big hair.

I bought the vibe fli-ons for a close friend of mine but before i gave them to him i couldn’t resist a cheeky trial. Since doing so i have kept the original pair and had to get him a replacement set. When i received these they look like they should cost a lot more than they are selling at. The box opens so you can see the headphones secure and the detachable flat cable as well as all the information and recommendations for the fli-ons. I have used them on long journeys as they are great for blocking out unwanted noise but if a call does come through, the built in mic is there for you use while you are either driving or generally on the move. I have used them on long bus trips too and when i have finished with them i can fold them up neatly and placed securely in a bag with little worry of them getting damaged. The flat cable is great for limiting tangles and has saved me many stressful hours which in the past on old headphones i may have reached breaking point. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a set of on ear’s which provide clarity to all types of music and on the right songs they really do live up to the ‘extreme bass’ declaration.

I was looking for a present for my cousin who is really in to his music and i stumbled across these vibe fli on-ear headphones. They looked stylish and great value for money so i thought i would give them a go. When they arrived i was amazed how impressive and professional they looked. The packaging alone makes the product look like it cost a lot more than it did. The flap on the front of the box makes the headphones easy to see without opening the box. I have to say i was very impressed and couldn’t resist opening them up. The headphone themselves are a nice matt finish and can fold up making them great for travelling (although a travel case/pouch may have been nice). They are extremely comfy on the ears and i feel like i could have them on for hours at a time with no problems. They are fully adjustable meaning they could fit almost any head shape. They come with an extremely long non-tangle cable again making them great to use on the go as you don’t have to worry about folding the cable up each time you put them away, the cable also features a microphone so i can make and receive calls while i have my headphones on meaning i don’t have to mess around disconnecting the headphones from the phone to answer calls.

Thought they were blue tooth, should have read deeper – blue colour. Lol good value though as my daughter loves blue.

Now i finally have my hands on the vibes headphones. The graphic packaging design is really cool, as well as the headphones themselves. Despite during the unboxing process which is clearly the worst thing about the product (bad sensations and helping to sound like a cheap product), we can find a very rich in details headphones waiting to be over exposed to music sensations. One small and efficient printed guideline and two cables (aux and usb charge) are included. Once the headphones are in my hands i can feel the soft and pleasant touch of its material. Nice futuristic and juvenile visual design. One single button with all functions is well camouflaged within the design which allows us to switch the headphones on/off, bluetooth and nfc pairing. The head covering is good (in my case) but it has no way to adapt the headband to other sizes, since it’s an integral design. It offers a little pressure at both sides, but not annoying. They are really comfortable.

I bought these vibe fli on-ear headphones for my music mad brother. He has been after some stylish and comfortable headphones for a long time, so i thought i would treat him to these and he is thrilledupon receipt of the headphones i was impressed with the smart packaging which was great as they were for a gift. I resisted opening them up (even though i really wanted to), but when my brother did he was extremely happy with them and so was i. The vibrant red headphones have the most gorgeous soft matte satin texture and they are a very fun and stylish design, not just the standard round /oval shape. As they are on-ear headphones they sit directly on the ear rather than cupping around the ear, which my brother really liked and was happy with the comfort. What impressed my brother most was the sound quality, which he said was amazingly rich, deep and full of bass. They are also fantastic at cancelling out background noise, so he said he could really be immersed in the music. The cables are flat like ribbons, so they are tangle free and do not end up in a big knotted mess and they also have a mic button to accept calls and skip through tracks. Overall i think these are fantastic headphones which offer style, big bass, noise cancellation, a mic and comfort at an amazing price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

I had been looking for a pair of wireless headphones for ages when i came across this pair. I thought they were a reasonable price and they looked pretty stylish so thought i would give them a go. The headphones came with a cable and an information booklet. I tried to work out how to sync the headphones to my ipod without reading the instructions however this was impossible, after actually reading the instructions its actually a very easy process to connect. Once i had them connected and was listening to music, i thought i would see how loud they could go. I was absolutely shocked at how loud they can go with out going fuzzy. I found the bluetooth connection to be very strong also. I could leave my ipod in one room and walk around the majority of my flat without there being any interferance, obviously if you try and go too far away the sound will get a bit lost. I found the design of the headphones to be very attractive, i think most over head headphones look the same, these however have a very original design. You are also able to extend the headphones to make them larger which is handy.

Surprisingly punchy strong bass. Comfortable to wear can use in gym aswell with blutooth. Impressed and would buy from this company again.

I was provided these headphones to give you the reader an unbiased review and here it goes the first one i have done like thisunboxing these vibe headphones is very understated compared to opening beats. It almost makes these insignificant, the headphone tray was split in a few places and very thin with the felt effect included which did not help at all. The box is designed nicely but it is always going to be let down by the tray inside. The accessories just fell out the back of the box (be careful of this happening to you) when pulling the tray out which is a tad too big for the box to handle. The headphones themselves are designed nicely poorly executed on this occasion. The soft touch is missing in a few places which is noticeable like missing a spot on the wall with paint it glares at you. . The velvet ear cups wear very quickly and have started moulting. There are some mysterious solid lumps on top of the edging too. This just does nothing for the quality. I am also surprised at the underside of the headband being hardened instead of cushioned.

Brilliant sound very comfy to wear.

These are great value for money and the built in amplification means my ipod volume is on low saving battery life.

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Philips SHB4000/00 Bluetooth Headphones, Sound better than they look.

Lasted about 3 months before they stopped charging.

I was very keen on writing review on this headphone. It’s extremely light and nice good looking headphone. Looking at the price this is one of the best wireless headphone. Don’t think just go for it if you are looking something under £30.

These headphones are lightweight, with a decent battery life, and, as someone who has never used a bluetooth headset before, i was truly impressed by the added sense of mobility it gave me, going about my business, listening to music, answering calls, etc. Without having to deal with a tangle of wires. I was, however, quite disappointed by the sound quality, which seems quite tinny and not what you would expect from a headset of this size.

Key specs for Philips SHB4000/00 Bluetooth Headphones for Wireless Music with Call Control:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Enjoy balanced, natural sound via 32-mm neodymium drivers
  • Bluetooth-enabled wireless music and call control convenience
  • Advanced echo and noise reduction for crystal clear calls
  • Soft leatherette cushions for best fit
  • Handy 0.6m USB cable for easy recharging via your PC

Comments from buyers

nice good sound VERY LIGHT and simple elegance


Really good but charger jack has broken after 4 months


Very happy!

They matched all my expectations.

The price i paid was cheaper than currently listed but i stil lthink these headphones are fantastic for what tehy are. They sounds great and feel light. I dont use the micophone and using them for phone calls isnt great but for music they are great. I’ve tried more expensive beasts headphones which hurts my head and ears after nearly an hours used but i can ware these filips headphones most of my work day with little discomfort.

The headphones have great sound, fast connectivity and good battery life.

Fantastic sturdy headphones. They look great and the sound quality is good. Very easy to pair them with my iphone and ipad.

Been using them for about two weeks. Firstly, they was delivered fast, and easy to set up. They arent the loudest, they probably dont have the best sound (i usually use earphones, but fancied something wireless – and these are decent enough) by no means is the sound bad, they go to a decent volume. They arent great at blocking out sound, but i suppose it depends on how much you concentrate on whats around you, and at what volume. For a decent pair of wireless headphones that probably last 10-15hours on a charge which is plenty (takes about two hours to charge) i would recommend these. **few month down the line edit**still use them, primairaly sat in the office and theyre fine. Only slight nag is the low battery warning is when its at about 3% so youre listening away then beep beep beep in your ear which happens intermittently for about 5 mins then they shut down waiting for a re-charge. Yes the light probably does change colour, but while youre listening to music you cant see it. Still, its not the biggest issue.

Have had several pairs of different wireless headphones over the last few months, all have broken or stopped working, that’s why i gave these a try. These are strong and simple and are not a bad sound. Easy to connect and easy to charge.

Thank you for efficient service. Grandson delighted with cordless earphones. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Quality product,better than expected. Hope to deal with you again.

Works well, but technology lacks on making bluetooth and wi-fi frequencies compatible, so even though this headphones works pretty well, you might expect audio disruptions when streaming videos in a tablet.

Really good head phones i was surprised how good the sound was,very comfortable and light,would recommend.

Bought these for the grandson for christmas. I haven’t had any complaints or comments so can only assume the are fine.

Great headphones good sound very comfortable – very easy to set up with bluetooth devices; love being ‘wireless’ from player.

Sound quality is muffled with hi end quite suppressed. Very light and easy to dislodge, and use with mobile phone can be difficult if in environment with background noise.

Nice headphones but have to keep charging even when not in use.

It does look flimsey, but is not, yes you could scratch the matt paint off easily, speakers do not turn as in 5000 to allow to be folded up flat. But these fixes are in the next models up 5000 and 9000 series, so this 4000 series model is cheaper. Got mine for £24 so a bargin as the rrp is £45 an now the current price is up to £37 on here. 4000 series is standard bluetooth only (not apx , nor 3. 5mm), lightweight and quite good sound for mp3 and tv/video use, ie computers, gaming, mobiles and andriod use. If you need folding and bluetooth with 3. 5mm jack then buy 5000 seriesif you need as 5000 but better build then 9000 seriesif you need bluetooth apt then buy flagship ones by philips at £150 on amazon.

Good value for money, just wish it also had an audio cord for times when the battery ran out.

Very handy and functional headphone.

However, it more so fits into the category of those cheap £15 headphones. I mean yeah okay it is philips and they are light and 9 hours play + 200 hours standby. But: **read all for info on actual battery life**and this is a big but,it is not great quality, it’s kinda cheap feeling, although you can throw it around and for the price use it on the beach for example but being philips i expected better. Though actually philips has gone down hill. When it comes to china and japan i prefer to stick to sony and panasonic but that’s just my preference. I have returned these and bought better quality one’s with much longer play and standby times. Oh and the philips paint came off after a week of light use (shocked) but like i said, factoring in the price, lightness, and sturdiness (considering their weight) they aren’t half bad. Just not for me, and honestly i wanted to give 3 stars but i try not to be objective. Right most importantly here are two aspects now: a: tech and b battery lifea: can be a bit jerky, auto switch off is annoying also (why have standby battery life if it does that??) and also my set could have been faulty but, they started beeping in the ear continuously (i presume to indicate low battery) but its not supposed to beep it is supposed to flash white** and this was extra annoying because the battery life was actually above 50% (you can check with light flashes). Anyway, overall it was that which made me return it but i am glad i did because i mostly use these for the pc, youtube/movies etc.

Tablet in lounge and listening in the kitchen without any break up and not being tethered to the tablet is brilliant. Little sound leakage but that isnt for me to worry about.

These headphones were brilliant. I had originally bought the infinity bluetooth headphones and found them to be really uncomfortable, and ended up purchasing these instead. Comfort wise they are brilliant. Sound wise they are pretty great too (though i’ll admit to not being a huge expert on sound quality. They feel a little bit flimsy (so might say they are lightweight). Battery life is good – with heavy use i’d have to charge every couple of days. After 4 months use (pretty heavy – i use them everyday), the charging jack has broken, so now they are completely useless.

Very light, almost too light if that is such a thing with headphones. Nice feel and well thought out, the ear pads are angles forward to remove earlobe strain and really works, the braille on the left ear to easily identify in the dark. A well thought out design all around. Sound is good with a solid bass, but not dj heavy bass. Good strong bluetooth and the buttons work for play/pause, etc. Overall for the price very nice, only negative is that the cups have foam covers and i really am not a fan as they could rip. We will see as i know foam pads are cheap to buy third party should that be the case. Over all not s good as my dr dre’s but a very simply elegant functional and light set of headphones for every day use.

These headphones are, in a word awesome. I paid £25 from amazon and at that price they are a steal. I’ve tested them on an iphone 4s, ipod touch 3, windows 7 and xp. They work fantastically (with the exception of xp, bt 2, dongle) and you can forward, back and pause tracks on spotify. The iphone integration is excellent. If you don’t read any further these are worth buying. Xp doesn’t work well with bt headsets, there are work arounds but that’s not why you’re here and life is too shorton the whole these phones give pretty good sound reproduction. Certainly on a par with entry level wired headphones. There is good (enough) bass and treble. The midtones can be a little muddle if you are listening to dance music.

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iProtect Bluetooth Headset – Wireless Over Ear Headphones : The sound quality was perfectly fine and at a nice quality when they worked

I use it all the time, lasts a day in work without needing a recharge, can change track, adjust volume and take calls without taking my phone out of my pocket. Could do with a bit more bass but that would be nit picking, i was so impressed that my family bought four more too.

Brilliant sound, cool lights.

iProtect Bluetooth Headset – Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Built-in Microphone for Android and iOS Devices in Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Excellent sound quality – thanks to high quality materials and excellent workmanship, the sound of the headset is suitable for discerning music lovers (e.g. for classical music, jazz, etc.)
  • Comfortable to wear – The headphones’ ear cushions make sure they sit firmly and comfortably on your head
  • Universal compatibility – The headphones are compatible with all devices of any manufacturer (Apple, Huawei, HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony, etc.) with Bluetooth function
  • Bluetooth 4.1. – the latest version offers faster transfer rates, better audio output and lower latency
  • Package Contents: 1x iProtect headset in black, 1x 3.5mm audio cable, 1x USB charging cable, 1x user manual

So pleased with this product and you came earlier than expected.

It came really fast and is really good quality headset. Its performance is like a headset costing more.

I’ve had it for a year and 3 months before it finally just broke (the right ear stopped working). Mic broke immediately on first day and has never worked for me, but that wasn’t a hassle for me personally. The sound quality was perfectly fine and at a nice quality when they worked, so it was definitely worth the price for me. There’s a usb connection that’s optional for the lights, which i never used either. The wires were nice and never frayed or tangled, and the headset itself was comfortable. The little controller that controls the audio and mic on the headset was quite annoying though as it has a wheel to control the audio that could accidentally be turned easily.

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Noontec Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Docking Station : Hammo TV Wireless Headphones.

I’m hard-of-hearing (in fact, i’m now deaf in one ear). I like to watch american tv series (netflix, nowtv, etc). If i am watching material on bbc iplayer (or amazon), i have the subtitles running. But netflix and nowtv aren’t so generous in providing subtitles (via my large lg tv). So it can be difficult following american dialogue, especially in the kind of (pulp) material i watchmoreover, i live in a small flat with neighbours close by. These headphones answer my problems. I can have the sound up loud. . And i can now (generally) follow the dialogue. The sound quality is pretty convincing (but please bear in mind that my hearing quality is not as razor sharp as it used to be). The build quality is substantial – they are quite a size, but easy to wear for long periods.

Spent 3 hours of my life trying to get them to work. Simply had no volume the pairing worked, easy, the headset told me it was on. I did try the headset direct to the tv this was fine, sending this back in the morning and i will try a replacement, will keep you posted. As i said i would give you an update, i received a second item in the post today, well i could not get the base unit to work again.But this time the headset did pair to my tv and the sound is excellent, just had to alter the lip syncing, strange the base unit paired to the headset but had no sound and i turned off all bluetooth items in the house. As a side i tried to register on the web, i could not as the tv headset identification is not there, i contacted noontec, they were quite quick in their reply and will be putting the data base right soon, and they did my registration for me and gave me their standard 18 months guarantee for doing it by email. So after all that i will now give them a 4 star rating.

Noontec Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Docking Station for TV Apt-X Low Latency Digital Optical Fiber Audio TOSLINK, RCA Analogue Audio, 3.5mm AUX Hammo TV Dock

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The transmitter is specially designed for TV. The apt-X low latency technology ensures seamless audio-video syncing.
  • Audio sources: optical fiber digital audio(TOSLINK), 3.5-mm aux and RCA analogue audio.
  • 10-15m (33-50 ft) long-range transmission; Smart connection; Ultra powerful sound: ideal choice for the hearing-impaired.
  • Can pair with 2 headphones simultaneously; It is connected directly to the mains, you never need to worry about it cutting out.
  • The docking station can be used to store and charge your headphones conveniently.

The way the hammo headphones was boxed is brilliant, nice & neatly packaged up, they were easily set up from the instructions, the sound quality from them is absolutely amazing, the crystal clear quality from each ear is fantastic, the comfort on each ear from the sponge cushion is amazing when wearing is really a bonus as from other headphones they hurt your ears after a while, but not these i could wear these for hours no matter what i was watching, i tested through a variation of tv programmes & films especially films that i’ve watched before and found that i heard quite a few things that i missed during watching previously, the battery life in the headphones is amazing too. I would definitely recommend these headphones to anyone for watching tv/films even music they have been the best so far i’ve seen and used,.

I have had these for 2 weeks now and i am impressed with the build quality of the headset and base. It was also well packaged with good quality materials. I bought these for my father as he had the tv volume above 30 which was very uncomfortable for everyone else in the room. After the initial i will never use them routine, he now wears them most of the time when watching tv allowing the rest of the family to have a conversation at normal volume. When i tested them i thought the volume would go up higher than it does however my father says he can hear the tv fine. Also i could not get them to work on the tv rca sockets on two different tv’s (have’nt been on to support yet) when i plugged them into the rca sockets (red & white) on the sky box it worked striaght away. So far the battery life is excellent i would say the stand could do with being an inch higher to avoid the charging jack touching the stand/table top when on charge. The buttons on the back of the headset for volume and on/off button could do with being a little bigger for the older people as its a bit fiddley. Overall these are excellent headphones and i would recommend spending the extra money on these for the build and quality.

These head phones are fantastic. The sound is out of this world. Even when i had a problem with them,(the head band cracked ),the after care service was excellent. Thankyou gina for all your help.

Best pair i have owned, bought these to replace a pair of sennheisers which only lasted 7 weeks. Apart from a couple of improvements i would like to see( charging on cradle without a cable for one) i would have given 5 stars, excellent crisp crackle free sound, finally 😀.

These headphones arrived very quickly, were beautifully packaged and very easy to set up. Very impressed to get an email from noontec this morning to ask if everything was ok. I had a small query about registering the product which they answered by return.

If you want expensive headphones with annoyingly bad design faults then these are the ones for you. Mine came with a uk powersupply which didn’t work so i bought a replacement from tesco for £9. When i finally got it working i discovered that you have to press the volume button 8 to 10 times to get the sound level you want. You can not simply hold it down. If you turn the headphones off, or if you go out of range then the volume setting is forgotten and has to be re-set. This largely defeats the objective of wireless headphones. Since writing the above noontec have re-written their products software and sent me a replacement for the original. This has resolved the volume problem.

I got these headphones because my mother has severe hearing loss but hates wearing her hearing aid when at home. This mean the tv has to be put on very high volumes in order for her to hear it. This is very uncomfortable for anyone else in the room. Now she can hear it fine with her own personal headphones at a volume that suits her. Once more she can enjoy the tv without upsetting anyone else. You get a pair of cordless headphones with a power button and a volume rocker. You get a stand that you place near the tv so that an audio lead can be plugged into the tv. There are two audio leads supplied. 5mm jack plug and the other has 2 phono plugs. The other end of either lead is then plugged into the base stand. You then need to plug in a usb power lead which is supplied. You get a usb power adapter for this, in fact i got two, one for european power socket and one for the uk. Now press the button on the base of the stand to turn it on and a little led lights up to confirm.

Excellent service from noontec. Headphones are also excellent voice to lips synchronisation first class. Easy to pair with the tv and the charging cradle is minimalist and takes up little room fits on the tv stand.

Just listened to john williams at the proms on tv with these headphones. Absolutely delighted with my purchase.

I am very surprised and fascinated by these wireless hammo tv headphones. They sure count to one of the better headphones i’ve had on my head so far. While the audio performance is not truly excellent, you can’t expect all too much at that price point. After all, these, basically, are bluetooth headphones, that can easily connect with standard smartphones, tablets and other devices as well as with the included headphone docking station noontec includes. The docking station makes connecting to non-bluetooth devices such as tvs possible. I, for one, really liked seeing so much stuff included — all connection cables and adapters for all kinds of scenarios for your tv setups. The setup in general is fairly easy and straightforward. The audio performance is really good and comfort-wise, no complaints either. Battery life is good too, and a nice bonus is the option to fold the headphones for easier, more convenient transportation when on the go. In my opinion, so far, one of the best wireless audio solution out there that covers a wide spectrum of possible scenarios.

From the first use, i noticed an annoying problem. The headphones kept cutting out during use, despite being fully charged and paired. During speech, when there is a lull in speech, the headphones cut out completely, so i couldn’t hear even the soundtrack or background noises. The ‘instruction manual’ is single column of how to switch on and pair them with the tv and the troubleshooting guide mentions nothing more than failure to pair. Having been in contact with noontec over this, i am delighted to be able to report that the problem has now been explained and a solution found. Basically, you have to keep the tv volume above 25% and use the headphone volume control to avoid this happening. Customer service is excellent and i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company’s products.

I have not long used these headphones, and here are my thoughts so far:normally advertising is lies, however, i am impressed by how long i have been listening on just one charge. A couple of films (via headphones so as not to disturb others) and yesterday i was out in my garden for over 4 hours, all the while listening to the radio (via ipad app) on almost full volume (i’m a little hard of hearing). You can see that the headphones aren’t uncomfortable for me. On full extension over the top of my big head, both my equally big ears just fit inside the ring-cushions. The encapsulating over-ear style and slight wriggle-ability of the ear cups mean they lie close on the sides of my head, dampening all outside noises. I have to remember not to touch the back of the ear pieces when lifting or adjusting them because that’s where the buttons are (on the left one). I have inadvertently switched them off more than once so far. Sound is very nice, though heavy bass struggles on full volume, which is also not very high. Good job i like classical music. :)i have connected the headphones, in turn, with the included bluetooth transmitter, my android phone and ipad without problems.

A very handy headset if it’s only you listening to tv in a room with others who don’t share your programming choice. First off though i was impressed with the presentation, it’s all nicely designed and packaged in matt black. Open the box and everything is provided, rca and other cables, a uk and continental plug, both with usb ports for charging the headset and a wire frame to hang them on or use the cloth storage bag. Set-up was straight forward, i used the headphone-out socket on our sony tv rather than the rca cables. The sound quality, for me, was fine and fortunately the bass isn’t by any means excessive (which it might have been if headset was primarily designed for listening to music rather than tv programming) and the battery life exceeded my expectations. The two cups have enough movement on them not to feel uncomfortable after several hours wear. My only negative is that the ear-cups are not as comfortable as the sennheiser hd280 set i’ve been using for years, these completely cover the ears but off course were connected to the tv with a very long, expandable curly cable. Now, with this noontec set i can move around and get a beer from the fridge without missing any audio.

Arrived on time ,they are great, i only sleep 4 to 5 hours a day ( all my life ) so when i get up at night i don my ear phones and no one in the house are disturb. They work well for tv, ipad, and my music. Had to have them adapted for tv as their was no outer only through the sound box. Samsung should look at this problem.

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